Police Investigation After Incident At High School

May 12, 2016

[Updated] The Bermuda Police Service has commenced a “full investigation” following an incident involving a 17-year-old male student and a female teacher today [May 12], which resulted in the 17-year-old male student receiving a “non-life threatening cut to his hand.”

Police Berkeley Institute Bermuda May 12 2016

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “At 9:30am on Thursday an incident occurred at the Berkeley Institute involving a 17 year old male student and a female teacher.

“It appears that an altercation took place at the school resulting in the 17 year old male student receiving a non life threatening cut to his hand.

“The Bermuda Police Service has commenced a full investigation into this matter and the school has also commenced their internal investigation.”

Update 5.33pm: A Berkeley Board of Governors spokesperson said, “The Berkeley Board of Governors can confirm that there was an incident at the school today that involved a teacher and one student.

“The school followed normal protocols and an investigation is now underway. The school schedule was not disrupted and as per the School’s and the Ministry of Education’s Code of Conduct, normal procedures will be followed.”

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  1. San George says:

    Hope it was his good hand. Big-up to the teacher. Bet he will not do that again.

    • Cup of tea anyone? says:

      Do what exactly?

    • O-O says:

      Does he have a BAD HAND? What did he do as you seem to know so much?
      I don’t condone students fighting teachers in anyway but we don’t know who the aggressor was nor do we know if the student even retaliated.All he says is that it was an altercation. Teachers today are fed up with some students and don’t have the patience to deal with their issues and sometimes this is the outcome….sad but true!

      • .... says:

        I am a student at the Berkeley institute , the male did not lay a hand on the teacher nor said anything disrespectful.

        The teacher expressed her opinion and said something about his mother . So he walked to her and was asking “are you serious are you serious ” & her reaction was to pick up a bladed article and so called “stab” him.

        • Lenny Avery says:

          aka student approaching teacher in threatening manner aka student retaliation

          “Felt threatened”
          “acted in self defense”

          Be interesting to see where this goes.

        • Rose says:

          Interesting that getting up from ones seat during class and being in a teacher’s face is not considered disrespectful. Also interesting that a female teacher would pick up scissors for little reason. I think there is more to this story but knowing you kids you will back up each other.

        • Cup of tea anyone? says:

          Bs. That is not what happened
          But if that is what happened, walking over to the teacher in an aggressive manner is a threatening gesture and self defence is warranted

    • Speaking truth only says:

      @San George:

      You have no clue as to the circumstances of the incident, but you sit and pass judgement – just like you Bermudians. I pray that you “get a grip” before I do – plain and simple.

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        “but you sit and pass judgement – just like you Bermudians”

        Looks like San George isn’t the only one passing judgement and needing to get a grip.

    • Terry says:

      Teacher better be more aware from now on.
      And check her bike/car more often.


  2. fsbob says:

    Lol did the teacher stab him?

  3. TimBuc says:

    Female teacher male student!! No brainier here just hang out around the bus depot in the mornings and afternoons. Some of my folks children have no respect plus I don’t need to hear two sides to every story. Proof is in the freaking pudding.

    • This Guy says:

      How are you going to say that when you have no idea what happened within the school. You dont know what the circumstances was….

    • Speaking truth only says:


      Your comments proves to me that our society has a long way to go indeed. The student in question is known to me, thus your assumption to the details of the situation based on “female teacher/male student” is full of complete crap. Stick to whatever it is that you actually do and leave this to the persons who actually know about it.

  4. boop says:

    Keep the end in view

  5. Positive Pessimist says:

    We can’t really comment until we know all the details.

  6. The facts are not known to the Bermuda public, at this time.Educators have a protocol to adhere to and so do students.
    If protocols ARE NOT ADHERED TO BY EITHER PARTY…….there could be serious consequences for either party or BOTH.
    It is sad that the media felt compelled to mention the name of the school.
    There is NO UTOPIA in any school in this country. Saltus, B.H.S. and the like….. HAVE DIFFICULTIES TOO!!The public rarely hears about their serious difficulties.

