MOVE: After Considering Facts, We Still Say No

September 21, 2016

“After considering the facts we still say no, because we are not satisfied that our Finance Minister has worked hard enough to bring to the table alternatives that we know exist,” the MOVE group said.

The statement from MOVE said, “Bermuda’s Finance Minister Bob Richards has outlined the reasons why the route with Aecon was decided upon to redevelop the L.F. Wade International Airport.

“We would like to find common ground as we need an architecturally custom designed building and facility that captures the culture and island appeal of Bermuda with modern technical features at Kindley Field in St. George’s. Something we can be proud of, but this is where common ground ends.

“We don’t need an airport with a mini golf course nor a swimming pool. We do not need an airport like an alien housing complex which has no Bermudian features or flavor, and we certainly don’t need an airport that would be run for over thirty years by a company that is foreign, and even after the debt is paid be allowed to stay on after that period for an unspecified number of years.

Video animation showing the planned design for the new airport

“We also find it interesting that even after Bermudians of all walks of life, including those members of the OBA, refuse to accept this deal our Finance Minister continues to be adamant that this is the best deal for Bermuda.

“We have considered our children, grandchildren and the most vulnerable as it relates to where they stand, if we allow this project to take place with Public Education in shambles; the Education Minister unable to give an answer for no Commissioner of Education being in place—and has no idea when; infrastructure of the two bridges and Causeway leading to and coming from our airport falling into a state of disrepair; Tourism no longer a secure job opportunity; racial tensions imploding; Immigration proposals alienating Bermudians; the hollow promise of two thousand jobs; gun violence; illegal drug activity and usage; high rents; high health care costs; continued food increases; seniors’ welfare; a failed Referendum on Same Sex Marriage that has produced no result; and Bermuda needing to borrow three hundred million dollars more on the debt we already have are only some of the issues that offer no hope for a country we deeply care about and call home—yet we find no, or very little, leadership from our Government.

“We read with interest the People’s Campaign Special Report, Larry Burchall’s Report and, yes, the PLP’s Report on the L.F. Wade International Redevelopment Project and although the Finance Minister has chosen to dismiss them with fuzzied numbers, he chooses not to address the timeline of events leading up to the signing of documents that is relevant and the continued unacceptable excuse that he can’t release any information about the deal until it is signed.

“What a bunch of nonsense! Who in their right mind would ever accept that excuse? After being told that this was a ‘done deal” we are now being offered persuasive tactics to accept a deal that has not offered much detail accept for those that have been researched and shared with the country by independent sources other than the Finance Ministry and their collaborators.

2-hour live stream replay of the Public Meeting on the airport project held last month:

“We know that there are alternatives, one of which you never considered or met with the representatives to even discuss. This has become a trust issue and after considering the facts we still say no, because we are not satisfied that our Finance Minister has worked hard enough to bring to the table alternatives that we know exist. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees Mr. Richards.

“Our families are far more precious to us and our country and traditions cherished too much to accept a deal that we are not satisfied with and, of which, full details are not forthcoming, as what we have learned thus far is more shocking as more details emerge. We will not continue to hold our breath for better and we reiterate, that no means no!”

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  1. serengeti says:

    Who is behind MOVE and why should we give a crapola what they think about anything?

  2. Double S says:

    Why don’t they state what ‘alternatives exist?’

    And what do all of the issues they list have to do with redeveloping an airport?

    All those issues existed before and yet there were no groups, like MOVE, protesting their initiation nor customary so called ‘overruns.’

    Where were they when we had $400mn budget deficits? Did their children and grandchildren not matter then?

    • Bald & The Beauty Full says:

      Who cares about $400 million budget deficits. I care more about the $800 million that is listed that can not be unaccounted for. To not know where $800 million went in 14 years ($57 million avg for each year or $4.75 million per month) should tell us all that they were inept or have us all asking who was the magician that ran the show.

      • Factual says:

        Just think, if we had an extra $800 million in the coffers, we COULD HAVE BUILT A NEW AIRPORT FREE AND CLEAR ALREADY.

