Two Arrests, Counterfeit Money & Weapon Found

July 25, 2016

Two males have been arrested after police found an “undisclosed amount of counterfeit currency and a prohibited weapon,” and in a separate incident a driver attempting to drive off had her vehicle “drop to one side” as someone had removed the car’s rear tire.

Person Removes Tire From Car

A police spokesperson said, “At approximately 10:51am police received a report from a complainant who stated that between 5:10pm Friday and 10:45am on Saturday in the area of TCD parking lot on North Street, it appears that someone jacked up her car and removed the rear passenger side tire.

“When the driver unknowingly attempted to drive off her vehicle dropped to one side. Police are appealing to anyone who may having any information that can assist police with this matter to please call CIU on 2950011.”

Two Arrests Made, Counterfeit Currency & Prohibited Weapon Found

A police spokesperson said, “Meanwhile, on Sunday at 4:29pm police were on mobile patrol on North Street in Hamilton when they had reason to stop a motorcar for a minor traffic infraction.

“Once the vehicle was stopped and searched police found an undisclosed amount of counterfeit currency and a prohibited weapon. Both of the male occupants were arrested and detained.”

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  1. Terry says:

    Maybe we need more traffic stops for minor offences.
    Might even find Governor Sharples third murderer and the missing $800 million……….
    Happy Cop Metch.

  2. Miguelito says:

    Counterfeit, huh? If these guys are doing this in Bermuda, it can’t be too hard to spot. And a weapon, too. Not too bright. Lock ‘em up, even if they divulge where the phony money came from. That’s a serious charge, boys.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Last week in the court news there was a guy caught with $500 in counterfeit 50s just driving around in his car as casually as can be.
      He claimed that it was the proceeds from an ‘anonymous customer’ who bought a gold chain from him that he had just sold . After the fact , he realized that only 2 of the $50 notes were real , the rest were bogus but he was ‘too afraid’ to turn them in .. HAHAHAHA

      These crooks learn from an early age and have their excuses and alibis lined up long before they are caught . I wonder where they learn this behavior from ?

  3. Point boy says:

    Cup Match time in Bermuda.

    Have fun. Be safe. Look out for the one next to you.

    Jam Bermuda!

    • Andrew W says:

      Need the counterfeit cash for crown and anchor.