Video: Singer Jah Cure Arrives In Bermuda

July 22, 2016

[Updated with video] Reggae star Jah Cure arrived in Bermuda this afternoon [July 22], flying in via a private jet and saying it is great “to back in paradise”.

On his arrival, Jah Cure said he “loves Bermuda” and it was great “to back in paradise”. He said there are many festivals being held all over the world this weekend, but “I want to be in Bermuda. It’s time for Bermuda.”

Jah Cure in Bermuda, July 22 2016-1

The Jamaican singer has a string of hits including ‘Love Is’, ‘Longing For’ and ‘Call On Me’, and is one of the artists set to be featured at the Cup Match Summer Splash events, which will take place on July 23 and July 27 at Par La Ville Car Park in the City of Hamilton.

Tickets can be purchased online at and for more information visit the show’s website.

Cupmatch Summersplash Bermuda July 5 2016

Update 5.30pm: After arriving the singer stopped by Digicel to attend a ‘meet and greet’ with fans.


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  1. YAHOO!!

    • Nice that you chose Bermy, maybe because it was de biggest paycheque, but I aint hating on de game.
      Just Boom de place with Collie Buds.

  2. Wow says:

    Never heard of him.

    • Bermy. The. End says:

      U probably not meant to be living in Bermuda if you don’t know who Jah Cure is. A HA!

      • Wow says:

        You’re right because Bermudians do tend to have horrible taste in music.

        • Bermy.The.End says:


          • Wow says:

            Tell me where is Jah Cure on the billboard hot 100? Oh that’s right he’s not there. Bye ashy!

        • Thinking says:

          Your an a$$

          • Wow says:

            You’re* You see this is why you need to listen to real music! Maybe then you’d actually have a firm grasp of the English language.

        • Thinking says:

          Wow/a$$ what is good music? ?????????????????

      • bee says:

        I am born and well bred Bermudian my son. I ain’t never heard of him neither. Doesn’t mean I don’t wish everyone a great time at the concert. be safe.

    • WHAT? says:

      Must be one of them work permit people if you don’t know who Jah is!

      • bee says:

        wow. showing your true UN-Bermudian spirit there dude.

      • Wow says:

        Wrong. Just not a follower who listens to crap music to fit in.

        • sage says:

          You are clearly a moron to classify a highly respected genre of music as crap, and I bet you are a true sheep in all your doings, including music choices. Please inform us of the approved-listening music you’re promoting.

          • Wow says:

            You sound upset. Again I ask where is this rapist on the billboard hot 100? Nowhere to be found. Get better taste in music, you idiotic sheep.

  3. frank says:

    please can the promoters bring us something else apart from reggae
    it like every time a holiday rolls around they only bring in a reggae show
    like what is wrong with some rnb some smooth jazz or even some hip hop
    Bermuda is not jamaica

    • Bermy. The. End says:

      Bermuda is not America either. Bermuda is Bermuda and round here we listen to reggae music.

    • Wow says:

      Because they can’t afford real talent. These z-list reggae and soca artists only charge $5,000 and probably a bottle of henny to do a show.

    • Thinking says:

      Put your own show on and bring who you want

  4. Doug says:

    A good portion of the artists have to come in via private jet because they are ex cons and can’t travel through the USA

  5. j says:


  6. Kathy says:

    Love these reggae artists. They are all love and peace! We need him right now!

  7. Jah_Yout says:

    Love Jah Cure, seen him live twice; but do they have to keep bringing him here over and over? Its gwtting boring! Same reggae artist year after year. Bring some soca artist, hip-hop, rap, or rnb singers/rappers.

  8. CLOSE YA MOUTH!! says:

    Welcome! Cure again, come to give us more again!! This show will be nothing but “good vibes” can’t wait until tonight!!! #jahcure #summersplash16

  9. bdaboy says:

    Once again, Bermuda welcomes hate mongers who have been banned from entering the U.S. and have served many years in jail for rape.

    Stay classy. Bermuda :)

    “This reservoir of hatred has a long list of artists to its credit.

    In 2010, the United States Government did the right thing. The visa of some of the main offenders producing the music hate, such as Sizzla, Malvado, Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Busy Signal, Vybz Kartel, and Jah Cure, were denied. “

  10. bdaboy says:

    “Despite the seriousness of his crimes, Cure was granted bail of JM$20,000 (£175) following his arrest. He continued touring Jamaica, Bermuda and Trinidad until he was sentenced in April 1999, for two counts of rape, robbery with aggravation, and illegal possession of a firearm.”