“Continuing Rich History Of Annual Ag Show”

April 15, 2016

“The Progressive Labour Party would like to congratulate the AG Show Ltd Charity for its first of what we hope will be many years of continuing the rich history of the annual Agricultural Exhibition,”  Shadow Minister of Public Works and Environment Dennis Lister said.

“My colleagues at the PLP and I would like to thank the President, Mr. Antwan Albany and Chairman, Mr. David Lopes along with all their members and volunteers who undoubtedly have worked tirelessly to reestablish the AG Show after last year’s hiatus,” Mr Lister continued.

“This year’s theme ‘Home Grown’ will focus on Bermuda’s remarkable natural wonders, highlight Bermuda’s rich agricultural, and bring back many of the former annual displays that delight both young and old. The Progressive Labour Party encourages both residents and visitors alike to go out and support ‎this year’s show!”

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  1. wahoo says:

    Would have been nice if they had mentioned why Government can no longer afford to put the show on. This is now possible through the generosity of the PRIVATE sector….the whole island is a charity.

  2. Legalgal says:

    Keep the politics out of it. The politiicians dropped the ball last year. Galling to see the “PLP” trying to take credit by “congratulating”. This show is for the people. By the people. Of the people. (And the animals of course.)

    Well done volunteers. Well done school kids. Let’s build on this.

    Best event in Bermy! The parking attendants deserves a medal. Prices are right. Now we need more craft stands with affrodable local goodies.

    Love it!