Two Lectures To Headline Inaugural Event

February 10, 2016

Can a teacher’s appreciation of various demographic profiles of students in the classroom impact their academic performance? And, if black male students in Bermuda’s middle schools feel marginalised from academic and social opportunities afforded to their peers, is it any wonder they turn to crime and other anti-social behaviours?

These are the two provocative and interactive discussions that will be shared on Thursday, February 11 at the Bermuda College library by two educators in the local school system. Dr. Mellisa Gibbons-Tankard and Dr. John Duncan will be sharing their published treatises from the first Bermuda College publication “BC Journal: Voices in Education”, in the setting of the College Library.

Dr. Gibbons-Tankard believes Bermuda may be out of sync with the practices and focus of more progressive educational systems which recognise the importance of the cultural variations within a student population, and that students themselves can be inadvertently penalised as a result. What can teachers and parents do to address this?

While Dr. Duncan will share his own research on the academic achievement and social success of Black male students from his research on two local middle schools. The Event starts at 5:30 p.m., and is free and open to the public.

View/download a free copy of the journal online.

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