Reg Grundy’s Legacy Remembered After Passing

May 10, 2016

Television production magnate Reg Grundy – who was Bermuda resident — is being remembered for his accomplishments in the industry.

The media mogul, who died at the age of 92, was responsible for such internationally successful Australian-produced shows as ”The Restless Years”, “The Young Doctors”, “Prisoner” and “Neighbours” as well as a slew of game show formats - including “Sale of the Century” – which have also been exported around the world.

A story in the Guardian said, “Grundy was the father of Australian television, whose prolific output included the soap Neighbours, which 30 years later is still selling the idea of a sunny, suburban Australia to the world.”

“When Grundy died at 92 in Bermuda on Monday two of his shows – Family Feud and the Prisoner remake Wentworth – were picking up gongs at the Logies in Melbourne.”

A story in Australia’s Huffington Post said, “The pioneering Aussie executive has been remembered as a genius in the field who had a knack for picking winning ideas and gave many famous faces a start in the business.

“He passed away in the “arms of his beloved wife Joy” on their Bermuda estate, broadcaster Alan Jones said on 2GB radio on Monday.

“The famous TV boss, who spent much of his later life based on the Caribbean island, began his career in television in the 1950s developing radio game show Wheel of Fortune which was subsequently adapted for the small screen.”

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  1. paperboy says:

    I wish to extend my condolences to Mr. Grundy’s family and friends for their loss.

    I did not know Mr. Grundy personally and yet I knew his work at the Bermuda airport. He clearly cared deeply for our island home as demonstrated by the way he captured the beauty of The Bermuda Longtail through his lens.

    I look forward to hearing many more stories about this man and his legacy who for many years called Bermuda home.