New Cabinet Ministers: Simons, Baron, Richards

May 13, 2016

[Updated with video] A ceremony is taking place his afternoon [May 13] at Government House with changes to Cabinet being announced, with Jeff Baron being sworn in as Minister of National Security, Sylvan Richards as Minister of Social Development & Sport and Cole Simons being named the Minister of the Environment.

Cabinet Bermuda May 13 2016

In addition, the Premier announced that Patricia Gordon-Pamplin will serve as Minister of Home Affairs while Michael Fahy will serve as Minister of Tourism, Transport & Municipalities.

It was also announced that Kenny Bascome will serve as Junior Minister of Tourism and Nandi Outerbridge will serve as the Junior Minister of Social Development & Sport. All other Ministers will remain the same.

These changes follow after the resignation of Shawn Crockwell as the Minister of Tourism and Transport, and sees Michael Fahy switch portfolios from Home Affairs to Tourism & Transport, while retaining Municipalities.

Cabinet Bermuda May 13 2016 2

Patricia Gordon-Pamplin — who previously held the portfolio of Community, Cultural Development & Sport — moves to Home Affairs, while Senator Jeff Baron takes over from Premier Michael Dunkley as the Minister of National Security.

Environment was previously under Jeanne Atherden, who served as Minister of Health, Environment & Seniors, and has now moved to its own Ministry, which will be held by Cole Simons.

The ceremony is still underway, and will update with more information as able.

Update 2.55pm: Video of the Premier making the announcement [Video replaced with full ceremony]

Update 3.04pm: For clarity’s sake, a comparison below of the old and new Cabinets, with the ‘new’ list including the changes made today, and leaving all other Ministers the same, as was announced.

Old Cabinet: Senior Ministers

  1. Michael Dunkley: Premier and Minister of National Security
  2. Shawn Crockwell: Minister of Tourism & Transport [Dr Gibbons Acting since March 2016]
  3. Jeanne Atherden: Minister of Health, Environment & Seniors
  4. Senator Michael Fahy: Minister for Home Affairs
  5. Trevor Moniz: Attorney General & Minister of Legal Affairs
  6. Bob Richards: Minister of Finance
  7. Dr Grant Gibbons: Minister of Economic Development
  8. Craig Cannonier: Minister of Public Works
  9. Pat Gordon-Pamplin: Minister of Community, Cultural Development & Sport
  10. Wayne Scott: Minister of Education

New Cabinet: Senior Ministers

  1. Michael Dunkley: Premier
  2. Jeanne Atherden: Minister of Health & Seniors
  3. Trevor Moniz: Attorney General & Minister of Legal Affairs
  4. Bob Richards: Minister of Finance
  5. Dr Grant Gibbons: Minister of Economic Development
  6. Craig Cannonier: Minister of Public Works
  7. Wayne Scott: Minister of Education
  8. Jeff Baron: Minister of National Security
  9. Sylvan Richards: Minister of Social Development & Sport
  10. Cole Simons: Minister of the Environment
  11. Patricia Gordon-Pamplin: Minister of Home Affairs
  12. Michael Fahy: Minister of Tourism, Transport & Municipalities

Update 4.42pm: Premier Dunkley’s full statement follows below:

Good afternoon:

I have come to Government House today to announce the following changes to Cabinet:

I have invited Cole Simons to be the Minister of Environment.

Cole is one of our most seasoned MPs, who has been serving as Government House Leader and Whip.

Cole has always had a strong interest in environmental matters, and I want to focus that passion on the job of protecting and maintaining the environment.

Cole’s responsibilities as minister will therefore also include Planning and Parks. The environment is critical to Bermuda’s success on virtually every level. The Island needs to sparkle, and that objective is central to Cole’s mandate. We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world – it is part of who we are – and this Government will do its best to keep it that way.

I have invited Jeff Baron to serve as Minister of National Security.

Jeff has been the Junior Minister of National Security for more than three years. He’s worked closely with me in that capacity. I have watched him progress. He’s well qualified, having served in the Bermuda Police Service, with the United Nations as a peacekeeper, in private business as a security consultant and in the Senate as Government spokesman for National Security.

