Rowdy Piper’s New Soca Music Video “Crossfit”

April 19, 2016

Bermudian artist Rowdy Piper has released a new video for his energetic soca single ‘Crossfit,’ which was filmed at the Crossfit BDA gym by Near Future Media.

A spokesperson said, “The video is a workout-inspired romp through soca fitness, celebrating summer bodies of all shapes and sizes.

“Rowdy Piper, also known as R?ddla [or Roddy Nesbitt to his friends] is one of Bermuda’s most prolific hip hop talents. The MC currently performs with the D.I.A. band as male vocal lead and support vocalist. A well-rounded artist, Roddy also enjoys acting, and has performed in several plays.

“Rowdy Piper has more love for the stage than the studio and hasn’t released a solo project in over a decade, making Crossfitan exciting addition to his catalogue of recorded work. Recently he has made guest appearances on releases by K.A.S.E. [#MUG] and Derek G. [Stealth Ninja Chronicles I and Stealth Ninja Chronicles II].”

“The “Crossfit Riddim” soca compilation was released in summer 2015 by producer Derek G. Simmons of Moonshine Productions. Several Bermudian talents tackled the song with their unique style and flair, creating the first Bermudian soca riddim compilation.

“Rowdy Piper’s titular track was clearly a standout and he was able to perform it during the Bermuda Heroes Weekend and the America’s Cup World Series celebrations, as well as enjoying significant local radio coverage and a series of viral workout-inspired videos.

“The video was launched with the support of Julian’s Promos, an international music promotion site. The filming of the music video was made possible by a grant from the Bermuda Arts Council.”

Crossfit is available to stream or as a free download via SoundCloud.

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  1. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    My first thought was ‘isn’t he dead’, but then I’m not a follower of hip-hop, so I wasn’t aware that someone else was using name.

    Well done to the local artist on the new release

  2. Jovon says:

    Yes I