Video: ‘Tourism Forward’ America’s Cup Episode

January 11, 2016

The fifth in a series of six public affairs TV programs the Bermuda Tourism Authority has been released, with the series aimed at informing the public of the BTA’s strategies to grow the island’s tourism economy.

This episode of “Tourism Forward” deals with the America’s Cup and how the event is leveraged as a destination marketing platform for the island, how it empowers tourism industry entrepreneurs and the legacy benefits it creates for the community.

30-minute episode of “Tourism Forward”

This latest episode takes a look back at the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in October and ahead at the next 18 months in the lead up to the 35th America’s Cup.

The BTA — which is an official partner of the America’s Cup — said they believe “educating the country on its tourism strategies is a way to get buy-in from the community, and eventually, all boats rowing in the same direction will spur the tourism economy to growth.”

Previous episodes of “Tourism Forward” have examined solving the shoulder season, marketing to target audiences, visitor spending and empowering entrepreneurs and job growth.

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  1. Eve says:

    This is #5 of 30-minute BTA episodes that very few know are on Vimeo. If it wasn’t for Bernews informing their readers of these “Tourism Forward” videos they would go completely unnoticed. These BTA videos have no hope of reaching more than some locals and the 3 ‘followers’ on Vimeo. It is time BTA got the Bermuda message out to those who might visit the island and stop their own self-promotion!!

    • jiggs bda says:

      I have seen these shows on local TV, if it’s the same series.

    • just the facts says:

      These videos have been running on ZBM each week, on Channel 9 following the international news. They have been widely promoted by ZBM on radio and TV as they were intended to educate and inform the local public. Folks complained that they did not know what the BTA was doing, despite their regular communication through the media. Now they are going direct to the public with information on what it’s taking to turn tourism around, who is involved, how locals are benefiting, etc., and there are still complaints like yours. At least the BTA knows that there are people who only read BerNews, otherwise you would not have known at all. Guessing you’re not local?

    • jiggs bda says:

      Do you remember the Bermuda is Me Campaign that was locally driven and very successful.

      The trouble with a lot of us is we are sure we have the answers, however we have been languishing on the outside for a long time and have become unknown and under-appreciated at home and abroad.

      We need to give the BTA a free hand, if a guy can turn crime ridden Washington DC into a destination of choice in the US, he must have more credentials than many of us are prepared to appreciate.

      • MA$E says:

        are implying Hanbury is responsible for the resurgence of Washington DC ?
        Ted Lerner,Ted Leonsis , the growing use of Metro DC, developments like DC City center & a huge wave of Millennials working on capital hill and in the government moving from the suburbs of the DMV to inside the District itself are responsible.

        Hanbury & Destination DC were no more influential to Business growth in DC than the Hamilton Chamber of commerce is to the growth of ReInsurance in Bermuda.

        Was he around for the growth yes, played a very small role maybe ? but responsible for the resurgence of DC as a destination flatly NO.

        • Jiggs Bda says:

          So I guess Destination DC was irrelevant?

          No-one is ever singlehandedly responsible for a place’s success.

          Sounds like the same strategy BTA is attempting to do in Bda getting buy in and enhancing what is already there.

          You make the point.

    • Meanwhile Tourism numbers are down while the Caribbean Islands are climbing.

      • MA$E says:

        I believe Barbados Tourism seen a 15% increase with Billy Griffith heading up the Barbados Tourism Authority.

      • Jiggs Bda says:

        The Caribbean are doing a tremendous amount of discounting in some quarters as far as the advertising seems to indicate