Jeff is a Next Generation leader who will bring energy and commitment every day to building a safe prosperous and secure future for the Island.

Our work in the Ministry is not finished. We still have significant challenges that must be tackled regarding crime and violence. During my tenure as Minister of National Security, I believe that we accomplished some significant achievements in the Ministry.

We have worked hard to ensure that our community was safeguarded and secure and I believe that Minister Baron will carry on that great work.

In my Cabinet Office responsibilities I will dedicate my focus to advancing the important work associated with public service reform and the critical priority of continuing to move Bermuda forward so that we can all prosper – and of course work closely with all Ministers in our work for a better Bermuda for all.

I will continue to work closely with Minister Baron on National Security issues.

Minister Pat Gordon-Pamplin will serve as Minister of Home Affairs.

Pat is very experienced in government, in business and in politics, and is well respected across the community. She has a compassionate heart, a fighting spirit and an ability to understand all sides of a question. She is an excellent communicator and has proven abilities in managing difficult challenges.

I have asked her to take on Home Affairs and to continue with reforms that will help us build a fair and sustainable future.

Minister Michael Fahy will serve as Minister of Tourism, Transportation and Municipalities.

In more than three years at Home Affairs, he streamlined Planning procedures, made significant progress on the long road to immigration reform, and oversaw changes that have strengthened the Corporation of St. George to meet the needs of the Old Towne. All of these accomplishments have helped Bermuda move toward economic recovery.

Michael will continue his oversight of the municipalities. At Transport, he will move forward on Throne Speech commitments to ban tinted visors and bring forward roadside sobriety testing. At Tourism, he will continue the Government’s multifaceted work to rebuild the industry.

I have invited Junior Minister Sylvan Richards to serve as Minister of Social Development and Sport.

Sylvan is a welcome return to the Cabinet. He’s built a successful career in international business and brings a strong, clear voice to the table. Sylvan has a deep commitment to community life and social progress for all Bermudians. This appointment is a natural fit for him.

The Ministry name has been changed to reflect more clearly the work that is done under the banner of Community and Cultural Affairs.

Today I am delighted to welcome Kenny Bascome to serve as Junior Minister of Tourism.

Kenny is a pillar of St. George’s. He cares deeply about the community and has been passionate about Over the next few years, the Old Towne is going to see a lot of big, positive change – a new hotel, cruise Junior Minister Bascome will work closely on behalf of the east and Bermuda in general supporting our tourism growth.

Finally I am pleased to announce that Junior Minister Nandi Outerbridge will serve as Junior Minister for Social Development & Sport.

Nandi is our youngest MP. I have watched her grow in confidence and knowledge. She has proven her abilities to meet the needs of her constituents and to speak up for the needs of young Bermudians.

Nandi has also impressed me with her organizational abilities and teamwork. In that regard, I am appointing her Government House Leader and Party Whip, taking over from now Minister Cole Simons, with whom she has worked as an understudy.

Ladies and Gentlemen,These appointments represent the changes to the Cabinet. All other ministers remain in place.As a team, we will continue moving

Bermuda forward, and doing so with urgency. We have made progress. We’ve ended years of decline, putting the Island back on solid ground and growing in ways that will benefit Bermudians in all walks of life. International agencies have validated our progress, but we also know that many Bermudians remain in the grip of bad times.

The work, in other words, is not yet finished.Everyone on this Cabinet team understands that and we will continue the push to make Bermuda work for Bermudians – to make it more fair, more open, more inclusive, with a strong economy that supports their dreams and aspirations – young and old, black and white, blue collar, white collar – all of us together in partnership.That concludes my prepared remarks.

I am delighted to welcome new members and thank them for their commitment to serve. I would also like to thank our entire parliamentary team for their support and hard work for the people of Bermuda.I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you.

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  1. Yahoo says:

    Guess the milkman has finally scoured the bottom of the barrel. Good to see his boy toy Baron didn’t stay unemployed for long…

    • sage says:

      Nandi for Premier!

      • drunken ursula says:

        not bright enough!

      • Jones says:

        Sounds like a good idea. Even basketball teams have mascots.

