Premier’s Interview On CNN At 5.40pm Today

August 7, 2015

[Updated] The interview with Premier Michael Dunkley by Richard Quest for his programme Quest Means Business, will air today [Aug 7] at 5:40pm local time on CNN International, the Government said today.

Premier Michael Dunkley CNN

“I always welcome any occasion to highlight the Island’s business and tourism attributes,” Premier Dunkley previously said. “This is an excellent opportunity to showcase Bermuda and answer questions and I am very grateful to have been invited on Quest Means Business. It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Quest and I would like to thank the BTA for facilitating this interview.”

CNN International is on CableVision Channel 17.

On another television note, this evening the 2015 Parapan Am Games Opening Ceremony will air on CBC [CableVision #138 and WoW #201] at 8.00pm Bermuda time, and Bermuda will be represented by our three person team of Jessica Lewis, Steve Wilson, and Yushae DeSilva-Andrade.

Update 6.55pm: The interview video can be viewed here.

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  1. Know It All says:

    No Bermuda shorts? #shortgate

    • Whistling Frog says:

      That’s what I’m saying… And who’s idea was it to put that photo our most popular beach which looks so empty? Like its a winter day up north… Couldn’t it have been one of our summer days like Bermuda day or Cupmatch…

      • beach lover says:

        if that looks like any beach up north I’d love to visit. Not all visitors want crowds, many dream of finding a deserted beach and search for islands where they can have privacy without begging and the hassles of many islands down south.

    • What a waste of F!@#ing film.

      • Ed Case says:

        I have to agree OJ. Not nearly as informative or interesting as I’d hoped. I hope it didn’t cost us too much.

  2. Coffee says:

    I have a funny feeling that he’ll ……

    • Coffee says:

      ………. And he didn’t disappoint !
      Bermuda deserves better !

      • aceboy says:

        Like who? Bean? Pffft. He’s a bit busy at the moment.

  3. Um, would be nice to see him on local shows, so someone can ask him the TOUGH questions concerning these Gate Allegations.

  4. Allow me to confess, I was expecting a little more reference to our business / tourist boom, (or lack there-of) on the CNN Interview but, in-spite of my views, something is better than nothing. By the way Mr. Premier, you did come up “a bit too long to be shorts.” :-)

  5. sage says:

    “I oways welcome…”

    • Navin Johnson says:

      Um um me too…seriously…any publicity is good…what were you expecting a 2 hour docudrama ? Just be thankful it was not Marc Bean….think of him as our representative….scurry….he addressed the question of Mr Quest regarding Bermuda as your Grandma’s determination and who would argue that Bermuda always looks good

      • impressive. says:

        OBA supporters, simply can’t critique members of their own party objectively without making a comparison to the PLP,, cheesh..

        Here is a “what if”, “thank God its not” moment for you.. Just imagine if it was Craig Cannonier doing the interview.. that would be frightening

        • Unbelievable says:

          And PLP supporters just can’t find the nerve to criticise the PLP about anything. At least OBA supporters do actually criticise the OBA.

          • impressive. says:

            your certainly not referring to me, as although I do have my biased, like most of us, I do try to be as objective as possible as much as possible. Although, I may be biased to infer to what extent I actually do remain objective and how often.. ;-) (Nevertheless, I do give credit when its due and be critical and uncompromising when necessary) Anything less would be OBAish…

  6. Alvin Williams says:

    Well that went down like a damp serpulid; just saw the much herald premier Dunkley spot on CNN with Quest mean business host Richard Quest. And spot it was; about only thing that jump out was the premier’s high waters and white socks. Bermuda short could have made a splash but unfortunately judging by the comments of Mr. Quest about a granny tourist destination; I am afraid the world knows about Bermuda’s dull and unexcited tourism. And premier Dunkley’s response? Well I am afraid it was another I feel your pain movement? and to top it off in the very next segment Bermuda shorts were dissed . I wonder how much the BTA paid for this? The Gombeys may have impressed Richard Quest.

