Ministry: Reminder To Trim Overhanging Trees

August 12, 2016

The Ministry of Public Works said they would like to “remind the public that owners of property adjacent to a road are responsible for trimming back overhanging trees and hedges on their properties to stop vegetation from projecting into the roadways or sidewalks.”

“Overhanging trees and hedges can cause safety hazards to road users including obstructed visibility, injury to pedestrians, pedal-cyclists and bike riders and damage to bus and truck windscreens and injury to waste collection personnel,” a spokesperson said.

“The Highways Section’s road cleaning teams make every effort to clear vegetation on roads and overhanging foliage around the Island, particularly after storms and heavy rain, and try to be responsive to any problems that are reported, however overhanging vegetation is normally the responsibility of the adjoining landowner given the over handing vegetation is on their property. Where there is government land adjacent to the roadway, the road cleaning crew will control those areas.

“Vegetation needs to be kept clear of a public road for a height not less than 4.9 metres [16 feet and 1 inch] above the surface of the carriageway or 3 metres [9 feet 10 inches] above the surface of a pedestrian walkway or verge.

“Where the problems are reported, property owners will be asked to trim back their vegetation. The public should be aware that if such informal requests are not actioned, the Ministry has the power to serve a statutory nuisance abatement notice.

“The Ministry of Public Works is requesting the public’s full cooperation in promoting safer roads and a better environment by encouraging them to cut back vegetation along their property frontages with the public roads.

“This effort will grant the road cleaning teams the opportunity to focus their road cleaning and maintenance responsibilities along Government-owned properties at a faster pace.

“Currently the road cleaning teams have been granted additional working hours per day to help cut back vegetation along the public roads.”

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  1. San George says:

    Shut the entire place down! Harrington Sound Road near Tom Moore’s is embarrassing. The number of roads with over-grown foliage is unprecedented. Who is managing this place that is supposed to be a tourist attraction?

  2. JR Smith says:

    well isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black..

  3. C. Griffin says:

    There are some very,very thick overhanging brances of an old tree on Middle Rd Smith, on the corner west of Mosquito Hill. It is an attractive sight but if these branches were to crack and break in a strong wind, it would be disastrous. They need to be cut back from the road before there is a tragedy.

  4. O.M.G says:

    I say they should give the property owners a warning and if they don’t cut them public works cut them and send them the bill. They need to be held accountable. Keep Bermuda beautiful people have some pride.

    • Proud Bermudian says:

      I don’t agree. I think that those who have offending foliage should be given a warning, then a fine, then another even higher fine weekly until the situation is corrected. I have had to call a neighbour a number of times to say that his overgrown trees are scratching up my car. Because he does not travel along this part of his property, he does not see its condition, however the person he employs to maintain it does know. I have had to trim the area back myself at times! There is also an abandoned property that has hedges growing into a lane that I use daily, & I’ve cut them back as well at times. Get a relative to do it or hire someone who is in need of work to help you. The road crews have enough to do without having to maintain others’ property! It unfairly transfers the burden to the road crews; if you can afford to have the property, you can afford to maintain it to the standards needed for public safety!

  5. Real truth says:

    Try driving along Ord road west! If it gets worst than this, we’re finished!