Youthvision Assembly At Berkeley Institute

December 5, 2018

[Written by Patrick Bean]

A special assembly of Berkeley Institute S3 students were given an informal treat on Tuesday afternoon, with former Progressive Labour Party [PLP] leader Marc Bean offering defining words of advice to a packed gathering and capturing in rapt and curious attention the precious young minds that are the Bermuda’s future.

A guest of event facilitators Youthvision Productions, which employed Berkeley faculty member Oladapo Frederick to assist in bringing forth the organisation’s founded message and active movement of anti-violence, Mr. Bean questioned, received, analysed and advised on the topic currently burdening some the Island’s youth relevant to a burgeoning sector of young people engaged in detrimental anti-social behaviour.

Offering the storied reality of man possessing ‘twin minds’-conscience-with opposing objectives producing differing life consequences depending on which voice of conscience every individual chooses to listen to and obey.

Crucial in the scenario Mr. Bean stressed was the ability of the individual to ignore the loud voice that often suggests towards high risk and potential debilitating danger, while the other points toward actions creative of longer-term, sustainable life that also encourages the same in others.

Berkeley Special Assembly Bermuda Dec 5 2018

“These voices do not and cannot speak at the same time and they speak to different volumes and tenor, with one very loud and demanding, while the other is quiet but no less resolute,” explained Mr. Bean in address. “The loud voice will suggest you go left and arrive quicker but the route is perilous, while the other a perhaps longer but safer, sustainable way forward and which voice we heed and it is for each of you and us to choose.

“I am going to give you the master key and tell you what may be concealed as a secret, in that as one is able to seize control of their own conscience that is the God in them, then one is able to capture and possess real and true power over life and destiny.

“Do not be mistaken, there are systems out there [in society] that are designed to confuse you and keep you in a state of confusion and control … but if you can control these two ‘minds’ you yourself have the power to discern and overcome.”

While Mr.Bean delivered the keynote address other guest speakers were also featured and announced by several class leaders under the guidance of Mr. Frederick, including Youthvision founder and creator of Visionz Magazine, an anti-violence contented publication, who spoke to his own experiences and acting out as a result of his being raised under the influence of a crack and heroin addicted mother, absent father, is consequent delve into behavioural problems which were capped off by the shooting death of a close relative due to gang violence.

Antonio Belvedere likewise shared his own experiences in the context of lives lost to street violences and vices, whereby his life’s work is toward the rescuing and support of those remaining in the aftermath, particularly the children left innocently deprived and disadvantaged.

At the end students were encouraged to communicate questions and statements regarding their current plight growing up in the modern day that might be answered or used as topics in upcoming editions of Visionz, as well as being incorporated among the function of Youthvision to move forward with armed and active message of positive social assertion.

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