Police Urge Safety During Powerboat Race

August 7, 2015

The Bermuda Police Service is urging safety for participants and the boating public during the upcoming Round-the-Island Powerboat Race, set to take place on Sunday, August 9.

Inspector Robert Cardwell’s full statement follows below:

The Bermuda Police Service is once again pleased to partner with the Bermuda Power Boat Association to ensure the safety of participants and the boating public for the Round-the-Island Powerboat Race that is scheduled for this coming Sunday – 9th August.

The Bermuda Police Service will be working closely with the Bermuda Powerboat Association executive members and their race course Marshalls.

The participants in the race have skills in racing powerboats which they have been rehearsing throughout the season with regular meets at the Ferry Reach. The round-the-island powerboat race offers excitement to the boating public, but it is necessary to ensure that all mariners take steps to assist us with safety.

  • Be mindful that any wake thrown in the area of the race course can have a disastrous effect to the participants who are racing and who are travelling at speed.
  • Ensure that when positioned near the race course to watch the race, that you keep a safe distance from the race path itself. Allowances must be made for participant error and/or unforeseen circumstances that can cause a race boat to veer off course.

The Bermuda Marine Board has issued a notice to mariners and have closed some sea passages for the duration of the race or until opened by police. They are:

  • The passage between Ferry Point and Coney Island at the Ferry Reach pylons between 1:25pm and 3:30pm
  • The passage between Hinson’s Island and the Paget Mainland between 1:45pm and 3pm
  • The passage between Five Star Island and the Southampton mainland between 1:45 and 3pm

In addition speed limits normally governing marine traffic inshore have been lifted for boats participating in the race only. Participants are those who have registered with the Bermuda Power Boat Association.

The Bermuda Powerboat Association is deploying a number of civilian registered boats to act as race course Marshalls. They will be readily identifiable as they will be flying a red flag. The boating public must adhere to instructions given by race course Marshalls who will be supported by Marine Police.

An offence is created by not adhering to instructions given or by operating a power-craft in a dangerous manner.

We wish all participants in the race the best of luck and we look forward to ensuring that the boating public have an enjoyable, safe afternoon watching the race.

BPA Vice Commodore Kim McCallan’s full statement is below:

The Rubis Around The Island Power Boat Race is scheduled to take place on Sunday August 9th with over 20 boats planning on taking to the Ferry Reach start line at 2pm. There will be 6 classes A,B,C,D and S and a very special treat, 1 Thundercat.

This year the Power Boat Race is being sponsored by Rubis Energy who have graciously put up a $ 7,000 prize money for the event. The race starts at Ferry Reach and proceeds through the Pylons at Coney Island, along North Shore and Around a Buoy off Gibbets Island.

Boats continue along North Shore and around Hog Fish Beacon through, Two Rock Passage and around Whites Island, from there, boats continue along the Harbour Road shoreline, around Buoys at Five Star Island, along to Commissioner’s Point, around Daniels Head and on to South Shore.

Boats then continue along South Shore to St. David’s Head then around St. Catherine’s Point, Down North Shore and back to Ferry Reach for the finish. I would like to thank the crash boat volunteers and all of the volunteers at Ferry Reach and all of our community partners.

It should be noted the race will be Broadcasted on FM 89 and we are appealing for everyone to come out and be a part of this awesome event.

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  1. JohnBoy says:

    How come this isn’t popular nowadays? If I didn’t see this here I wouldn’t even know about this until after I saw pictures online…

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Less than 20 boats. Barely a shadow of its former self. Costs I guess. Using boats that are only good for one thing one day of the year does not help. No radio coverage. The whole thing has become ho humm.

      Lots of jet skis on the Island. Why not do a jet ski class with a fuel pit stop on Somerset long Bay?

  2. Niner3Zero says:

    Well there is a new sheriff in town, or should I say on the water. Boaters, mariners and yes, yachtsmen and women of BBIRYC, beware because I will be out ensuring the waters are safe and dealing with people disobey the rules on the water are dealt with.

  3. Mark says:

    At one time the Round the Island Race was highly advertised by way of TV, Radio,and Posters.but today
    It appears to be a Major Event which no longer has the public excitement.
    Looks like a small field of Craft too — cost, lack of parts, could be a factor too. – so we’re lucky to see this number of powered Pacing
    The real problem is those individuals in non racing craft in the way of Powerboats of the race on the racecourse – or the known paths
    by which the Race Boats use.