Collision Involving Car And Pedestrian In Paget

December 2, 2015

[Updated] Around 5pm today [Dec 2] there was a collision involving a car and a pedestrian in Paget, and traffic in the area has been temporarily reduced to one lane.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 5pm on Wednesday, December 2nd first responders were dispatched to a reported collision involving a car and a pedestrian on Rural Hill in Paget.

“Details are limited at this time. However the injured pedestrian has been taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment of a suspected head injury.

“Traffic in the area has been reduced to one lane while inquiries into the collision are being conducted.

“A further update will be provided when additional details are available.”

Update 8.27pm: A police spokesperson said, “The location of the Paget collision involving a car and a pedestrian that occurred around 5pm Wednesday, December 2nd has since been confirmed as South Road, near the junction with Inglewood Lane – which is in the vicinity of the south round-a-bout. Initial information suggested that this incident happened in the Rural Hill area.

“The injured pedestrian, believed to be a 52 year old visiting UK man, was apparently treated at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for a head laceration and a shoulder injury. It is anticipated that he will be discharged from the hospital this evening.

“There were traffic delays following the collision. However, that section of road has since been re-opened to two way traffic. Inquiries continue.”

Update Dec 3, 12.29pm: Police have confirmed that the 52-year-old UK man injured in the collision has been treated and discharged from hospital.

A police spokesperson said, “It has been confirmed that the visiting 52 year old UK male pedestrian injured in a collision with a car on South Road, Paget near the junction with Inglewood Lane around 5pm Wednesday was treated and later discharged from the hospital.

“Inquiries continue and any witnesses that have not already come forward should contact the Hamilton Police Station on 247-1704.”

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    If you haven’t left town yet be prepared for a VERY long wait!

  2. Walk in their shoes says:

    Be safe, everyone. Hoping the person struck makes a speedy recovery.

  3. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    The injured have my blessing.

    NOW…as for the the traffic situation…where do I start…hmmm?

    Let’s see…KEMH 90 secs. away…
    I really can never believe how we get gridlocked everytime an incident occurs and unless there’s a radio report alerting motorist as to why there’s no flow of course some will become agitated after a gruelling day at the grindstone and just wanna get home…well that’s my excuse…All I knew was “YAH!…ACCIDENT UP DA ROAD BIE TURN AROUND” by someone passing by travelling into town…as I soon found out by turning around and going another way wasn’t much help…

    So in closing I drove out of town phoning and texting every body I knew.

    Oh yah …Without my seat belt on too and guess what…NO accidents either….hahaha

  4. Not So safe says:

    First off – I hope the pedestrian makes a full and speedy recovery.

    Now – I am going to ask all pedestrians to stop texting, unplug the music and become aware of your surroundings. I cannot tell you how many people I have seen walking along texting, talking on the phone or listening to music they come to a cross walk – don’t even look – and walk straight across the road – hello I am driving a car and even at 5 miles an hour it is not that easy to suddenly stop because you decided to step straight on the cross walk without looking.

    My next beef is at my fellow drivers – start driving as if everyone around you is either on the phone, texting or listening to music – they are not paying attention to you – you need to be aware of the traffic and people around you and be prepared to stop on a dime – not easy I know but hey be the bigger person be prepared to stop.

    My next one is for the people that are in such a hurry that you are focused only on going where you have to go as quickly as possible. If someone is stopped at the cross walk – DONT pull around them – they are probably stopped for a pedestrian. If you see a pedestrian waiting at the cross walk STOP and let them cross they are obeying the laws to stop and wait for the traffic to stop now you need to obey the law and stop and let them cross.

    Drive Safe – Walk safe and we will all have a safe and Merry Christmas !

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      First off the pedestrians HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY ON A CROSSWALK and as a motorist (since that’s the first thing they talk about in the TCD ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings) you are REQUIRED BY LAW TO STOP AUTOMATICALLY regardless of whether you’re going 1 mph or 55 mph!

      • Not So safe says:

        Obviously I know it is the law and that pedestrians have the right of way, however all I asked was that everyone pay attention to what is going on around you – reread my last paragraph – that happened to me twice yesterday I had to stop twice in the middle of the cross walk because idiots decided to pull around the vehicle stopped to let me cross – I appreciate one was a van and the person pulling around probably couldn’t see what was the reason but the second time was a van that pulled around a police car.

        It is also the law to not drink and drive, not to use your cell phone while driving, give way to people on the round about with the exception of Crow Lane between 7.30 and 9.30, not to speed, to wear your seat belts – how are those laws going?

        They are not going that well are they – so hence my plea to please pay attention to what is going on around you.

      • Anbu says:

        Still doesnt make it smart to just step out on to one without looking. Ya the motorist will get in trouble for hitting u but u still may be dead. Think about it. Hope this man makes a quick recovery.

      • Who Cares says:

        It doesn’t really matter who has the right of way if you are dead. Pedestrians need to take personal responsibility and also be aware of their surroundings. There is something called a line of no return after which it is unsafe for a car to stop.

      • Jennifer says:

        I can’t count how many times a car has almost hit me on a crosswalk when the lights are flashing.

      • pedestrian says:

        Your right I cant tell you how many times I sit and wait to cross a cross walk.. Yield to pedestrians people! I have been at that exact cross walk sitting waiting and wishing people respected pedestrians.

        Maybe now they will also consider putting a cross walk in at the railway trail intersection in paget.

        So sad this guy was probably finishing his walk on the railway trail……

      • Just look! says:

        While I am one to always give way to pedestrians when I can STOP IN TIME to do so. Right of way does not mean just walk out. Right of way means stop look and wait for the traffic to acknowledge you and stop for you. Then that is when you have the right of way to cross. What ever happen to stop, look right then left then right again before crossing. Make eye contact with the drivers so that an awareness of each other is there.

        About that crossing where the incident occurred I have seen a few close calls there because the cross walk is a bit blinding were it is placed. A good sight for those blinking amber lights to be setup.

      • serengeti says:

        That’s correct, pedestrians have right of way on a crosswalk.

        Unfortunately in Bermuda there are numerous hazards.

        1. Crosswalks are badly marked, badly lit, and badly positioned.
        2. Drivers don’t observe the rules about crosswalks. They often fail to stop, and then even if the first driver stops, sometimes the driver behind keeps going and hits the car in front. There was recently an accident in Hamilton where the stopped car was pushed into the crossing pedestrian by a truck behind that failed to stop.
        3. Idiot moron motorbike riders overtake on crosswalks all the time.

  5. C.B. says:

    The traffic was going into and coming out of town was damn terrible.

  6. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    STOP! WAIT! LOOK! LISTEN!…can you hear me now.

    No argument on who has the right of way.

    I just hope that who you’re texting as you turn and step out into the road can prevent you from possibly being killed…its your choice.

    If a vehicle approaches a pedestrian along the roadside it is the drivers responsibility to ensure the pedestrian safety as he passes by but crossing a carriage way is a little different…hence my opening statement.

    I may get prosecuted…but you may be debilitated for life.

    Not So Safes comment was spot on…whoever disagrees deserves what they get.