        Hey “MOVE” – any idea where that money is?

      • drunken ursula says:

        oh please

  3. thief says:

    The PLP, BIU, People’s Campaign and MOVE seems like a lot of opposition.

    • Meh. says:

      Yeah but all those organizations have the same members.

      • Ya, like U.B.P, O.B.A, R.B.Y.C, Bermuda Employers Council, B.E.U.I, National Trust ……….

        • Onion says:

          The active membership in those is in the many hundreds. I have been a member of three of those and there is very little overlap.

      • Toleratate says:

        Read the ten sentence paragraph just under the video…. sound familiar….I know people are allowed to have similar opinions….but really…

    • Walter Burgess says:

      It’s more than likely all one and the same folks. Comes across better I guess if you can make it sound like multiple groups……………..

  4. hmmm says:

    Such a pile of uninformed rumour fed rubbish. Move is the next PLP group that includes the same faces.

    Why do you feel the need to try to trick the public with new masks?

    The new airport terminal design looks great for the future. Raised, 2 level.

    Please outline what alternative you prefer and why. So far I haven’t seen any feasible propositions.

  5. inna says:

    LOL, thanks for the morning laugh. This release is nothing more than a glorified facebook post. It sounds like MOVE just needs to “move on”!

    Further more, why doesn’t MOVE come up with ways and means to tackle the myriad of problems listed as plaguing the island, rather than b!tch, moan and complain!

    Yes means yes!

  6. Remember says:

    Look Bob a certain segment of Bermudians are not going to vote for oba, so just build the airport and let the voters speak the next election. Remember you need 20% of that segment to win the election. Last election they stayed home I can’t wait to see what happens when they come out to vote.

  7. High Road says:

    Please MOVE away and let progress happen.

  8. Widget says:

    Hey MOVE. The best thing for the rest of us is to MOVE forward and build an airport we desperately need and at a cost WE are confident with. Stop thinking your being screwed, that happened over fourteen years on missmanagent.

    MOVING FoRWARD.The best thing for you to do, who ever you are is to MOVE out of the way and stop tryiing to derail a good thing for the majority of this country

    Oh and maybe you could tell us who MOVE is.?

  9. James says:

    Very poorly written statement.

    • Yours for JUSTICE! says:


      You are deaf, dumb and blind to the TRUTH. What is poor is your understanding and interpretation thereof.

      .e-vstry! gtupls!

  10. watching says:

    I don’t understand why staunch OBA supporters and even supporters of this airport deal feel that the airport needs these extra features such as the water feature/pool which will undoubtedly cost money as filters need to run all the time to ensure the water is fresh and that mold etc form in the pool. yes it might be aesthetically pleasing but are there any mechanisms in place to decide what is a need to have versus a nice to have? Also why cant the new facility have even a touch of Bermudian architecture? Currently it seems that the design looks like any airport anywhere.

    • Sincerious says:

      I believe the waters not a “feature ” but in fact the remaining hole (below sea level) that is left from excavating the fill which is the makeup of the airport ground. If they do it correctly they can run culverts directly to the water and natural tidal sea action will keep it fresh . No filters no pumps.
      As for Bermuda architecture what is it you want slate white roof with shutters??? Be real. Make it efficient and easy to maintain.

  11. Spectator says:

    Who is/are MOVE?

  12. Skytrain says:

    I sence there is some Tweed woven into the fabric of this post….

  13. Unbelievable says:

    MOVE – what are the alternatives? How about no airport which means no jobs?

    Look, just because you don’t like the OBA doesn’t mean you need to oppose everything they bring about. This airport is costing the BDA tax payer ZERO and still you moan???? Where were you when the PLP caused the debt?? Oh yeah…hoping things would pan out.

    • What?? says:

      I find it amazing that after all of this tine there are still people who believe that “This airport is costing the BDA tax payer ZERO”.

