Video: Tourism Infrastructure & Industry Growth

January 18, 2016

Tourism infrastructure and industry growth for 2016 are tackled in the latest edition of Tourism Forward, a public affairs program produced by the Bermuda Tourism Authority. Hotel development, marina construction, super yachts, casinos, cultural tourism, sports tourism and vacation rentals are among the topics covered.

The BTA put together a season of six 30-minute programs to inform the public on its strategies to grow tourism. The show themes have covered the following areas: Solving the Shoulder Season, Visitor Spending, Target Audiences, Entrepreneurs & Job Growth, America’s Cup and Infrastructure & Industry Growth.

30-minute Tourism Forward episode on Infrastructure & Growth

The episodes are posted on the BTA’s Vimeo page and have aired on local television.

“We’re very pleased with the content we have produced with the help of local production house Crimson Multimedia,” said Glenn Jones, director of public & stakeholder relations for the BTA.

“We think it’s critically important to empower the public with the best information we have so that they are our allies in the strategy to grow the tourism economy.

If we work together and we get this right it will mean more jobs for our community and a brighter future for our young people. This latest episode makes that point more clearly than any of the six episodes.”

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  1. IslandTeacher says:

    I’d like to think that as a member of the public, I’m a critical friend.

    • I’m tired of the lame “if we work together” when 75% of hospitality workers are foreign.
      This Government and employers don’t give a F!@# about the locals.

  2. MA$E says:

    its this type of 90′s style overly positive speculation with zero concern or feel for real market demand the 08 crisis and the looming crisis starting in China.
    Bermuda business Forever focused on supply and zero concern about demand.
    Last i checked Tuckers Point, Newstead , The Reefs all struggled during the boom to sell their fractional ownership condos. Accompanied by slowing tourism numbers Indicating very little demand for Bermuda from the market. Im not sure Seems clear by every indicator that we are building these places for ourselves and not based on the demand coming from the market.
    Aside from the very short term bump we get from the construction long term prospects seem hopeful at best.

    Oh and for all those who think ” they must know something they are business men ” keep in mind the greatest financial crash of a generation went unnoticed by the same business people you are putting all your money and trust behind to predict the economies future.

  3. wahoo says:

    Maybe I missed the point here. You want locals to invest in infrastructure and you spend a lot of time and money to get that across to us. Is there a subsequent article explaining what you are doing overseas to market us?

    This is some BS high school business class rationale that sounds warm a fuzzy and the kids all get an A plus. In the end we are no better off only a little poorer.

    What is Crockwell doing?

    What is our marketing angle? i.e. what are we doing to set ourselves apart?

    We are way better than any Caribbean destination stop thinking that we are the same as them.

    • La Caseria says:

      Spoken like a true head-in-the-sand Bermudian. To your average Canadian/American/European, we are NO better than any of the Caribbean islands. In many ways, we are worse. Many don’t even know where we are.

      Our infrastructure is crumbling, our roads are full of potholes, we are incredibly expensive, so in what way are we better than our competitors??

      • wahoo says:

        Canadians and Americans that I have spoken to do think we are better admittedly more expensive. If they do not know where Bermuda is then is that not a flaw in our marketing?

        Crumbling infrastructure??? Perhaps by our standards but go South and if you step out of any of the carefully groomed tourist compounds you will see some pretty backward stuff.

    • Zevon says:

      In the past, one reason for Bermuda’s tourism problems was our lavk of investment. There’s nothing to do here, people said. The hotels are not first class, people said.
      Well, that’s changing. There are now a few world class hotels. They have netter facilities, better rooms, and they are better managed. They can compete, for the first time, compete. In addition there are other investments that are improving the tourism product. Bermudians are investing in beach facilities, and other attractions for tourists.
      That’s infrastructure. It’s not there yet, but it’s improving. So our tourism product is improving, which means we now have something to sell.

  4. rhonda says:

    Did I miss Mr. Hanbury’s announcement of the 2015 stats, after all he did ask us to judge him on the 2015 stats..