Review: Chronixx, Cup Match Summer Splash

August 2, 2018

[Written by Mikaela Ian Pearman]

Chronixx finally arrived in Bermuda and took the island by storm on the eve of Emancipation celebrations.

The Jamaican conscious reggae singer performed at Cup Match Summer Splash at the National Stadium and brought the roots and culture to Bermuda at an opportune time.

His performance was highly anticipated as Bermudians have been asking for a Chronixx show since he first came out and especially after the Grammy nominated Chronology album [he was robbed] was released.

And he delivered. Chronixx performed a full two hour set with his Zinc Fence Redemption band singing hit after hit.

At many points throughout his set, Chronixx seemed lost in the music and was skankin on stage the entire time. It was beautiful to see an artist so in the music.

Songs included They Don’t Know, Skankin Sweet, Here Comes Trouble, I Can, Spanish Town Rockin, Spirulina, Majesty, Who Knows, Smile Jamaica, Ain’t No Giving In, Likes and more.

His set was well received and I’m sure when he returns, the show will sell out.

Prior to Chronixx, reggae veteran Ras Shiloh performed songs such as Are You Satisfied, Unto Zion and more. Bermudians love Ras Shiloh so he was very well received.

Bermudian DJ Mista Genius played for a few minutes before new artist Kelissa came to the stage. I loved her vibe, her sound and her incredible vocals, but I think the show would’ve flowed better if she had performed before Ras Shiloh as the audience didn’t know her music.

Rusty G followed Kelissa with a high energy set featuring Bermuda Squad dancers in a tribute to the recently murdered Taylor Made.

Chronixx finally came to the stage at 1am to entertain the crowd.

If I could give one criticism, it would be that Chronixx should’ve opened with more of a banger. There were high points throughout his set but there seemed to be a lack of connection with the audience at other points.

Overall, Cup Match Summer Splash was another fantastic, well-executed event. The organizers must be commended for continually producing world-class events.

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  1. THE GENERAL says:

    This review is poor as so was the concert. You said one thing correct, but all and all this was again a poor reggae concert but THE CUPMATCH SUMMER SPLASH….These guys who call themselves promotors need to stop chasing hitmaker artist and bring performers to the stage. Also the need to acknowledge the Bermuda artist that have the caliber to provide a better performance. For Instance…Arijahknow Live Wires performed. And he may not have performed to best but I noticed you mention them in your story. That includes Jesse Seymour. Who was the director of the show? They know nothing about performance transition! However the set was concert standard and nice. The vip was Irie. The crowd was a good size but no hypeman to build the show before Chronix hit the stage. Terrible choice to have Kelissa perform so long and put Bermuda to sleep and then let Chronix try to start the fire with wet matches! A Good Artist but the productions are WHACK!

  2. facts of the rock says:

    It was boring!

  3. andrew says:

    Sorry to say as i love reggae but damn Chronixx was boring. The whole concert has zero vibes.

    • sage says:

      Bermy crowds are pretty boring and uninspiring, and for the most part usually stand up blankly staring at the artiste. Silly soca and dancehall lyrics usually build ‘hype’. Instead of having liquor sponsors and bars everywhere in ‘conscious’ reggae events free up the ganja and watch the vibes change.

      • Anbu says:

        Ganja is already freed up at those events. Never even seen a cop stopping someone from smoking it openly.