    • Voter 2017 says:

      Check the cards the Milkman is playing for the next election. Do you see the 8. Don’t be fooled my people.

      He’s needs 20% to win the next election my brothers and sisters!!

    • Bermyman says:

      Name one PLP minister more qualified in any portfolio?

      • Its me again says:

        Transport lawerence Scott (licenced pilot)

        Education Randy Horton (ex principal)

        Minister of national security Jonathan Smith

        Works and engineering Zane Desilva

        Finance David Burt

        • Bob says:

          Nobody is better than Bob. Burt doesn’t even come close.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          So, Scott can fly a Cesna. Lots of 14 year olds can do that.

          Randy Horton got to be principle, mainly off the back of his football playing skills.

          Jonathin Smith was the invisible Commissioner.

          Zane Desilva. Lets not even go there.

          David Burt. You can’t be serious!

    • Shocked beyond belief says:

      I’m also shocked at, to use there term “SPENDING LIKE DRUNKEN SAILORS”

      They have engaged in a over $300.000 SSM referendum, cut back on education and scholarships to educated our youths (note the whites are being educated as the good ole boy clubs looks out for them all including giving him opportunities in the American Cup teams)

      I’m looking forward to Fahy’s debate in the house with Simmons – oops I will be denied a good chuckle as Fahy can’t speak in the house.

      Now I’m getting caramel salty popcorn and a front row seat the “youngest MP…and Party Whip, taking over from now Minister Cole Simons, with whom she has worked as an understudy” Lawd, if that not the cats meow. Cole’s is painful on his own and to up-study, Davis????Lawd help us all

      No joke, a young person came up to me saying after seeing Nandi as party whip wanted to know “what’s government doing hiring a party whip, she’s the on that needs licks”

      • T. Smith says:

        What’s really sad is that when it’s a salary bonus they all show up for the camera to give fake smiles, but when the media ask them how they all feel about same sex marriage & Civil Union they all hide behind a $300K referendum. I thought we had no money BOB the builder.

        Bernews can you ask everyone in the photo how they feel. I think the Country needs to know what the Politicians think. That goes for OBA and PLP.

        1. Are you in favour of same sex marriage in Bermuda?
        2. Are you in favour of same sex civil unions in Bermuda?
        3. Are you NOT in favour of same sex marriage and same sex civil unions?

      • Shame says:

        Remember there was already 300k set aside for a referendum…it had to be used for something. I don’t agree with what it’s being used on but nonetheless, it was already set aside.

  2. I heart 441 says:

    foreigners in charge of our Tourism,lol. The two of them better collectively increase our tourism arrivals within in 2 years or else they will end up as…………I don’t even want to say it. Wishing them all the best as they proove to Bermuda they are truly doing it for “Bermuda”.

    • Truthhertz says:

      Michael Fahy is a Bermudian or else he couldn’t be in Government.

      You people are just as disgusting as republicans with your birther hatred.

      But somehow you have no problem with a work permit holder like Tweed injecting himself into local politics?

      Oh BTW under the PLP the two directors of tourism were foreigners and yet you idiots had nothing to say then.

      • I heart 441 says:

        “You people”…you sound like a Trump worshiper behind closed doors.

      • Dr. E.F.Gordon was a Trinidadian, but he had the PEOPLES interest at heart.
        Thats de difference.

        • Dr Gordon vision says:

          Onion Juice – Dr. Gordon would of not seen that difference and been right up there on the hill supporting Rev Tweed.

          • LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL says:

            But Tweed is Bermudian. Get your facts straight mate.

      • frank says:

        bad move this minister needs to be in the house all ministers should.
        fahy is always going to be bad news where ever they put him
        he needs to be gone

      • Keep 100 says:

        Watch how you usevthe word uou people. Thats all i am going to say about that

      • Cb says:

        Rev Tweed’s father is a born Bermudian by the name of Kingsley Tweed. Tweed Sr was one of the leaders of the Theatre boycott in 1959.

    • smh says:

      By foreigners you mean white Bermudians? Says all we need to know about you

      • mixitup says:

        Well the majority of whites in Bermuda are not Bermuda Born – Just sayin…

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          And you have proof of this just how?

