Photos: Alona Lambert-Simons’ 105th Birthday

January 21, 2016

[Updated with video] Alona Lambert-Simons marked a very noteworthy occasion today [Jan 21], celebrating her 105th birthday in style with friends, family, and the Premier in attendance at the Matilda Williams-Smith Rest Home.

Senator Jeff Baron and Premier Michael Dunkley stopped by, with the Premier giving Ms Lambert-Simons a bouquet of flowers, while Tony Brannon provided live entertainment, with the celebration also including the customary cutting of the birthday cake.

105th birthday party Jan 16 (7)

105th birthday party Jan 16 (5)

105th birthday party Jan 16 (3)

105th birthday party Jan 16 (2)

105th birthday party Jan 16 (1)

105th birthday bermuda 16

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  1. Onion juice says:

    Wow, strong genes.
    Sad how the hardships she lived through and benefits she and her peers fought for are being stripped by the very people getting a photo opp.

    • Onion juice says:

      Would be interesting if Tony took a survey from our seniors how they feel about his agenda. The generations are getting more warped as they get younger.

    • solid says:

      2nd picture caption should read “Who are you”

      3rd picture caption response “in you are that OBA joker”

      4th picture caption “please go away 40 thieves offspring, you’ll got the sweat off our backs, I’m in a home and you’ll got out land out at tucker’s and by Southampton princess. We voting plp anyways”

      • a true says:

        Speak it. The old timers always speak truth. ALL BABYLON 40 thieves represented.

    • Double S says:

      List 3 benefits that are being stripped away.

    • dbl says:

      This is a birthday celebration. Not a political photo op. You people need to get a life

  2. DBL says:

    Happy 105th Aunt Alona

  3. A few queries says:

    105 and not out!

    Well done Ms. Lambert-Simons and happy bday!

  4. blah blah says:

    Captain America and Dunkley couldn’t miss the oppurtunity to politicize this moment in the lady’s life. Were they invited or did they crash the event? On another note, Dunkley again showed his ineptitude by trying to figure out when Alona was born? 2016 minus 105 equals 1911. Mikey she was born in 1911!!! When his brain couldn’t figure it out he copped out and said that she was born before the first world war. Our fearless leader … OBA will not win the election with him as Premier even if that fool Bean apposes him.