July 19: Traffic Controls To Be On Harbour Road

July 18, 2016

BELCO said  they wish to advise motorists that crews will be carrying out overhead and underground work on Harbour Road, between Chapel Road and Valley Road, on Tuesday, July 19th from 9am to 5pm.

“Traffic controls will be in place. With the exception of residential access, it is recommended that motorists use alternative routes,” a spokesperson said. 

“BELCO thanks motorists for their patience and apologizes for any inconvenience while this essential work is carried out.”

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  1. sage says:

    Essential work? Removing wires from the poles to improve the view for one house is “essential”? Can everyone else do this now too? They better be paving the entire road smooth like the driveway, that patch work is atrocious.

    • real investigation says:

      Agree, that trench repair is dangerous!

      • sage says:

        How exactly does one go about getting Belco and I guess cablevision, wires put into a trench in the middle of one lane of a main road which falls under Ministry of Works, just to be the only home near road level, with “wireless” vistas? Belco spokesperson?? Explanation please. Gummint? Hello? Some transparency would be nice.

  2. J says:

    I agree. can i get wire’s put under please?

    • jo jo says:

      you follow procedure (NOTHING NEW I CAN ASSURE YOU ) and PAY FOR it –it is worth every penny — see now you have a little project and something usefull to do — follow up accordingly with the services you want underground and liase with everyone to get them all on board for one date and time that should keep you little mind busy for the rest of the year

      • J says:

        So are you going to compensate the months of time people where late to work children late for school.. are you going to pay me for my time so you can have a View? BEACUSE I CAN TELL YOU… IT HAS NOT BEEN ONE DATE! also i find your comment rude!

      • sage says:

        One date? That wouldn’t have been bad, this spot has been restricted to single lane traffic, multiple days over the last few months, inconveniencing thousands of people, why is BELCO calling it “essential”. And jo jo, punctuation is a procedure too.

  3. Y-Gurl says:

    Must admit that’s the worst asphalt job I’ve seen for a long time