        • Fact says:

          That’s BS.

          What’s true is the majority of whites vote ubp/OBA and majority of blacks vote PLP.

          • Kevin says:

            congrats another Village has secured your services { idiots for hire just read bernews comments}

          • Clarke says:

            If the majority of blacks voted PLP there would be a PLP Government in place

            • WHAT? says:

              You must have just moved to Bermuda on a work permit, so I’ll tell you why. The last election black voters were mad as hell at the PLP government, so we didn’t show up to vote.

              Now were double PI$$ OFF at the OBA and the Premier knows it.

          • Jones says:


        • Toodle-oo says:

          Just further proof that you don’t integrate at all .

        • Snapper says:

          I’m white and Bermuda born, both my parents were Bermuda born,one Grandparent was Bermuda born, one Great-Grandparent was Bermuda born…..

        • Bill says:


          the vast majority of blacks are not bermudian either

          • Triangle Drifter says:

            I’d argue that one however the vast majority arrived here on their own dime, contrary to what they would like everyone to believe.

        • Bill says:

          Another not for you.

          My family came here in the VERY EARLY 1600′s long before the rest of you even knew were the Atlantic ocean was!

          • Wayne Williams says:

            Bill you sound like one raving lunatic with that comment!!

            Check your history and see for yourself …but then again your ancestors were nothing but illiterate pirates and plunderers.

            Meanwhile WE created the alphabet, logic, music and the list goes on….

            • Jean Foggo Simon says:

              Get a life. U don’t know what u r taking about.

            • Bill says:


              Who is ” we?”

              Illiterate pirates?

              You obviously think that Jack Sparrow is real.

        • WillSee says:

          and the majority of blacks are west indian.

        • Aliker says:


        • Hair says:

          Well you need to work your figures out if you know how to do math.. I’m white and 4th generation Bermudian, what are you mixitup????? hummm just saying..

      • I heart 441 says:

        Smh, did I say anything about their race? For the record, I’m half that. Also the head of our Tourism isn’t a white Bermudian, but yet his salary is higher then our own Premier. I’m sure you were not aware of that.

    • Curious says:

      who’s the foreigner? A man who was raised here? you ARE aware that once status is granted that person is a Bermudian? You are a sad excuse for a Bermudian. on the real.

      • TO CURIOUS: Let us hope that YOU are not THE SAD PERSON in all of this.Perhaps, YOU could turn out to be a TRUE SAD EXCUSE for a ” PAPER BERMUDIAN”.

  3. watching says:

    absolute insanity.
    he has taken the worst of the worst and elevated them.
    pure desperation.

    • Double S says:

      Considering you consider everyone at the OBA to be the ‘worst of the worst’ and all PLP reps to be the ‘best of the best’ your opinion truly doesn’t matter.

      • TO DOUBLE $: If you are thinking that YOUR opinion matters, then they ALL matter.
        You own opinion is no worse nor any better than the next person’s.All opinions have validity to them.
        After all Bermudians are intelligent human beings.

        • Ed Case says:

          We will see how intelligent Bermudians really are at the next election. If they are stupid, they will vote PLP.

    • inna says:

      LOL, what is absolutely insane is how you think the PLP can run this country!!

      The people of Bermuda sent a loud message and booted the worst of the worst government out of power back in 2012.

      Methinks it is your comment reeks of pure desperation, maybe even jealousness!

      • Wake up Bermudians says:

        Inna, the only reason the OBA won is because many Bermudians didn’t vote. I guarantee you that will never happen for the next election. I personally know a few Bermudians who didn’t vote and they are so angry that they didn’t vote. The OBA days are numbered. My personal feeling is that the OBA was surprised that they won the election. They were not prepared to run the Government, that is why they made so many big mistakes.

        • Its me again says:

          I agree.

          Plus the PLP didn’t call in anyone’s mortgages….

          • Triangle Drifter says:

            Whose mortgages were called & when were they called?

        • Ffs says:

          How did they win if many Bermudians didn’t vote?

