Videos: UpTown Saturday Events To Continue

October 21, 2016

The UpTown Cultural Committee, in partnership with the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation [BEDC], is set to continue the UpTown events in North East Hamilton with a range of initiatives including Moonlight Movie Series, Karaoke Showcase, UpTown Christmas Celebration and UpTown New Year’s Eve Celebration.

A spokesperson said, “The block party atmosphere will be repeated on a bi-weekly basis until New Year’s Eve 2016 and will feature a community-wide karaoke competition for $10,000 in prizes by performers of all ages and abilities.

“UpTown Saturday Nights is being supported by the BEDC, the City of Hamilton, the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, the Ministries of Economic Development and Public Works, the Progressive Labour Party, People’s Pharmacy, Spanish Town, Startime, Global Art TV, Chill Entertainment, Island Events Group, His and Hers Productions, and Gina Spence Productions to support N.E. Hamilton business owners and residents on this community driven initiative. Additional partnerships will be formed as the initiative evolves.

UpTown Event Bermuda October 2016

“The opening night will be dedicated to the recently deceased PLP Chairman, Maynard Dill, who was an enthusiastic supporter of this event. UpTown Saturday Nights is the result of a sustained collaboration between the BEDC, the Emperial Group, and area businesses and residents to facilitate positive change in North Hamilton by harnessing the universal appeal of live events to create a sustained commitment to unity, economic recovery and collective security.

“The project grew from the successful execution of the UpTown New Year’s Eve 2015 which was well received by the entire community and led to the creation of the UpTown Cultural Committee that now works with the BEDC on matters of community outreach and engagement.

“UpTown Saturday Nights will be an annual feature of the North Hamilton calendar and presents a prime opportunity for vendors to showcase their wares and delicious food offerings. The event is also designed to bring additional tourists and locals to the area and provide the business community with an economic boost leading up to the holiday season.”

The events planned between September and December under the umbrella initiative of UpTown Saturday Nights are:

  • UpTown Moonlight Movie Series – free family-friendly movies under the stars – Court Street between Dundonald Street and Ewing Street – Saturday October 22nd 2016 – 7 pm to 12 midnight and Sunday October 23rd 2016 – 7 pm to 10 pm.
  • UpTown Karaoke Music Festival – bi-monthly open air karaoke competition and music festival concluding with winner being flown away to compete – prizes up to $10,000 – qualifying rounds and final round – Saturdays October 29th, November 5th & 19th, and December 17th, 2016 – Court Street between Dundonald Street and Ewing Street – 7 pm to 12 midnight.
  • UpTown Christmas Celebration – celebrate the season and give to the needy – produced by Gina Spence Productions in Christ – Court Street between Dundonald Street and Ewing Street – Saturday December 3rd 2016 – 7 pm to 12 midnight.
  • UpTown New Year’s Eve Celebration – open air concert and celebrations to bring in 2017 – UpTown in all its glory – December 31st 2016 Court Street between Dundonald Street and Ewing Street – 9 pm to 3 am.

The BEDC said, “The Gospel celebration held in September was a success with over 15 featured acts, 10 vendors and over 250 community members. Given the unfortunate shooting incident that occurred just last week on Court Street, the Uptown Cultural Committee believes strongly that an initiative such as UpTown Saturday Nights is needed more than ever to:

  • Promote the theme of “Unity in the Community World Vibe – Fighting with Peace and Not for It”
  • Show the community that NE Hamilton/Uptown has a rich vibrant culture, history, and positive things to offer locals and visitors alike.
  • Show those engaged in undesirable and anti-social behavior to become engaged in something more productive framed around music and entertainment as a tool
  • Promote the positive and active use of the area.

Eugene Dean of the Imperial Group

Councillor RoseAnn Edwards

Mayor Charles Gosling

Minister Craig Cannonier

BEDC Chairman Nick Kempe

Chamber of Commerce’s Kendaree Burgess

People’s Pharmacy’s Tamara Richardson

BEDC Executive Director Erica Smith

Minister Dr Grant Gibbons

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  1. watching says:

    Politics time again…some of these folks ain’t never set foot in spinning wheel in their life, yet now they are having a press conference here.

    • Politricks says:

      They assisted in making this happen.

      Stop being so hateful all the time.

      • Wake up says:

        No it’s more like they didn’t need to be there. It’s more like everyone in the OBA is trying to act like Mr. John Swan all of a sudden with smiles and hand shakes. We understand it’s time to kiss up to the black voters.

        • Politricks says:

          Their respective ministries and/or organizations played a role in making this a reality.

          But somehow, due to some of them being white, their contributions shouldn’t be acknowledged.

          If they refused assistance you would call them racist and when they do assist you lambast them.

          You guys are just so hateful.

    • Politricks says:

      They assisted in making this happen.

      Stop being so hateful all the time.

    • wahoo says:

      There is a good reason why they never stepped foot in there and you know it. I would bet there are a lot of people from West-end that cannot step foot in there also. Ironic though that the patrons from Wheel can go to any establishment on Front Street and be made welcome. Ponder that. I gave up when Hubie’s closed. Back of town has a gold mine of potential but it is not a safe place for anyone black or white.

      You want change? Be part of it.

  2. So true says:

    So correct. If you asked them to find their way home from there alone they would be lost. But if the folks want what they are offering who are we to stop it. Personally I am tired of the window dressing. You wont see them after that event unless they are accompanied and there is lies the problem. Yes, deep rooted that we are frightened to stand and attack.

    • wahoo says:

      You won’t see me I can tell you that now. I really did try and now you give government grief for trying? You don’t want unity do you? What a shame, what a shame.

  3. Believe it or not says:

    So they can’t win for loosing- What do you want: You fault them for not paying attention, then fault them for doing just that!

    Fickle the lot of you :(

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