Business Aims To Launch Air Medical Services

December 10, 2015

gilbert-darrellA local entrepreneur is aiming to bring air medical evacuation services to Bermuda via startup Mobile Rescue Services Ltd, headed by local entrepreneur Gilbert Darrell [pictured].

Mr. Darrell, who is also the CEO of Darrell International, said, “For the past five-plus years, Bermuda has been without its own air medical evacuation service, causing serious and long delays in bringing aircraft from the United States to Bermuda to pick up our critically ill citizens and guests.

“My goal is to bring this vital service to Bermuda so that patients who need access to advance healthcare services in Bermuda are transported much faster then waiting often days for an aircraft from the United States.

“At present, it’s typical, in my experience, to wait 12-36 hours for a company to be found and an aircraft to be sent. Often when I have interfaced with the aircrews, I am told they were given the mission while they were in Texas, Maine, etc.

“For our citizens and our valued visitors, it’s unfortunate, and soon hopefully it will be unnecessary for them to wait so long to be transported to a higher level of care facility.”

For more information about Mr. Darrell and Darrell International, visit the website.

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  1. Yes I says:

    If you need pilots, there are plenty on island who would be ready to assist! Wish you all the best!!

    • Artie Darrell says:

      I would love to speak to them, please have them email me (

      The only hurdle would be getting them rated for the aircraft we plan on using.

  2. After having to be Med.Vac. recently,(two weeks to John Hopkins Medical Hospital) requiring emergency treatment to extract fluids that were accumulating between my heart and chest…
    I’ve never experienced such pain and short breath :-( I do thank them who had seen I’d received at K.E.M.H. treatment to “make it”… But I do agree, Bermuda should / must have its own Air Medical Services. I say this because I’d also had to wait several hours,(too long)for a flight.I experience excruciating chest/heart pains and needless mentioning inability breathing…

  3. Pete says:

    we had a very professional dedicated air ambulance operation here for 5 years.
    Just ask the Major Insurance Providers why it packed up and left ?
    any new operation will face the very same HURDLE!
    It`s a Whole lot more than just getting an airplane and pilots.