Rye Ahronson Leads Trojans Against Pennsburg

December 19, 2016

Rye Ahronson, a former Warwick Academy student had his best game of the season this Saturday against Pennsburg High School in Philadelphia in a game to support Coaches for Cancer. Rye led the Trojans with a game high 19 points, while adding 5 assists and 6 rebounds.

Ahronson — who is currently attending Valley Forge Military Academy in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area — said:, “When I first started at Valley Forge the military aspect of the school was very difficult to get used to.

“I was a ‘plebe’ for the first 6 weeks which was very challenging as I had to give up all my electronics and had to wake up at 5.30am every morning to do chores and marches. My favorite thing about the school has to be the basketball. Valley Forge has enabled me to practice my dream every day, helping me to advance my skills and have a better chance of achieving my goals.”

When asked about his goals for the season, Ahronson shared, “My goal for the season is to get on the radar of a Division 1 college and help lead my team to a district or state championship. I’d like to play at a Division 1 level and hopefully play professionally.”

Ahronson credits his local coaches with getting him prepared to play in the United States, saying: “Training with Wolfpack and Coach Chris Crumpler set me up with a great foundation and helped me settle in to the American basketball system very easily.

“The skills and basketball knowledge they taught me have allowed me to excel out in Philadelphia being the youngest player on the varsity team and also being a starter.”

Charles Peters, founder of Wolfpack believes that Ahronson could play at the highest of levels, saying: “Since we started working with Rye at around 8-9 years of age, we knew that he was a stellar athlete.

“Over the years we focused on helping him develop his basketball skills in a way that complimented his natural athleticism and preaching good character traits like hard work, leadership, and teamwork. Rye has always embodied these traits.

“Our focus now with Rye is continued development and his college recruiting. We have had four players go off to play college basketball over the past three years. We are the only development programme in Bermuda that has produced college basketball scholarships for local athletes and Rye and several of our other upcoming prospects will almost certainly continue on with this new trend.”

Coach Francis Bowe of Valley Forge Military Academy agrees, “Rye has grown leaps and bounds in just his short time here at Valley Forge Military Academy. Rye has one of the strongest work ethics I have ever seen in all my years of coaching. If Rye continues to develop at the rate he is now, he truly has a strong chance to play at the highest of levels. We are so proud of Rye!”

Coach Bowe will be coming to Bermuda in the Spring to work with Wolfpack Elite players and to look into future potential prospects for his basketball programme at Valley Forge.

For more information about elite basketball development, please contact Coach Chris Crumpler, Director of Wolfpack Hoops at info@wolfpackhoops.com.

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