Cricket: St David’s Fully Committed To ECCA

August 7, 2015

Following speculation that St David’s would join Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club in its withdrawal from the Eastern County Cricket Association, St. David’s County Cricket Club assured the public they “remain fully committed to being a part of the ECCA and the Eastern Counties competition.”

A spokesperson for the Club said, “Following the media reports in which it was speculated that St David’s County Cricket Club, Inc. would join Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club in its withdrawal from the Eastern County Cricket Association and the Eastern County Cup competition, the Management of St. David’s County Cricket Club Inc. takes this opportunity to assure the public in general and our community in particular that we remain fully committed to being a part of the ECCA and the Eastern Counties competition.

“We look forward to working constructively with the County Clubs and the ECCA in weeks to come in order to make the 2016 Series better and encourage the playing of the remaining Eastern County games in the 2015 Series at Lord’s.

“We encourage our St David’s County Cricket Club Inc., family and supporters to stand with Management’s decision and we look forward to your support at this time. Reminding them that our Motto is “Honor through Heritage and Pride through Sports” .


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  1. Alvin Williams says:

    It’too bad that Bailey Bay has taken the position to withdraw from the Eastern county. I was in a conversation with some elders one a well known and famous cricketer; I won’t call his name. these folks were all St. Georges fans and apart from the disappointment of the performance of the East Enders; they were all of one opinion the problem with Bermuda’s cricket is attitude a feeling of some that they are bigger than the game.Bailey Bay should reconsider their decision. Yes the finale decision over the cup was a bad move; but morally Bay won and the correct move would have being to make them pay the next time they meet on the field rather than taking your bat and ball and withdraw from the competition.

    • How can you morally win a game?
      You win,lose or draw based on numbers.
      A tied match means that the holder of the cup retains the cup.
      This is not rocket science

    • jt says:

      Kinda like boycotting the House.

  2. Clear View says:

    Well done SDCC!!!
    Flatts Victoria CC this is your time!!!

  3. glendabermuda says:

    297 for life..

  4. Couch Stew says:

    The reports jumped out on the Monday that Bay and St David’s are withdrawing. I had to laugh cause 297 will not do something silly like join bay on this one. Now Bay you have withdrawn only to the press I bet you have not sent your letter to the ECCA that would show that you have some guts other then that its all kids emotion coming from you.

  5. Jr Smith says:

    Will the ECCA handle BBCC the same way they did St David’s when we boycotted series?

    • smh says:

      nope cause Bay isnt St.Davids Dreamer and St.davids where crying bout holding the competition…two totally differnt scenrios.

      • Jr Smith says:

        you got it wrong Bill.. we boycotted over allocation of the finances and Bay initially told us they were going to stand firm with us but in the meeting they voted against us. Bay are boycotting over the “by any means necessary, win at all cost’ mentality” & the failure of ECCA’s failure to “acknowledge & correct the issues” after they had the cup taken form the by an appeals commission. No one is crying but the way Bay is reacting to having the cup given to them and then taken form them is no different than a spoiled child…..

  6. Cant wait says:

    I hope Bay do pull out. Thats means next year it will be in St Davids with St G making up the 4 th team…. yummy yummmmmmmmy!!!!!

  7. who cares most says:

    There is one solution to this problem.
    The ECCA should change the rules simply by giving both teams either 50 or 60 overs each and there will always be a winner.
    The BBCC Excecutive should rethink their decision and help the ECCA by simply showing they not better than the game.
    I for one have always had a problem with the over rates but in an even overs game there could be no time loss by either team.
    It’s time to bring the ECCA rules to a happy medium for the sake of the game and supporting entities.

  8. St.David's Stop talking Sh.. says:

    Yes St.David’s stop talking all this sh.*, because county is at bay you people due not come to county games at bay. So stop talking out of you @.s

    • bill says:

      Bay and St. David’s are family PERIOD! Yes it is a spirited rivalry but thats it, don’t act your age in a grown folk conversation. Step up and be apart of the solution or sit down and learn something kid, as you sound interested and may play an important part in the future……blessed

      • Islander says:

        Cleveland and St David’s get it right. We rowed over to Tucker’s town not Bailey’s Bay

  9. Untidy says:

    Its a all about the money and greed and not the PRINCIPLE! ST Davids want the money that ECCA brings in. Bay do not bend stay put. The rest should join as well. Morals and Principle folks. If you saw the behavior at that game, it was appalling! it was so unjustified and then they get rewarded in the end. No thanks!