    • Yahoo says:

      As always Alvin, you are a fool and consistently demonstrate why Bermuda’s public school system is in desperate need of improvement. The island can’t take any more Alvins.

      • Ahh, this is not a good time to compare Public and Private schools, and because of the sensitivity of the situation ,Ill reserve my comments.

  7. Exqlg says:

    Gotta say… I watch this show most evenings. .. was not impressed…
    It does not mean… as Alvin has said.. or not… that he did not promoted the island. .. got cut by the editor. .. Shame really..

  8. Yahoo says:

    Qwest is a terrible interviewer and clearly knows nothing about Bermuda. Unfortunately, he constantly interrupted the Premier so he remains ignorant about what Bermuda has to offer. Even more unfortunate is that his ramblings prevented any viewer from learning anything. A complete waste of the Premier’s time.

    The only positive is that no one watches his show so minimal damage done.

    • Kangoocar says:

      Yahoo, I got roasted when I heard that our Premier was doing this waste of time interview on a network that nobody watches and I said as much on Bernews !!! Well here I am in New York and looked to see if the show was being aired here, guess what?? NOPE!!! Just as I said, that channel is not seen in our LARGEST pool of visitors!!! The vast majority of Bermudians are totally ignorant to what actually is viewed on the major networks in the U.S. as I said the first time, Premier Dunkley was wasting his time doing this!!!

  9. no Bermuda shorts says:

    No Bermuda shorts Dunkley! You got to represent all the way. Advertise those shorts

  10. Jarvis says:

    What a missed opportunity! Come on, Mr. Premier – you can, and should, do MUCH better than this, and should have been much better prepared.

    Asked about why we’re not your grandmother’s holiday? Rattle off specifics – don’t talk in generalities. Asked about your Tourism Minister? Don’t lead with a negative – lead with a positive. And why, for heaven’s sake, didn’t you wear Bermuda shorts – and present Richard Quest with a pair? A really poor showing.

    And don’t pay any attention to those posting here that no one watches CNN. In today’s social media, initial airing is no indication of impressions made.

    • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

      Dunkley is fortunate that Quest didn’t press the Tourism Minister issue.
      You can be sure CNN did their homework on Crockwell and decided to let Dunkley off the hook.

      • “Under every rock in Bermuda one will find a worm.” And yes, even I have countless regrets like others e.g. bank robber’s, embezzlers and the list goes on and on. All are / or have been representatives of the public.
        That is what prisons are for; to rehabilitate them that have chosen to accept an opportunity that’s been given to them to change their life.

  11. Chris Famous says:

    To be fair to him it is the biggest stage he has ever been on and prob the most cameras he faced since May 2014…:-)

    Nerves were prob going 100 MPH

    • Jarvis Trott says:

      He should have been prepped properly to anticipate all questions. First thing a man from Bermuda promoting tourism and wearing pants is going to be asked is where are the shorts.

  12. We must accept the facts, Premier Michael Dunkley had been an invited guest on the C.N.N. Quest interview. Premier Dunkley had nothing to do with the questions asked of him, nor did he set the backdrops e.g. the drab views of the Island which we all agree were “shabby” to say the least. The facts are we were acknowledged around the world as a place of commerce and we’re making a comeback after many years of being in a rut…

    • As a matter of fact, I believe he’d been on vacation along with his family. May I add, at no expense to anyone, especially the Government / the people of Bermuda.

  13. Oh,I see now says:

    Let us be happy it will not be viewed by to many people if was as bad as all that…….sigh.

  14. You can never please all people all the time…that would indicate fallacy…this fellow is himself in earnest….leading is 24-7….my advise….sleep…get some rest bye….we’ll hold the fort until you wake…

  15. My suggestion chamomile tea and blue cheese….wakevup refreshed and ready to go!

  16. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    The one thing I find interesting about these article is…….they sure bring out the pundits and the various viewers ……like a Punch and Judy show ……Bermuda style……………….////.////

  17. mixitup says:

    Ahh maan I went to make a cup of tea and missed the interview. But I did catch that cool State Farm commercial! SMH