Text: Cannonier’s Response To PQ In House

February 18, 2016

On Friday in the House of Assembly, Public Works Minister Craig Cannonier fielded questions about the agreement between the Government and Spanish Point Boat Club regarding public access to the slip, the budget for the Black Watch Pass works project, and whether the sale of the Grand Atlantic development on South Shore Road in Warwick has been completed – to which the answer was no.

Minister Cannonier’s response to the Parliamentary Questions follow below [PDF here]:

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  1. Hmnmm says:

    I think that the question of costs of the Black Watch roundabout is a bit ridiculous.

    I was a bit bothered that there was no known estimate of what the project would cost, or how long it was projected to run. But….

    If there are 50 people employed at W&E on the work crew, they are paid regardless if they are working at Black Watch Pass or any other road, or not working at all (still getting paid). So, if the road works are appropriated $5mil, then that is an expense no matter where they are working. So from that point MP Cannonier is correct.

    However, if they had to employ 50 more workers as a result, causing additional costs, then that should be explained. Given that weeks and months went by that there was very little work getting done, I would assume not.

    Additionally, if there was additional work related to problems that occurred after the work started, that should be explained.

    As usual, it has turned into a government bashing exercise, when in actual fact the questions are incorrect.

  2. Hoolieh says:

    Asking Parliamentary questions relating to the period when the PLP was Government?

    PLP didn’t even know stuff that was done on their watch (2010/11).

    It’s No wonder the Government’s finances are in the state they are!


  3. clearasmud says:

    The same technical officers are still in place and after looking under the hood since 2012 the Government cannot in 2016 blame their failures on reports done in 2010 when the project started in 2014 under their watch!

    Don’t we remember when HE wanted to become PREMIER??
    Well.. he is in the spotlight…… a dirty one!!
    Sad person!!