Emissions Control’s Donal Smith Visits St. Lucia

May 31, 2016

Donal Smith, the CEO of Bermuda Emissions Control, was in St. Lucia recently to discuss the many environmental issues confronting the Caribbean islands and to propose the introduction of Emission Control Stations.

During his visit, Mr. Smith met with the Prime Minister of St. Lucia, Kenny Anthony, [pictured left], and Sir Edwin Carrington, the former Secretary General of Caricom and an avid sponsor of environmental events.

Mr. Smith also travelled to Paris over the weekend to meet with the Directors of UNESCO, and he will be a guest of UNESCO in Tanzania when he will address the Africa Sustainable Development Conference on May 31st – June 3rd


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  1. wondering says:

    how can this fella even try to assist in implementing something overseas that his OWN country still has no legislation to govern it??

    Ministerial discretion went out the window a decade ago – change the law or stop fleecing the community of their $$ for the crock of “smoke” that you are charged for having (or not) at TCD – an unnecessary added expense

  2. Jolly says:

    Good grief. After how many years of gathering data, have they set an emissions baseline yet at TCD outside of which a vehicle will be failed?

  3. aceboy says:


    Stations? How much will they cost and frankly what is the point? Bermuda does NOT control emissions. How many cars, vans, trucks or bikes have failed the test and been unable to drive a vehicle due to bad emission control?


    Yet we all pay this company money, by law, to enable our vehicles to be used. Biggest issue in Bermuda and I do not understand why it is allowed to continue.

    But hey, Donal gets to go to St. Lucia, Paris and Tanzania, because it is an environmental issue.

  4. up in smoke says:

    So does this mean the emission pass/fail law will finally come into affect here in Bermuda? You drive behind some of these vehicles, trucks, taxis and BUSES we need a filter.

  5. Rockfish#2 says:

    What exactly does his company do for the taxpayer? And how much are we paying for this “service”?

    • Albie says:

      About $1.4 million more than we need to according to a former TCD director when he appeared before the Public Accounts Committe. Bob Richards was the pac chairman at the time.

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    If you squint real hard you can see in their eyeballs “CHA-CHING…CHA-CHING…CHA-CHING!!”