      • Be smart BDA. says:

        Yes you are right it will cost something but what do you think you are paying for now. Any money being generated by the airport goes into the expenses of running the “old” airport if not more from the tax payers. And if we don’t do anything now we will still be funding an “old” airport 30 years from now. Why not take that SAME MONEY and pay for a new airport. That is the meaning of no extra costs to Bermuda. It’s the same money. It is really that simple. Sure there are some upfront/additional startup costs but long term it is the same. When you have an old car do you not say to yourself after 12 or 15 years that maybe not put anymore money into an old vehicle. Let’s go get a new one. C’mon poeple.

        This is the same people that keep showing up to just tear all Bermudians apart. They enjoy it and they benefit from as well.

        • Johnny says:

          the airport will be an old airport in 30 years. with the type of deal govt have given these guys, what makes you think they will build an airport that will last more than 30 years. then most of you knuckleheads will finally understand that the deal made no sense.

          • Spit Bouy says:

            @ Johnny,

            30 years is not that old for modern structures mate. Many buildings and houses here are still going strong over 30 50 70 years etc after construction so your point is what? Oh yeah you don’t have a sensible point. Duh!!

            Many airports are well over 30 plus years old and still going strong. Ever heard of renovations upgrades etc?? You should get out more or read, try both. As your post is clearly that of a knucklehead I know this will be lost on you. lol

        • What?? says:

          “Any money being generated by the airport goes into the expenses of running the “old” airport if not more from the tax payers.”

          That is just plain and simply WRONG! The “areonautical” and “non-areonautical” revenues that will be handed over to Aecon are currently about $34 million dollars per year greater than the expenses of running the airport. That’s $34 million of profit each year! Do you think Aecon is doing this out of charity? How do you figure they are planning to make money if the airport doesn’t make a profit?

          Under this agreement we are to retain responsibility for airfield maintenance, fire, weather and air traffic control. As well as there electric bill. Responsibilities we currently pay for with the airport revenue we are giving up.

          Educate yourself.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Please do educate yourself too, AECON will not have unlimited access to any profits generated by the airport, only what they will be contractually owed for financing the build until it is paid off. Additionally, the airport doesn’t make $34m in profit a year right now, maybe $34m in revenues, but they are not same thing, unless you use the Burt Mathmatical Formula for Politcal Electioneering.

            • What?? says:

              No. I mean profit. The information is available and clear. Why is it constantly denied.

              Here are the expenditure and revenue figures from this years budget book (in millions). Do the math for yourself!

              Airport expenditure 19,331
              Airport revenue 10,818
              Passenger tax revenue 43,166

  14. Peter says:

    I say leave the airport for the next government (which will be without a doubt PLP) to deal with by then LaWhine Fizzball will be the minister .

  15. hmmm says:

    When the OBA opened up the drawer, there was no money left and huge debts. they have done an incredible job so far, tourism is up, new business are opening up, international and local.

    They had to contend with the downturn in the Reinsurance industry too.

    All this against a backdrop of various PLP emotional driven groups (with the same faces) trying to spread misinformation, play on emotions and disrupt everything. You have to give the OBA credit, it is hard to build a house when people are shouting at you kicking you and stealing your tools.

  16. Spit Bouy says:

    MOVE, who the heck are these jokers??

    Sounds like More, more of the same people namely the PC, BIU, PLP talking more of the same rubbish. What does the airport have to do with bridges, education etc? Nothing.Those issues existed before the airport plan and will likely still exist once it’s built.

    They’re reasoning must be that the money could be better spent in those other areas, you know the money we don’t have anymore because of the PLP years of waste and excess. Pity Move, the PC the BIU and conscientious PLP members decided to look the other way back then.

    OBA get on and build it, but you’d better be ready for the usual suspects protesting & marching and show some guts and stick with it.

  17. serengeti says:

    I wonder if everyone at MOVE has a work permit enabling them to do what they’re doing?

  18. Need Peace says:

    It is apparent that all of those in favor of this redevelopment have no information on this topic whatsoever. It’s sad that people in this island cannot come together on a particular issue without being lumped together with LIKEMINDED GROUPS OR ENTITIES. Actually thats what exactly should happen. Why fight the fight alone?

