Two Males Steal Woman’s Purse & Cell Phone

August 13, 2015

At around 9:15pm last night, a 28-year-old woman was on Pitts Bay Road when she was approached by two males who snatched her cell phone and bag, and despite being pursued by the victim and several witnesses in the area, the suspects escaped along Woodbourne Avenue.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 9:15pm on August 12th, 2015, police responded to a reported handbag snatching along Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke. The 28 year old victim was standing near the Waterloo House, when she was approached by two unknown male suspects.

“The suspects snatched the victim’s cell phone and a bag containing personal items before running off along Pitt’s Bay Road. The suspects were pursued by the victim and several witnesses in the area, eventually making good their escape along Woodbourne Avenue.

“Suspect 1 described as being a young male with brown skin complexion, wearing a white top with black sleeves, dark colored pants and a black Nolan helmet

“Suspect 2 described as being a young male, wearing a plain white shirt, dark colored pants and a black Nolan helmet.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 2950011 or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. watchmen says:

    They’ll be caught long before that child F#&*@r I am sure…

    Go get em BPS…

  2. Bermudian Mean Business says:

    come and try mug my girl,you’ll get the fright of your life shmucks!

  3. enough says:

    Got camaras up alonf woodbourne avenue so they should be able to get a look at them. wearing $300 helmets and stealing someone’s purs, sonething wrong with that picture. Bet it’s the same little thieves that complain about all teh expat wporkers. should be able to get a job in a restuarna t as all servers are non bermudian so apply.

    • katstacks says:

      Really think they paid for the helmet thoe. They did just steal from a innocent woman ijs

  4. PBanks says:

    Disgusting crooks. Hope they nail the scum.

    Pitts Bay Road seems to be somewhat of a hotspot for stalking and robbing people.

  5. I think that will be enough of that…It is time for all good men to assist ….if you see this …stop…band together….and leave just enough for police to prosecute…no more…courts are too expensive…and way too lenient,that’s just way too convenient…

  6. Kim Smith says:


  7. james says:

    lets set traps for these fools,

  8. Steve says:

    I suggest installing security software on you phone, tablet or pc using prey. You can set it up on 3 devices for free. You can track your phones location.Report it lost and your device will take photos and record sound as well as your phones gps location and send you the details by email.

  9. james says:

    im got 14 guys so far to do what the police cant do

  10. Just a matter of time says:

    A lot of frequent thefts in this area. I wonder if it will be considered a ‘bad’ neighborhood now?…

  11. stunned... says:

    i believe i was being set up to be robbed one evening on Pitt’s Bay Road… two guys rode past me on a bike. the bike rider returned past me this time without the pillion passenger (going in opposite direction). The rider then turned around to ride up behind me while the ‘pillion passenger’ was now walking towards me.

    i turned into the nearest house and walked with a purpose to the front door…praying there were no dogs on site.

    • yeah sounds about right says:

      Why do you think you were targeted?
      your smart to pick up on it.
      what day of the week and time was it?
      I am interested in this stuff I like to analyze it for my research.

      • stunned... says:

        a) i am aware of the area’s history, but i stay vigilent anyway.

        b) a summer work day – after most foot traffic – just before dusk.

  12. Impressive says:

    Cowards,, nothing more to say..

  13. Oh,I see now says:

    Sorry to let the cat out of the bag but then again these fools aren’t to bright,just use a female cop as a decoy they almost always target women……….cowards.

    • Shell says:

      The police did that years ago. I remember my father and his partner dressing up as women – not very attractive women, mind you. I do believe it worked.

  14. Oh,I see now says:

    Can we do that here?

  15. know dat says:

    firtsly. for those who say “wearing a 300 dollar helmet and stealing a purse obviously know nothing about real life in bermuda. a second hand 2006 nolan you could easily get for free or just steal one.

    secondly. this shows what unemployment does to young people. if those young men were employed and able to properly care for themselves than maybe they wont be doing that.

    poverty breeds crime. those men probably come from a house hold were mama is on financial assistance and its noy enough to feed them and pay thr bills. without a job and a decent education this is the only way they know to feed themselves.

    where are those two thousand jobs the oba promised. we need them like now.

    • Come Correct says:

      I haven’t had an issue getting a job. Maybe they should pull their pants up.

    • Redman says:

      know dat

      What you say may well be true in this case i.e. being unemployed etc, however it may also have nothing to do with it. Every society has those who feel it is easier to steal from others rather then to put in a days work; that is just as likely in this instance.

      As far as the 2000 jobs go, you do realize that the OBA wasn’t going to be creating them within Government don’t you? The OBA’s promise was to improve or run the economy well enough so that persons like you and I & others either start or run businesses that will employ people & hire more people. The economy has improved, maybe not as much as we would like but it is improving.

      With that said are you running your own business that employs others, will you be starting one, If not why not? After all that is where the 2000 jobs are coming from… us, we lot, not the Government or someone else!

    • stunned... says:

      we need people with decent values – with and without jobs. get a grip and stop condoning this worthless behaviour.

    • Zevon says:

      So becoming muggers improves their employment prospects does it?

  16. Sting em says:

    I’d say a sting operation is in order..

  17. Straight up says:

    If caught and found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, these thieves need to start losing fingers!

  18. PBanks says:

    Good to hear that the persons who robbed this woman were apprehended: