Video: Sports Minister On Rio Olympic Games

August 13, 2016

“We’re a small country with a small population and our athletes really punch above their weight”, Sports Minister Sylvan Richards said, adding that he is very proud of Bermuda’s Olympic team.

The Minister is at the Rio Olympics where Bermuda is being represented by an 8-strong team: Tre Houston in the 200m, Tyrone Smith in the long jump, Julian Fletcher in swimming, Rebecca Heyliger in swimming, Shelley Pearson in rowing, Cameron Pimentel in sailing, Ceci Wollmann in sailing, and Flora Duffy in triathlon.

Speaking with the Bermuda Broadcasting Company’s Patrick Singleton, Minister Richards said, “I’m excited to be here. As the Sports Minister for Bermuda, it’s been very exciting for me personally.

“It’s my first Olympic Games and my first time in Rio. I’ve tried my best to meet with most of our athletes and I’ve tried my best to get to all of the events.”

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“Our athletes have performed very well. We’re a small country with a small population, our athletes really punch above their weight, I’m very proud of them.

“I had the pleasure and the honour to tour the Olympic Village yesterday and meet some of our athletes prior to their competition.

“I’m leaving Rio on Sunday, so I’m not going to be here to see most of the athletic events, but it’s been a wonderful experience.”

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  1. Thinker says:

    Nice choice in jacket there Minister

    • Sp says:

      Just keep him off d track cause his not a spring chicken.

  2. Smh says:

    What a waste . If you feel like somebody has to go then send a former Olympian or Bermuda sports coach but this just seems like a free vacation to me

    • Onion Juice says:

      Damn I should run for politricks

    • Patrick Singleton says:

      It is important that sports ministers attend the Olympics to support their athletes, meet with other sports ministers and administrators from around the world, learn the latest best practices and systems to help promote and develop sport in their respective countries. Not sending a nations top political and administrative sporting officials to the Olympics is a bad idea.

  3. drunken ursula says:

    yeah that’s the party minister…you all talk about the PLP…lol

  4. Where is the Bermuda jacket says:

    Just two questions
    1. If you are representing Bermuda why do you have on a Oracle USA jacket?
    2. Who is the protocol officer for Bermuda, as this is a major error?

    • ShaShaPretty says:

      If you would have been following on Facebook, you would see that Minister Richards has been absolutely rockin’ Bermuda gear and waving the Bermuda flag to the fullest, on jumbo trons and all…So what he had on his Oracle jacket, which the interviewer did touch on; He is still promoting Bermuda. No need for a PR rep on this one…Lol

  5. Pay Attention Bda says:

    If you representing bermuda as a minister. You should be wearing a coat with Bermuda on it. Not Americas cup..smh. Bermudians never get right! How embrassing! Like you want people to know where your from, when you go places like that!

  6. Longtail says:

    Another question “Where is the Bermuda jacket”:
    Where did this flag come from? It is not an accurate representation of Bermuda’s flag… the red diagonal should NOT be centred on the wider white diagonal cross.

  7. Wray says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is with the Jacket it’s not like he’s at a ceremony. He’s giving an interview on the street late at night. If anything he’s wearing the jacket to promote the Americas Cup which will be hosted in Bermuda. If you bothered listening to the Interview it sounds like he’s been mostly around the water rats.

  8. John says:

    I hope he let everyone know that Bermuda does not support equality

  9. Meh. says:

    Lol where did he get that knock-off flag?