        • Make a new plan Stan says:

          The OBA needs to stay in so that they can be in place for the success or failure of their initiatives.

          If the airport, those hotels or America’s Cup numbers are a flop and PLP is in they will take the blame. I would rather see the OBA in to let all those issues run their course.

          PLP needs four or five more years as the opposition and the OBA has yet to prove themselves considering all the promises they made.

      • Wayne Williams says:

        Hey Inna….they did the same in 1998 dummy!

        Read the CURB paper to what YOUR Government did and continues to do, however now they are using more pawns

    • Truthhertz says:

      Exactly how I feel about Marc Bean and Jahmal Simmons

    • Fact says:

      Don’t worry this is the same photo from 2012 election.

      In 2018 after the election if they win, the OBA will remove all the brothers and sisters again.

    • wahoo says:

      Could be worse, just imagine if he had to choose from the other side of the floor.

  4. Um.... says:

    Nice increase in ministerial pay. Things that make you say hmmm….

  5. smh says:

    Shared sacrifice yet we’re creating new ministry portfolios…AND did anyone notice Fahy keeps municipalities specifically..

    More tricks.

  6. PBanks says:

    So they’ve added two new Ministers, amidst all the shuffling. So much for SAGE recommendations.

    • Serious though says:

      Yup..wonder what the spin off milk man and Richard will have

  7. Jus' Askin' says:

    Why No Women? :-(

    • Awake says:

      Are you really that daft? Do you not know the difference between male and female? READ and then RE-REREAD the article!

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        New Cabinet: Senior Ministers

        Michael Dunkley: Premier
        Jeanne Atherden: Minister of Health & Seniors
        Trevor Moniz: Attorney General & Minister of Legal Affairs
        Bob Richards: Minister of Finance
        Dr Grant Gibbons: Minister of Economic Development
        Craig Cannonier: Minister of Public Works
        Wayne Scott: Minister of Education
        Jeff Baron: Minister of National Security
        Sylvan Richards: Minister of Social Development & Sport
        Cole Simons: Minister of the Environment
        Patricia Gordon-Pamplin: Minister of Home Affairs
        Michael Fahy: Minister of Tourism, Transport & Municipalities

        Only 2 women and none of them were recently added hmmmmmm who is daft? :-(

        • Take another look at the photo above…Regardless, the Premier has chosen them he felt / feels will do a good job, one appealling to the “public” especially them that are crying out for some sort of change… Well done Premier M. Dunckley.

    • frank says:

      I thought Lea was. Leaving

  8. Marion Scaife says:

    Lets get cracking and get these Bermuda Status Applications approved and given out to the people who have been waiting 7 months. Longer than was expected. They have all been put on the back burner since the Applications for Long Term Residents were submitted

    • Bermy says:

      7 months your just getting started. It took someone I know nearly 18 months

      • mixitup says:

        Would you be willing to give up citizenship to your country for Bermuda Status? just curious?

  9. archy says:

    At least Nandi is showing her true colours ROFL!

    • Awake says:

      Complete your comment, and it might make sense!

      • I heart 441 says:

        ROFL stands for Rolling On Floor Laughing, your welcome.

      • archy says:

        red – remember the red knickers remark?

    • frank says:

      Another. Facebook. Incident will happen. And she. Will be gone

  10. mixitup says:


  11. Billy says:

    I don’t trust these people.

    • I heart 441 says:

      I have faith in Bob & Dunkley and several other ones..Fahy is another story.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I don’t trust any politician, and while I don’t agree with all of the postings, I know most are far more up to the job than anything the PLP has to show… particularly if their shadow cabinet is an example

    • smh says:

      REALLY? Because the last lot in power were SO trustworthy and transparent and no one was afraid to speak up for fear of retribution. SMH

  12. Who Cares says:

    Really have we nothing better to harp on about here? We have an opposition member in the cross hairs of a legal battle an oppostion which is clearly in confusion and essentially incapable of providing modern effective solutions to the issues that confront this country on a domestic and international level–but meanwhile—

    The economy is improving, GDP is up, international rating agencies acknowledge the work done by the MoF in implementing a budget that puts the country pointing in the correct direction for recovery, air lift has increased, hotels are being renovated and likely constructed and we haven’t even really begun to see the uptick from the America’s Cup event (a international top shelf event that some around here call a mere boating race)

    Am I missing something here? This Gvt has every right to continue to shape itself to do the work of the Bermudian people. Sorry but the arm chair critique going on here is really sad–

    this Gvt is working for the people and getting results, while they tackle tricky social issues like immigration and SSM, so much more in their short terms than two of the previous administration–its a shame that some really can’t or won’t accept it–but that’s their issue.

