Review: Soca vs Reggae Party In St George’s

August 2, 2015

[Written by Mikaela Ian Pearman]

Tiger Bay became the ultimate party zone on Friday night as hundreds of Soca and Reggae fans turned up to party after Cup Match.

The event was Soca vs Reggae, the Cloud Nine Edition where both teams were tied at the start of the night with four wins each. It was to be an epic battle to see which side would be victorious.

Team Soca was comprised of DJs Rusty G, D’General and Giselle as well as artists 5 Star AKil and Shal Marshall. Team Reggae was King Jyrus, ZJ Sparks, Gyptian and RDX.

For those who aren’t familiar with this event, there are four rounds overall and each team plays a set per round. The first two rounds were played by the DJs and rounds three and four saw the artists come to the stage.

The three judges for the event were DJ Chubb, Lamont Robinson and yours truly. The categories were selection, creativity, energy and crowd response with five points being the maximum in each category.

Team Reggae won the toss and sent Team Soca to the stage to start the party off just after 10pm. Giselle had the crowd hyped up as she played hit after hit alongside D’General. Not to be outdone, DJ iBreeze of King Jyrus followed up with old school Reggae juggling and along had the crowd super engaged.

The next round saw Team Soca get the party started with Giselle waving the soca flag and Rusty G playing old and new soca. But it was King Jyrus who played a Barrington Levy dub plate which pretty much guaranteed a win for the round. Once the DJs had finished, it was the artists who were under pressure to ensure a win for their team.

5 Star Akil took the stage first for Team Soca and performed ‘Noise”, “Island Adventure” and “Partier”. He wore a Bermuda flag tied at the neck as a cape while he performed. The crowd didn’t seem super engaged but he did a great job.


Next up was Gyptian who came on stage singing is 2006 hit “Beautiful Lady”. He also performed “Hold Yuh”, “Serious Times” and more and did a great job engaging the crowd.

Shal Marshall followed and performed a medley of his soca hits, including “Motivation”, “Trouble”, and “Wine Yuh Body”. He also performed other artist’s songs including “Party Done” and “Palance”.

But it was when surprise performer Fadda Fox came onstage to perform his 2015 soca hit “Ducking” that the crowd really turned up and I was sure Team Soca would win.

But then RDX came to the stage and sealed the victory for Team Reggae with songs “Bend Ova”, “Ride It”, “Jump” and more. They also hosted a mini dance competition, which is always fun.

At the end, Team Reggae emerged victorious in this year’s Soca vs Reggae, much to a dismay of Team Soca. Congratulations to the team behind Soca Vs Reggae for putting on an amazing event and I definitely look forward to next year in Dockyard!


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Comments (8)

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  1. I'm just saying says:

    I thought this was suppose to be an 18 and over event. The music was great but it was disappointing to see so many young ppl drinking & acting the fool.

  2. Bermyluv says:

    Looks like a great time. Let’s keep it going!

  3. Really!!! says:

    How about soca win ONCE to keep it interesting!!! There is no way reggae should have won this year!! Its not even a real battle.. more like a reggae show that plays a touch of soca… but I guess that is the point!! Soca fans will come regardless and the promoters know that.. Looks like it was a jumping party thou.. especially when they played the soca!!

  4. nofear says:

    1) Soca music is ONEVERYLONGSONG that never ends…same tune, same s….
    2) Reggae. What is it?

  5. john doe says:

    As a soca junkie I was there to witness it all. Soca was good but wasn’t good enough gyptian stole the show and DJ I breeze played big tune with the old school reggae. Team soca kept playing the same songs over n over after D general went off stage.

  6. Harmony says:

    I disagree with the Gyptian performance being great. I love me some Gyptian, but his performance this night was less then mediocre. He came on for a half hour if that (or so it seemed), he sang about 30secs.-1min. of a few of his songs and didn’t have much energy. Highly unimpressed.

  7. frank says:

    to all the promoters out why are you all ways trying to force reggae music on us we get enough on the radio every day in fact on Tuesday we have 2 stations playing it allday
    give us maybe some smooth jazz or some rnb for a change

  8. Waste of money says:

    I’m sure many can agree, SVR this year was a huge disappointment… I’ve gone for the last 4 years and this was the worst one yet… and the VIP section was Horrible. We had the worst views.. barely any room in front of the stage, and couldn’t go and come as we please into the LIVE general admin area.. Next year lets do better overall, and get the sound systems fixed/tested.

    Big up DJ Iibreeze!