“Step Into The Blue” Ocean Vet Launch Event

February 18, 2016

On the 18th of March the Ocean Vet team will be taking over Barr’s Bay Park in Hamilton for what they said will be the “biggest party of the year” where “around 300 people will join the Ocean Vet team and special guests to celebrate the completion of this very special TV series.”

“Barr’s Bay will be transformed into a stunning premiere location, blue carpet, lights, cameras, signature cocktails, champagne, fine food, live music from Chewstick and of course the premiere of Neil Burnie’s final episode “Ocean Vet – Diaries,” a spokesperson said.

“Ocean Vet Diaries” provides a fascinating insight into the making of this ground-breaking series. The episode reveals exclusive interviews including Michael Douglas and behind the scenes footage as it looks back and reveals the crew’s favourite moments, close calls and toughest challenges. It’s both emotional and incredibly exciting to watch!

Slideshow of whales breaching during an outing to film an Ocean Vet episode in 2014:


“The party is being held to celebrate the completion and subsequent launch of the series in Bermuda. Producers have chosen to show the Diaries episode because it’s a perfect tribute to Neil and his teams’ work. The remaining 10 episodes will be shown at BUEI at a later date ahead of all international broadcasts.

“Only one episode will play on the events big screen, the remaining 10 will be shown on TV’s throughout the party to showcase the incredible footage of Bermuda and its stunning marine environment.

“Guests will be welcomed with champagne and signature cocktails before having the opportunity to mingle and chat with the team and crew. Soon after the brief but poignant speeches and a superb saxophone solo the show starts! After the screening the party really kicks in with two cash bars, superb food and live music until late.

Andrew Smith, Series Producer, said: “Neil would have wanted us to celebrate in style and step into the blue, the event name promises to be nothing short of that! It’s taken a huge amount of time and energy to get this series finished and to be honest we can’t wait to show it to you all.

“The series has sold to multiple networks across Europe and Canada, the UK and US markets are currently negotiating with Cineflix with some major players in the mix. We are very happy with current progress. We look forward to welcoming everyone to celebrate the completion of Ocean Vet, with or without your shoes!”

Tickets are limited and cost $150.00 pp, and for tickets people should call 299-2326 or email development.bzs@gov.bm. Net proceeds are set to towards the Neil Burnie Foundation and Chewstick.


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  1. Concerned says:

    Right on! Lets honour Dr. Neil Burnie!

  2. suckrox says:

    So – how exactly is this a not-for-profit project serving the community? They got donations from many people, but it sure looks like it is a commercial venture that is making money to me.

    • Andrew smith says:

      Hi suckrox, Ocean Vet the TV series is not a not for profit venture, it never has been nor has it ever been explained as such. It was a commercial TV enterprise. The series set out to record the amazing work of Dr. Neil Burnie and his team as they save, protect and learn more about Bermudas iconic marine wildlife. It is a hugely positive project for the island and will showcase the islands beauty as it broadcasts around the planet. The team have and continue to lecture at local schools and educate the community at BUEI lectures on the prijects scientific findings. The event step into the blue is paid for by the ticket sales, any profit will be donated to the Neil Burnie foundation and Chewstick. The event is to celebrate the life of a remarkable man sadly no longer with us and to enjoy the release of his fascinating and powerful legacy.

      • Rocky Noggin says:

        So why did they get funding from Hiscox, ACP, BZS and others as if they were a charity?

        • hogfish says:

          i would guess for the same reasons that lot’s of for profit ventures get sponsors. they need seed money to cover costs to produce the project, that $ would come from sponsors who get visibility and brand recognition in return.

          Just because it is for profit doesnt mean it’s a sure thing, lot’s of risk is involved and sponsors help lower the risk on investors and enable things to move forward.

  3. wahoo says:

    Positive stuff! I like it.

  4. Sorry Sir says:

    I would go, but at $150 a pop, I’ll pass.

    Cheekums that’s a high price there.