BEF “Team Up To Clean Up” Vesey Street Area

October 30, 2016

Members and supporters of the Bermuda Equestrian Federation joined together on Saturday to “Team Up to Clean Up” the Vesey Street area, with large amounts of garbage and discarded household items retrieved and removed.

Anne Hyde, Executive Director of Keep Bermuda Beautiful, said: “Thank you to the Bermuda Equestrian Federation and all who participated in Saturday’s cleanup along Vesey Street.

“The Equestrian Centre is located in the middle of one of Bermuda’s few remaining untouched wooded lanes, well known for its scenic beauty.

“However, this area gets marred by people who dump their unwanted trash along this unpopulated stretch of road.

“KBB is very grateful to the Bermuda Equestrian Federation for taking the lead, setting a great example, and taking direct action not only for the clean up in front of the Equestrian Centre but along the entire road.

“This is a big benefit to the residents, businesses and all who travel this street. Thank you for this service to the community.”

The BEF extended their thanks to John Barritt & Son who provided volunteers with much appreciated refreshments.

BEF Clean Up Vesey Street Bermuda October 2016

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