    Bermuda is improving and why some hate it or just can’t stand that its happening–to use a phrase–”is dubious at best”


  13. swing voter says:

    don’t matter if you don’t trust them…..the money is starting to flow…2017 will see over employment like the good ole days and you will have to do more than the past shenanigans to convince me we need a change of government

    • Serious though says:

      Great it seems you know something Richard don’t know ..can you share please

    • TO SWING VOTER: The ONLY”GOMBEY shenanigans” is the current group of a—s.
      Do get the names for the group correct.
      Your swing voting has ended. You have already chosen.
      Poor you!!!

  14. clearasmud says:

    All this talk about reducing the debt, and reducing the civil service and then they increase the cabinet! where is the justification!

  15. Leroy says:

    Dynamic diverse and professional shaping and getting Bermuda back on track awesome !

  16. Serious though says:

    Fahy vs (transport) Union = Pitbull vs Pitbull , God have mercy on us. No lesson learned here..

    • frank says:

      That should have been. Dropped. Maybe he has video and a voice recording on. Someone

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Oh, so you would rather have a weak Minister who will lay down in front of the BIU & let them run right over him with more & more wildcat strikes, err, meetings, & bring the Island to its knees.

  17. TO BILLY:
    Me neither.
    Well, Cole.
    You have been a part of the oba and ubp for years. You FINALLY have a post.
    How does that make YOU feel??????

  18. Roger says:

    Pondering how does the youngest member of the OBA and Government be selected to be the whip of the party. Does that not require the post holder to have experience and knowledge of parliament and be able to influence her colleagues. Some of these appointments by the premier has a lot to be desired.
    Is Mr Fahy really the poster child for Bermuda’s tourism product when a majority of Bermudians are suspicious of his motives and agenda towards Bermudians. (At this point those who say he is Bermudian do realize that when he travels back to Canada it is mandatory he has to use his Canadian passport).
    Then the premier has increased his cabinet in the face of Finance Minister Richards saying we must do more with less. Oh well.

  19. WHAT? says:

    this is a complete joke. An absolutely clueless bunch that have no clue what they are doing or how to get this island back on track.

  20. Coffee says:

    One word ; Disgusting !

  21. lifetime says:

    You know Dunkley is in trouble when he moves Cole Simons up! Scraping the bottom of the barrel indeed! Dunkley your days are numbered.

    • Smh says:

      Use race when you can’t use logic or facts

  22. Jeremy Deacon says:

    I thought the Premier’s statement should have addressed the increase in the number of Ministers. Now it is left to hearsay and speculation. Now the OBA/Govt find themselves, again, behind the pace (Burt has already issued a statement condemning it) and left to catch up and do damage control, again.

  23. Oh,I see now says:

    The hate between the races is alive and well after a long hibernation due to the excesses of money and multiple job opportunities in the past.Bob was right all along,”a hungry man is an angry man.”

  24. drunken ursula says:

    Oh LORD Kenny Bascome , please have a speech write….thank GOD its happy hour..MERCY

  25. Pastor Syl says:

    I have only one very real concern with this new Cabinet, and that is the placement of Sylvan Richards, a staunch member of the Cornerstone Baptist Church, in the position of Social Development. What will that mean for the upcoming referendum on Marriage Equality, especially since the Premier has already made it very clear that said referendum is non-binding? Nor will there be absentee balloting…but that is another story.
    So, despite the expense, it doesn’t matter what the vote is, we the people will NOT be the deciding factor.

