Group Knitting Items For Sick Babies In Uganda

March 15, 2016

A group of local knitters —  led by 91-year-old Olive Wilkinson — have come together to knit hats and blankets for premature and sick babies at a hospital in Uganda, with DHL lending support by agreeing to provide free shipping.

Adara Development [Bermuda] and DHL announced the new partnership aimed at “showing their commitment to communities across the globe,” with DHL agreeing to ship the knitted handiwork for premature and sick newborn babies at Kiwoko Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit [NICU].

Nancy Hooper, Pat Hayward, Cabrie Kearns of Adara Development, and Olive Wilkinson:

Knitting and DHL Press release - March 2016-1

A spokesperson said, “The NICU is one of Adara’s flagship programmes and was set up in 2000. Since 2010 over 5,000 at risk babies have been admitted to the NICU unit and there has been a 28% improvement in the survival rate of the smallest newborns. Around half of all admissions are for tiny babies weighing less than 2.5kg [5 pounds].

“Throughout Uganda, Kiwoko Hospital and its NICU unit have become beacons of hope and care.

“Olive has been knitting for many years, but in 2015 set out to reinvigorate her knitting circle, finding Pat and Nancy to be willing participants. The wool they use is mostly donated, and they lovingly work it into colourful hats and blankets to keep the babies warm once they arrive in our world.”

A box of goods being opened in Kiwoko in December:

Knitting and DHL Press release - March 2016-2

“As the knitting circle expanded, the cost of shipping the knitted goods to Uganda became increasingly expensive. The group wondered if there might be a partner willing to help them with the shipping costs.

“After a brief introduction to the knitting circle’s work, Rob Brown, regional manager of DHL, agreed to support their work by committing to carry up to 6 boxes of hats and blankets to the hospital each year.”

The hats in use:

Knitting and DHL Press release - March 2016-3

“Adara delivered the first box of knitting to Chemeeka Walters, Manager of DHL Bermuda, on Thursday, and the box is now making its way to Uganda. Thank you DHL and our Bermuda knitting circle for your commitment to communities across the globe.”

For more information on Adara Group, visit the website.

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