    MOVE you are doing a great job! Continue the good work and the good fight!! We don’t want or need this airport deal! Make it go out to tender instead of selling everything including our underwear to get it. The Finance Minister is creating more poverty in this island than is necessary.

    What folks fail to realize is, is that there were mistakes made by the previous government but we CANNOT ALLOW or AFFORD for this present government to get it wrong. It CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

    Minister of Finance, Bob Richards the Letter of Entrustment will not be obtained as easy as you think! Thank goodness we have right minded entities that are protecting our interest.

    MOVE, where can I sign up?

    • Double S says:

      Explain, coherently and with actual facts, how this airport deal “is creating more poverty in this island than is necessary.”

      A serious question…your comment makes absolutely not one bit of sense.

      So how does this airport deal equate to local poverty?

    • Spit Bouy says:

      @ Need Peace,

      “… Letter of Entrustment will not be obtained as easy as you think! Thank goodness we have right minded entities that are protecting our interest”.

      Really? So where were those entities during the wasteful years of the PLP? I bet had those entities objected back then you and the aforementioned others would have cried racism, colonialism etc. Laughs.

      It is apparent that many against of this redevelopment have no information nor knowledge on this topic whatsoever. There I fixed it for you. :-)
      All after watching the rain pour through the numerous cracks in the ceiling in my office there at the airport, but please carry on with your own ignorance.

      • What?? says:

        And once again the old and tired “we need a new airport” arguement. Yes! We need a new airport! But that does not in any way, shape or form justify this particular way of getting that new airport!

        • Spit Bouy says:

          @ What??

          And once again the old and tired ‘we don’t want a new airport’ argument by those who would prefer the PLP to build it no matter the cost. So how would you prefer it to be done?.Oh wait maybe we can look at the PLP’s successful tendering processes and copy those. Yawns.

      • Need Peace says:

        Your response to my comment confirms to me that you lack the knowledge of this topic. Google Letter of Entrustment then you’ll know who the entities are. Now make that better!

        • Spit Bouy says:

          @ Need Peace,

          Nope, Your comments confirm that you wouldn’t understand the letter of Entrustment or the reasoning behind it if it was read back to you. As I stated, if those same entities had objected to anything that the PLP had done you would’ve been screaming racism etc. There you go, all better. LMAO

    • asampson says:

      It was a great day getting off the plane down the stairs in the rain. You should have seen the looks on the other passengers faces. Let’s not forget the spectacular features on the way to immigration too…peeling paint, roof leaks.
      The airport need to be replaced.

  19. The Original Truth™ says:

    Bob has made a joke out of Bermuda and his blind followers will be made fools of for many years to come. Only thing worse than being played by a toothless goof is having him broadcast it on public television.

  20. Dan says:

    Hopefully Bermudian artists have been given an opportunity to design and produce artworks for the new airport?
    I only ask because it sure looks like artwork has already been designed and planned for sections -as can be seen in the digital walk through.
    A shame if it has not been offered to Bermudians artists to provide input- reminds me of our present currency designs, and the Lois Browne-Evans Statue…..

    Bermudian artists can provide distinctly Bermudian art, and not the Caribbean-esque “fish and palms” I am seeing in the mockup. Reminds me of Miami International airport…


    • PBanks says:

      I think artwork within the terminal is the least of Bermuda’s worries. The existing facility has no shortage of local works – it stands to reason that the new facility will certainly feature Bermudian portraits, photography, etc.

  21. wahoo says:

    I think MOVE should have hunger strike.

  22. steve says:

    Dear Move

    It seems you are trying to represent yourselves as a concerned group that apposes the airport. Detractors say you are the same ole same ole PLP folk with plugged ears and screaming lets bring back the PLP and NO NO NO.
    Your statement begins with the airport and then branches out with criticism of causeway,tourism,immigration,education … etc.
    With a repeat of those political footballs, you prove the opinion of your detractors while watering down your attempted critism of the airport development. Much like many of the opinion writers on both sides of the political divide that write one sided,predictable and boring opinion pieces.Heck, i admit I just want better reading material if nothing else and this is not it.Education is a lifetime event so to all, do your part and educate us now with quality news material.