Speaker Asks MP Commissiong To Leave House

March 7, 2016

Speaker of the House Randy Horton asked MP Rolfe Commissiong to leave the House of Assembly during this afternoon’s [March 7] session, in which MPs are debating immigration policies following a Motion by MP Walton Brown.

Speaking right after he was asked to leave, Mr Commissiong told Bernews, “I’m still trying to process it myself. I made an off-the-cuff remark to a colleague, so innocuous that I don’t even remember what it was – and the Speaker, apparently, was not prepared to countenance that he had warned me before, and he ejected me from the House, which is unfortunate.

“I think that the Speaker is under a lot of stress as a result of this. Certainly the Government and supporters were not happy, they’re livid by the fact we’re having this ongoing debate to see if we can move this issue to a Joint Select Committee of Parliament and tackle it from a bi-partisan standpoint.

“My colleague Walton Brown’s desire to have this dealt with by way of a Joint Select Committee, we think is the right way to go, to address a comprehensive solution to immigration.

“I just hope the debate goes well in my absence and that after this the Speaker and I can resume a more healthy relationship; I do appreciate the type of stress that this whole situation has elicited and I do have some sympathy for him.”

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  1. Bermydude says:

    Is what you deserve, your rude, which is very sad.

    • Baltic Fury says:

      Ewww, how smug is Rolfe?

      This is exactly how I teach my kids not to be.

      You messed up, you say sorry.

    • You guys need to behave like U.B.P., they don’t get sent out.


      Curious…….what did he say for you to say he is rude????? I’m really curious though/.

  2. lalalalala says:

    “I made an off-the-cuff remark” one can only imagine

  3. San George says:

    Less than two years to go for him RC – then the sets on. You chaps might have a problem with all the new voters.

    Quo Fata Ferunt

  4. Really Really Bettty says:

    Horton has to make it appear he is supporting the OBA, after all they put him there, and he does not want to miss out….really, really

    • Rich says:

      Even though he supported a bizarre motion which was procedurally unsound? And which has delayed 8 hours of budget debate until the wee hours of the morning?

      That’s some ‘supporting the OBA’

  5. Terry says:

    Lets bring the PLP’s house of cards down………………………..

  6. wow says:

    comments are quiet on this one.

    you forgot what you said…..really..
    by the way, are you a ‘real’ Bermudian Rolfe or a ‘paper’ Bermudian. and don’t you dare justify it by saying that you were born here!! because that too on its own doesn’t make it ‘real’ enough.


      Good question! But I’m curious as to what he said. All these accusations and no one seems to know what was said.

      • Just the Tip says:

        My understanding is that he was thrown out because he was talking not what he said. THere had been several warning of not to cross talking and that is what he did so he got sent out.

  7. Starting Point says:

    lol off the cuff remark.

  8. Albie says:

    Time out for Rolf.

    Its hard to imagine how the interests of the voters of Constiuency 21 are being served while he is unable to represent their interests.

    Typical to blame the Speaker of the House of Assembly for his own inability to not disturb the debate.

  9. clearasmud says:

    My only surprise is that the Speaker doesn’t send people from both sides out more often! I think that he should and perhaps then we might have better debates!

  10. Awake says:

    Rolfe, when will you learn to just sit down and shut up?!!! Blaming the Speaker’s apparent stress on your mouthy mouth, is beyond ridiculous!

  11. Terry says:

    Next the PLP are going to want a Referendum on “CUFFS”………………….

  12. Bullnose says:

    He ‘forgot’what he said?
    Yeah, right.

  13. jahstice says:

    The plp reps are hopeless.

  14. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    If he couldn’t remember what he said then it couldn’t have been substantial to the debate…as usual.

  15. archy says:

    off the cuff but loud enough for the spraker to hear. no apology. nuff said

  16. Triangle Drifter says:

    Happened to be sort of listening at the time. There had been alot of interjections while MP Gibbons was speaking. The Speaker stopped MP Gibbons & warned other MPs to be quiet or he would send the next one interjecting would be sent out.

    Not long after look who gets sent out. Can’t say that he was not warned. His mouth got the better of him & the Speaker followed through with his warning.

    As simple as that.


      Thank you I was curious as to what exactly happened and was said.

  17. ANTI Ignorance says:

    good the thing is a sack full of BS anyway. oh i forgot this was off the cuff

  18. Acegurl says:

    Well done Mr Horton, you cannot allow this type of behavior. It is very concerning that a politician cannot remember from one moment to the next possibly grounds for expulsion.
    Mr Commissiong has done nothing but be divisive in his politics. He would not be missed if he were permanently ejected. Keep up the good work Randy.

  19. Oh,I see now says:

    Kids fighting in the street kids fighting in the house(of Assembly)and Bermuda continues to drift on.

  20. cromwell says:

    Maybe he was muttering about Walton Browns tirade about PLP are being called Nazis.

  21. ImJustSayin says:

    They’re all a bunch of idiot’s.

  22. Y-Gurl says:

    Is Commission still the Seargent at arms ?

  23. Pro-Status Onion says:

    Rolfe I would have remembered what he said & obviously it was an offensive slur that he didn’t care to repeat it to the media!