“Important Changes Made” At Summerhaven

May 14, 2016

The Ministry of Health, Seniors and Environment said they wish to advise that the Appointed Administrator’s tenure at Summerhaven has ended, with “important changes made and further improvements underway.”

“The Ministry has worked with the Summerhaven Board of Trustees and agreed a way forward to ensure compliance with regulated requirements and to protect the safety and well-being of residents at the facility. Procedures have been agreed to ensure residents’ concerns are addressed consistently and transparently,” a spokesperson said.

“The public is reminded that Summerhaven is a private facility. It is not owned or operated by the Government. The Registrar appointed an Administrator in February 2016 for three months to address compliance with regulatory requirements.

“The Ministry’s Ageing and Disability Services will continue to work with the Summerhaven management and Board to ensure registration requirements are met and there is ongoing collaboration with residents and staff to assure the success of Summerhaven.”

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  1. mmm says:

    Summerhaven although a private facility, must be monitored like any other nursing home, rest home, nursery, —and licensed…therefore bound to pro vide a standard. Assuming they are required to be licensed, than they must face inspection from time to time. To have an administrator appointed for a period of three months to ensure compliance with certain regulations says to me that the government department did not inspect them regularly, and they are only 15 minutes away at the most. Does government provide a grant to Summer-haven, if so, is this applied correctly ? Three months is a rathe r long time to ensure compliance, which says to me there was something wron g. Civil wrong ? Criminal wrong ? I can,t just open a facility and operate it with-out being licensed and monitored.