“The Value Their Service And Sacrifice Means”

November 10, 2015

The Progressive Labour Party is paying tribute to veterans ahead of the Remembrance Day holiday, with Shadow Minister of Public Safety Walter Roban saying “each generation of Bermudian must be instilled with an understanding of the value their service and sacrifice.”

Mr Roban said, “The PLP wish to pay tribute to all who served in the two world wars, both here and overseas, as we once again come together in their honour on Wednesday November 11.

“It is so important to be reminded that the freedoms and privileges we enjoy were hard fought for by young men and women on our shores and on battlegrounds in distant lands, some never to return.

Video of the 2013 Remembrance Day Parade:

“Each generation of Bermudian must be instilled with an understanding of the value their service and sacrifice means to all of us. It is so crucial to our history that we now make sure all who have served receive their rightful benefit and are all commemorated on the Cabinet Grounds with a fitting memorial.

“Even though their numbers continue to be less each year, we all look forward to the veterans marching on Front Street with pride annually.

“We also thank all those residents who continue to support the effort to honour and support our Veterans most particularly their families, the Bermuda Regiment, the Royal Legion and the Bermuda War Veterans Association.”

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    Just couldn’t wait in’it? U’lot just make me shake my head…Anything for attention should be the P.L.P. logo.

  2. Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

    They complain and call it “Photo ops”

    PLP dont care, they BS-ing

    Drink more tea, PLP.


  3. mj says:

    “its so crucial to OUR history” yet we weren’t taught about it in school, still don’t know who was fighting who and why? Did all veterans know or was it just an expectation to go.Do we really understand the roles played? I think not! Most people are not for wars so why would we be so proud? Some say we wouldn’t have what we have had it not been for war < how do we know, and what is it that it actually achoeved since some people are still marginalized, discriminated against, have a hidden history ad some sell-outs who make it virtually impossible for us to get to the CORE the TRUTH of the matter? These recent wars have not made much sense accept that they were prophesied to happen, otherwise it is rather in its appearance very non-sensical to distabilize countries to turn around and beg other countries to clean up mess created by war hungry, prejudiced people, who have never considered the lives of others before starting war, what happeded to negotiaion? We all saw that with the war in Iraq, and Libya, what was the provocation for bombing those places when pleas went out to leaders from those countries to negotiate?There were no weapons of mass destruction and Libya was trying to change the currency to gold to help other nations. Libyians have now been displaced and it is total destrucion and chaos where there was once a liveable existence that they seemed to be coping with just fine! Sadam Hussein had apparently 100% leadership vote, peole appeared happy there until they were bombed , for what reason remains unknown. Sad we don't know enough about OUR histories, and even the raw unadulterated truth about why countires around the earth are at war and variance with one another, we seek entertainment rather than truth!

    • sprung onion says:

      what a load of drivel. the WORLD was at war against an axis power intent on world domination.surely you learnt something in school. respect those that gave us a FREE world. no common man wants war other than a war against evil and freedom. question how many libyans or iraq’s were happy and content under dictatorial governance. all that you seek definition on is open to roving eyes and ears. does wickepedia /astrange ring a bell

    • Onion Juice says:

      Well you cant blame Black people for that.