Photos: Vineyard Vines Store Opens In Hamilton

July 13, 2016

Last weekend Premier Michael Dunkley cut the ribbon as A.S. Cooper & Sons unveiled their new Vineyard Vines store at 27 Front Street, which marks the first overseas stand-alone location selling Vineyard Vines.

The company — known for its preppy line of clothing and smiling pink whale logo – was founded in 1998 on Martha’s Vineyard by brothers Shep and Ian Murray.

Bermuda Vineyard Vines Opening Hamilton 2016 July (12)

A.S. Cooper & Sons Ltd first started selling the Vineyard Vines brand about 10 years ago in their Men’s store. The business steadily grew over the years fostering a close relationship with the Murray brothers.

During a visit to the island with his family three years ago, Shep Murray suggested that Cooper’s consider opening a freestanding location saying,“We thought it would be a hit with both tourists and locals alike but at the time we didn’t have the right location available.”

Bermuda Vineyard Vines Opening Hamilton 2016 July (10)

“Once Vineyard Vines became the ‘Official Style of the America’s Cup’, it made sense for us to relocate our Children’s Department to the 2nd floor of our Main Store and renovate the space at 27 Front Street to capitalize on the opportunity,” Coopers said.

Coopers were assisted with design, planning, sourcing and manufacturing of the fixtures and fittings by Vineyard Vines. Cooper’s used Ocean Interiors led by Mike Baker to do the demolition and re-fit.

Bermuda Vineyard Vines Opening Hamilton 2016 July (15)

“Everything had to be done to a very high standard with great attention to detail so we had Ocean Interiors team up with Bothelo Wood Architecture to execute the job. We knew from our shop-fit last year at Astwood Dickinson that these guys could pull it off in a short timeframe,” said Mr Cooper.

A beautiful gloss white coffered ceiling, wainscotted white shelving fixtures and light pine flooring give the shop a spacious New England beach house feeling.

Nautical decor is seen throughout the shop culminating in the cash wrap desk disguised as a fishing boat transom. A giant Teddy Tucker shipwreck map is displayed above with permission from the Tucker family and gives the store its unique local flavour.

Bermuda Vineyard Vines Opening Hamilton 2016 July (2)

The merchandise for men, woman and children is decidedly preppy and feature a bright color palette. Plenty of graphic tee shirts featuring the whimsical whale are available including exclusive designs just for Bermuda. Their America’s Cup collection is also available.”

Speaking at the official opening, Kim White, Chairman, Board of Directors of A.S. Coopers Limited, said, “This bold new venture is the result of the creative effort of Somers Cooper and James Boyce, Directors and our vendor partner Vineyard Vines.

Bermuda Vineyard Vines Opening Hamilton 2016 July (11)

“I think that you will agree with me, once you go inside, that they have created a store that is bold and colorful. A store that is a modern setting, with a product mix, to suit our customer’s desires. I thank them and the many members of our staff and Vineyard Vines staff who have worked countless hours to bring to life this store.

“We say a special thanks to Wendy Tucker who has granted permission to use her father Teddy Tuckers wreck map in the store.

Bermuda Vineyard Vines Opening Hamilton 2016 July (1)

“Retail in Bermuda for the last 8 years has been, to put it mildly, a struggle. You may then ask why have we made this substantial investment, and also in the 2 new stores we have opened earlier this week, the Americas Cup Store and the Astwood Dickinson Store, in the Hamilton Princess and the new shop in shop with our vendor Bremont Watches in Astwood Dickinson.

“We have done so, because we believe, that Bermuda is turning the corner and that the Bermuda Government is creating an economy in which businesses can grow. Their success in winning the America Cup 2017 together with a number of other government initiatives are helping to grow the economy and have given our customers confidence to be consumers again.

Bermuda Vineyard Vines Opening Hamilton 2016 July (4)

“Vineyard Vines is the official life style sponsor of the America Cup 2017 and we thank them for their support of this great global sporting event the Americas Cup 2017.

“This is Vineyard Vines first overseas store and we are honored, that they have chosen A.S. Cooper Limited as their partners in this exciting new store,” added Mr White.

Bermuda Vineyard Vines Opening Hamilton 2016 July (16)

The store will be open from Monday through Saturday from 10am – 6pm and from 1pm until 5 pm on Sunday.

Two Bermudian senior sales staff and three Bermudian junior sales staff have been hired to operate the store, and ongoing training by Vineyard Vines is expected.

- Photos courtesy of Into Bermuda/Kondwani Williams

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  1. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    Finally a place that I can get some decent yachting clothing. Took long enough. Thank you A. S. Coopers!

  2. watching says:

    more photo opps Mr. premier.
    Hope you didn’t have to vote on anything at the opening!

    Congrats to Vineyard Vines. I love the store.

  3. openmind says:

    Do the FOREIGN staff who are training them have temporary work permits? Did they have to pay duty on all fixtures imported to the island?

    • Factual says:

      Haters gonna hate. I pity you and everyone that deals with you. What a miserable existence you have. Sad. Pathetic.

    • Vamos says:

      Most Bermudians that are out of work are unemployable my friend.

    • Why says:

      Who cares? As long as they actually have training and can offer good customer service. Unlike many places….

    • Teresa says:

      I can tell you they ALL had permits.Thanks for asking.

  4. sage says:

    Drinking on the job, fantastic. Dunks legs tho…

  5. Factual says:

    Where are the complainers about America’s Cup only benefitting certain members of society??? Looks to me like lots of locals were paid good money to get this store up and running…not to mention the locals who will be running it day to day!!
    Thank you America’s Cup and OBA!!

  6. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Who would really shop there though…too expensive and just for people who like to pop their double collars :( . What’s with all the franchises coming to Bermy recently too?!

    • .am says:

      Cost is relative. There’s no such thing as ‘too expensive’.

      • sage says:

        And moronic acceptance of obscene profit margins/markups is why prices keep going up.

  7. Peter N Cooper says:

    To Jus’Wondering,
    All the prices are USA Retail prices you actually save Money buying in Bermuda no sales tax to deal with, I’d say that’s a good deal

    • Curious Bermudian says:

      except for the fact that most items in the store are the sale items online!

  8. George says:

    This is the the best thing that has happened to Bermuda retail for some time.

  9. double 7 single niner says:

    Fantastic store. James and Bradley were such a help when I visited on Saturday!

  10. Kath Heytink says:

    As a long time visitor I prefer to shop where I can buy Bermuda made goods – not in stores you can find anywhere. Please don’t let Bermuda become just another Caribbean Island.

    I run a Facebook group called Bermuda Bound and the thing people like the most about Bermuda is that it’s different, and the people are so warm, welcoming and friendly. They do not need “training” in US retail ways.

  11. Daylilly says:

    Kath. Looks like you’ve given the most helpful post. Particularly, since the retailer may be reading the comments. I hear tourists say that they prefer to come to Bermuda and see and experience the locals working in the various places they visit. Some can be sassy but that becomes as much of the experience as the pink sand.

    Good to hear that Bermudians are still Bermuda’s best natural resource.