    • Skittles says:

      If the schools you mentioned had an incident in which a student received a cut. I’m sure it would be news too. Clean your house, and then you caqn expect others too as well

    • Stargazer says:

      A student receiving a cut at school is a serious matter and should be reported to the school and handles JUST the way it is being handled. This is not about the school, it’s about the KID. Read it again, he’s 17!!!!
      If it happened ANYWHERE on this island, it would be reported.

    • Whimsical says:

      Join the club because Cedarbridge ALWAYS gets mentioned if there is an incident…..

  7. Dennikia says:

    I am a student of the Berkeley institute! And no one really knows what happen besides him and her…! They can say this and this happen but really and truly no one has any evidence of what really took place in that room! I mean the boy is a friend of mine yah.. He has his ways just like everyone else does in this island but no one deserves that! it’s really no ones fault for what happened!!.. Things happen in life is just how we handle it and the boy just needs love an support and so does the lady!

  8. No laughing matter says:

    Per channel 9 news at 7pm, the male student was shoving the female teacher. She felt threatened and defended herself.

    • Whimsical says:

      The News(if you want to call it that) OFTEN reports with inaccuracies and missing pieces…….

  9. mmm says:

    Teaching can be lots of fun, at times it can be very trying, at the end of the day if most students have made a measure of progress that gives you a degree of satisfaction. Now and then a student can present a challenge, in this case someone has been injured, fortunately nothing too serious. Autho rities will look into the situation, take statements, check CCTV and follow ing all this will decide what is next. These situations can happen very, very quickly with hardly any time to call for help, and if help was called it may have been a long time coming. It is difficult to wait for the out-come, particularly for the student who has to get back to class, it is trou bling for the teacher who is in a crisis mode at this time, and for the par ents do try and let the authorities do their job and get all the help that is available to assist your child to get the best education possible, if your child did say something or do something out of the way then you will have to consider that as well, there is no quick fix here.

  10. Malayjha says:

    Before making any assumptions wait for a more detailed story

  11. Ann says:

    Good for the teacher! Hope she gets an award, kids are way to disrespectful today. I will be waiting for the comment, but he is such a good boy.

  12. His Friends says:

    We think as his friends that these comments are ridiculous. None of you should be making assumptions about him or the situation. In fact, the fact that you grown adults are making these assumptions is quite childish. You as responsible adults should know that you can never make assumptions until you know the full story. He is a respectable boy who doesn’t cause trouble, so please stop with the negative comments against him.

    • Terry says:

      Shoving his teacher around?

      You will do great when you graduate into Gang Land.

      • His Friends says:

        Can you explain how pushing leads to gangs please?

    • Rose says:

      They said he pushed her on the news last night. So it is hard for people not to draw conclusions based on that.

  13. Berkeley Institute has hundreds of smart, gifted, talented. positive goal-oriented, clever students.
    Berkeley also has top educators who are committed to students’ excellence. The educators at Berkeley Institute CARE about the students’ lives and their career pathways to great success.
    The Bermuda public MUST NOT allow one incident to mar/scar their thoughts of the great accomplishments made and will continue to be made at The BERKELEY INSTITUTE.

  14. misunderstood says:

    No I do not know the full story. But the point I am trying to make is we as adults are supposed to lead by example. Whether a student shouts at a teacher whatever the case may be there are ways to deal with things.

  15. wahoo says:

    Is he the same one that doesn’t use the sidewalk?

  16. We must do better says:

    I’m sorry maybe I missed the memo that stated that he had a weapon or was physically assaulting her!!!! Teachers and students argue all the time (not saying its right) but who is the adult in the situation? She needs to be more responsible as an ADULT & A TEACHER. She could have walked away and called security to have him escorted to office. Where in the teachers manual does it give them the right to use scissors as weapon to harm a child? Well she better be glad it wasnt my child!!!! And also is this teacher local? IF NOT SHE NEEDS TO BE SENT HOME NOW WITHOUT COMPENSATION!!!!

  17. Thinking says:

    Stand Up Teachers