Repair Work Is Underway At Innovation House

September 20, 2016

The Directors of Innovation Ltd – Michael Branco, CEO of Fireminds; and Michael Freisenbruch, President of Freisenbruch-Meyer Group – have announced that temporary works have begun at Innovation House to repair the damage caused by the fire on Front Street on July 21.

Innovation House, formerly known as RamRe House, sustained fire and smoke damage, with some parts of the exterior of the building, including the south facing windows, completely destroyed in the blaze.

After further assessment, landlords found water damage and moisture contained within the sub-basement as a residual effect of the fire and rescue efforts.

A slideshow showing the fire and the aftermath


With the demolition of the neighbouring fire damaged building now complete, landlords have utilized the unobstructed access to remove damaged equipment, furnishings, and debris. Some mold has been identified within a contained area of the sub-basement.

Contractors are onsite for immediate removal, extensive treatment and repair of the entire area, and the landlords are “working diligently” to maintain a safe space for all tenants by taking great care when repairing all damaged areas of the building.

When asked about the building, Mr. Freisenbruch said, “We’ve done our utmost to make sure our tenants were able to continue operating as soon as possible after the fire in July.”

“All local businesses situated inside Innovation House were back up and running immediately after the Front Street fire.

Small business owner Kristen Carreiro, owner of Modblu, said she was concerned after learning how the fire had broken out in a neighbouring building. However, Mr. Branco was able to quickly put her mind at ease.”

Ms. Carreiro said, “The landlords have been really awesome. Right after the fire they had cleaning and constructions crews on site.

“That meant I was able to spend my time that evening assessing any damage in my store, which thankfully was pretty minimal.”

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