Bermuda Domain Name Registration System

June 15, 2016

The new Bermuda domain name registration system will allow for payments to be made online via credit card, with payments to include both the initial registration fee of $100 and the annual renewal fee of $65.

This will be a change from the current system, in which payments are made either in person at the Registry General Office or via direct bank deposit.

This was contained in the reply from Minister of Home Affairs Patricia Gordon-Pamplin to Parliamentry Questions from Shadow Finance Minister David Burt.

When asked about the money spent and progress to date, the Minister said, “For the fiscal year 2015/16 the amount of $55,000 for capital acquisition had been allotted to the Registry General Department for the purchase of a new domain name registration system.

“To date $10,000 of the funds allocated have been paid to Afilias Ltd. [the vendor of the new system]. Under the Registry Services Agreement a $10,000 set-up fee was required upon the signing of the contract. On 28 August 2015 the contract was duly signed by the Registry General and Afilias.

“Weekly conference calls are held each Wednesday between the Registry General, ITO and Afilias Ltd. to discuss and understand polices and processes with the migration of data and the implementation of the new system.

“The go live date had been pushed back due to issues with data extraction which has been frustrating and time consuming. The projected date of completion is 30th June.

“Under the current system payments for a .BM domain name are made either in person at the Registry General Office or via direct deposit to an account held at HSBC.

“Once the new system has been installed, all payments will be made online via credit card. Payments include both the initial registration fee of $100 and the annual renewal fee of $65.”

The full Parliamentry Questions follow below [PDF here]:

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  1. The Original Truth™ says:

    WOW! $100 for a .bm when most .com cost only a few dollars. I think I will stick with my .com since it makes absolutely no difference to a domain’s success that has a .bm instead.

  2. Steve says:

    So what about actually being able to manage your domain as in be able to point it to a new website for example, will there be a way of doing so through an online account once the domain has been purchased?

    • Hmm says:

      You need to point a domain to a set of Name servers. Same with ANY other domain in the world. That’s how it works, .Bm is no different.

      • Needs tools says:

        I think that the poster means that there should be tools on the web site to change the primary DNS servers rather than sending faxes.
        I hope that this is the case.

        As for the pricing .bm is not a valuable domain. It does not say “Bermuda.” It does not hi-light the island.

        It’s an acronym for a bodily function. Hardly worth $100.

  3. Hoolieh says:

    You’ll see a decline in the .BM registration. Not a smart policy when you can buy other extension for a fraction of the price!

  4. Just Saying says:

    This whole policy is being pushed by people that are not in the industry. I realise that government needs to raise money but the fees on domain names are forcing Bermuda companies to use .com instead of .bm which will have to opposite effect.

    In the last three months I know of at least 4 major new Bermuda internet ventures that have made the .com decision for this very reason.

    The Bermuda government needs to get with it.

  5. Onion says:

    What a ripoff.

  6. Lol…we have to pay you to pay you…perposterous.
    A bank account has more security , and we all have them.
    This is called online transfer…lol…and you should try it….cause no one can afford parking in Hamilton….or fuel to get there…hah hah hah…you have heard of bank transfer haven’t you….hee hee hee …oh my….sorry …I will not pay you… To pay you…that would defeat the purpose of paying you promptly…when me paying you promptly costs money…something is fishy …and you know …if it smells like fish…and tastes like fish then guess what?
    It is fish indeed.
    You know what?
    They say if you cook sushi…it tastes just like fish!
    How bout the smell of squids left in a bucket for three days or so…you know…when it goes pinky red…mmmmmmm good huh?
    That is what paying you to pay you is.