  26. Pastor Syl says:

    Congratulations to Kenny Bascome. You deserve to have your efforts to promote our National Heritage Site recognized and the opportunity to build upon them for the benefit of the entire country. Nandi Outerbridge, though you are youthful and have made a few mistakes, I have noted your intelligence and willingness to study and work to fully understand our convoluted system of government. Despite the negative commentary on this thread and others, I have every expectation that you will make a very effective Party Whip! I don’t know enough about Cole Simon’s strengths to make an assessment, but I wish him well. Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, in my opinion, is the best person available to bring some cohesion and collaboration to the morass of Immigration. Michael Fahy, wishing you the best in your new position. All we ask is that you be more and more forthcoming with information about plans and developments.
    Premier Dunkley, as you know, I don’t think everything you do is marvelous, wonderful and spot-on, but in this instance, except for my stated concern regarding Mr. Richards (and I hope I am totally mistaken), you could have done a whole lot worse.
    Good fortune all. May you do the country proud (even those citizens who don’t wanna be).

  27. Pastor Syl says:

    Oops! Left out Mr. Baron…but then, I have wondered for a while why he did not have this position. It seems ideally suited for him. Good fortune, sir!

  28. nok says:

    I hope to see you all tomorrow.

  29. Um Um Like says:

    “Sylvan has a deep commitment to community life and social progress for all Bermudians.”

    Is Sylvan committed to social progress for homosexual Bermudians? I don’t think so!

  30. neutral says:

    What does Baron know about National Security? Further more, Michael Faye has absolutely “no personality” to even think of being Tourism Minister..

    PLP will be in power next election, hence is the reason why I will continue to live in Bermuda.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      And if it’s the dream of the PLP returning to Gov’t that keeps you here I guess there’s little else (kind or flattering) that anyone can say .

    • Bill says:


      Fact of the matter is that, yes Baron did a short spell with NATO, but he was an MP ( yes, he is now)

      but with the military police.

      He directed traffic.

      Great credentials.

  31. Oh,I see now says:

    I see they have put Fahy in transport and for what,I guess the bus and taxi operators are getting too problematic.This cat must say to himself f¥<k the velvet glove you all are gonna feel this iron.

    PS…..don't sue me

  32. Make a new plan Stan says:

    I don’t know Ms Davis but she seems to have very little respect from her peer group so I have doubts about the reality of her being her party’s whip.

    Further the UBP proved themselves to be quite out of touch by selecting Ms Pamela Gordon as their leader in what many think was an attempt to attract the black female vote….I hope the OBA is not making a similar mistake by pushing this young woman to the front.

    Why is Patricia Gordon-Pamplin being passed around from ministry to ministry? I feel like she is being used by being placed in the seat that Fahy made a mess in.

    Why place Fahy in Transport knowing that when it hits the fan DPT is basically the strong arm of the Union and this man has yet to prove that he has any finesse as it pertains to dealing with volatile issues?

    The former mayor of the town of St. Georges is a JUNIOR minister?

    Sylvan Richards is in charge of “social issues” and has shown a bias based on his religious beliefs.

    The only thing that makes sense is that Mr. Dunkley removed himself from the hot seat of National Security and place Jeff Baron there as he has proven that he is more than willing to see to our national security all by himself.

    OBA I want good things for this country and because you are in the seat of power I want good things to come through you all and your leadership but you are CONFUSING ME!

    • Truth says:

      Gordon Pamplin is moved around because she isn’t really that capable.

      Dunkley just lost the election. Played race when he should’ve went for skills and aptitudes. Increased the size of cabinet when it should’ve went the other way.

      Those who have half a brain in their head, and voted the OBA in power, are now questioning themselves. Should’ve stayed the course Dunkley.

  33. mmm says:

    This country is in a serious state, some clear, strong and consistent steps need to be made for the good of all, this includes the youth. People in the House seem to forget the common people. You need to reach into the communi ty roll up your sleeves. Changing the faces does not ensure fairness. The new faces suggest damage control, time will tell if the folks have searched their hearts are quite willing to make sacrifices to meet the needs of the average person. Let,s bring the youth on board, this recession has hurt a lot of families…and the youth need to have a sense of belonging, don,t hand them materialism, share with them principles, live a life of principle as you govern.

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