“Bermuda Pauses To Reflect On Their Service”

November 9, 2015

On Wednesday [Nov 11] Premier Michael Dunkley will join other dignitaries in commemorating those who bravely fought in the two World Wars as dignitaries lay wreaths at the Cenotaph on Front Street and also at the War Memorial on the Cabinet Office grounds, with the public urged to attend.

In advance of the Remembrance Day observations, Premier Dunkley said, “Armed conflicts continue to scar lives in many countries. More wars rage than popular news bothers to inform us.

“Remembrance Day is one occasion when we reflect on the sacrifice of brave men and women who risked and in so many cases, gave, their lives in support of great causes.

Slideshow of last year’s Remembrance Day ceremony:


Premier Dunkley said, “Bermuda counts itself among the family of nations who watched men and women go to war as a matter of duty and sacrifice.

“More than remembering the dead, this observance should cause us to salute the selfless spirit of those who chose uniformed service. They bore an immense burden and history records that they did so admirably.

“Though the numbers on parade sadly decline each year, that spirit is still strong and it is with considerable pride that Bermuda pauses on Remembrance Day to reflect on their service.

“We will remember them,” concluded Premier Dunkley.

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  1. Honorable Premier, When you stand before the few war vets that we have left,and their families, please take a very long look at who they are and remember they fought for something worth fighting for. When you place the reef at the memorial on cabinet grounds on November 11th, please take as long as it takes to go over the many names posted, then respect the fact that these are our forefathers and mothers who paid the price, that you and I could have a better life.

    If you understand my passion and true respect for these people, one of whom is my uncle and his name is posted there, Mr. Albert Raleigh Santucci who is now a resident at the Sylvia Richardson rest home, but has been to every single War veterans parade from it’s inception, He is a Honorable man along with all the rest of our War vet’s.

    Many may not like this post, but I would like you to understand that you honoring them on November 11th is a honorable thing, but the way your O.B.A administration and your leadership, has disrespected our seniors is a great travesty, and darn out right disgraceful. instead of cutting our War vet’s entitlements and our seniors entitlement, you should be finding ways to take care of them better.

    Your laying of reefs and pomp and pageantry is not going to help feed them, or supply their much needed medical needs, along with many personal needs. i take a great offence when we have politicians that come out for ceremonial duties, but turn around and take bare the very folk that they are smiling up in their faces. gone are those days that we need to tolerate this for of injustice, and I hope this is a thought for not just you to think about, but each and every politician, regardless of which political affiliation.

    • sialar says:

      It’s ‘wreaths’ not ‘reefs’.

      • Legalgal says:

        Unless you’re in Bermuda…

      • Family Man says:

        You deserve an award for being able to read that far. I gave up long before the ‘laying of reefs’.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      When you are composing your next attack on the OBA, do have a long hard think about how your PLP also disrespected our seniors by failing to actually establish a viable means by which to maintain any social care system. In their desire to make it look like they were actually trying to take care of them, they effectively undermined the future ability to do so and set us on a course that could have very well seen the country they built, sold to foreign interested to pay for their shortsighted agendas of illusion before actual substance. You may not like what the OBA is doing, I don’t either, but irregardless, they are working with what they were left with. Which wasn’t much.

    • Thanks to our Vets, those that are here and no longer with us.
      Vets like Mr. Randolph Hayward who was a member of the BMI contingent, who for 60 years from 1946-2006 refused to participate in the 11th November Remembrance Day commemorations because of the neglect of pension and health benefits for him and his comrades.

    • Terry says:

      More propaganda from Santucci.

      And when you ….never mind.
      Respect to the veterans and the deceased.