Video: Bermy Bouncers At The 2016 Ag Show

April 19, 2016

Among the many draws at the recent Ag Show was a performance by the Bermy Bouncers Jump Rope team from the Bermuda Heart Foundation’s Jump 2B Fit program, which capitvated the audience with a number of jump rope techniques.

A spokesperson said, “Senior jumpers showcased a mix of single rope freestyle, double dutch, Chinese wheel, and traveler jump skills. They were joined by the next generation of jumpers who wowed crowds by creating a “Human Jump Rope” and jumping through crossed double dutch ropes known as “Egg Beaters”.

“The audience had a chance to jump into the show and discover just how challenging yet rewarding the sport of jump is.”

“Audience members were introduced to the members of our two National Competitive Jump teams. Our junior team [ages 7 – 13] will be representing the island in the sport of jump rope at the Pan American Games in Orlando, Florida in early July. The senior team [ages 14 – 31] will be competing and representing the island in Braga, Portugal in late July.

“Our competitive and senior performing jumpers train 3 times a week for 2+ hours with a third of that time dedicated to pure body conditioning. Our local youth are training hard to master their array of skills to perform for our community and to represent Bermuda internationally.”

For further information on either competition, more info can be found on the website.

Jump 2B Fit Jumpers Ag Show 2016 Bermuda April 19 2016 (1)

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