PLP: ‘Resolution Before Parliament Resumes’

December 8, 2016

The PLP reiterated their call for an inquiry into why riot police were sent in at the protest as well as their call for the Auditor General to review the proposed airport contract, and said these issues are of “national public interest and both reviews must take place with a full resolution before Parliament resumes in February.”

In a statement today, Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister of Finance David Burt said, “Today’s announcement that Parliament is to close until February comes against the backdrop of unfinished business surrounding the OBA’s 30-year airport privatisation deal and heighted community tensions due to the use of unjustified force against non-violent protesters by the police.

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“It is important that the identity as to who was responsible for ordering this aggressive action, along with who was made aware prior and when, is revealed quickly. The PLP reiterates our call for a full, independent, public inquiry into why riot police were sent to confront peaceful protesters.

“An inquiry is required so that we may obtain answers to the many questions that have arisen because of these actions. These questions include the rumours that the Premier and members of his Cabinet were aware of such planned deployment and did nothing to stop it.

“This must be addressed so that the public’s confidence in the BPS to protect them, and not just the Government, can return.

“That same openness and transparency must be applied to the contract for the OBA’s proposed airport contract. This will only be possible through an independent and public review of the deal by the Auditor General, which must proceed immediately and we will continue to press for this accountability.

“The country must be fully informed of the full implications of the OBA Airport Bill. Anything less is inconsistent with the principles of good governance.

“These issues are of pressing, national public interest and both reviews must take place with a full resolution before Parliament resumes in February,” Mr Burt concluded.

Premier Michael Dunkley previously said he has “requested to Government House and the Bermuda Police Service that an investigation into the events be conducted and a report be completed for the Government on what happened and why,” newly appointed Governor John Rankin said he has spoken to the Police Commissioner and Acting Commissioner and “they have assured me they are conducting investigations into what took place,” and Speaker of the House Randy Horton also said he is “requesting a full public independent inquiry into the sequential events surrounding the recent protest.”

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  1. wahoo says:

    Did it occur to the PLP that this would happen before they ordered their people to cause conflict? Plain and simple the leaders (I saw you Wayne) had to have known that eventually there would need to be an intervention. I am sorry that this was not explained to the people who were being used as shields. The little bit of video that I saw showed three of the “leaders” backing away from the police while protesters shouted at and abused them. The law is the law and it is there for us all.

    PLP. BIU there is no high road here for you. You created a mess that is bigger than you. You take chaos and disbelief everywhere you go nowadays and you are showing signs of being desperate beyond comprehension. This is a smoke screen and a thrash because something big is coming your way. Right big shot?

    • Onion says:

      This was all by design. The PLP needs an enemy because they don’t have any policies that they’re really advocating. Nobody gets particularly upset over an airport financing structure, especially when the PLP used a nearly identical one a few years ago to build the Hospital.

      However by creating this clash with the Police they have successfully drawn a line. On one side are black people who may or may not have cared about an airport but are now certainly upset by the pepper spraying, and on the other side are a majority white commenters who think protesters should have obeyed the law.

      It’s all quite deliberate.

      The Opposition Leader isn’t over his head. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s winning by the politics of nihilism where only power maters. And it’s going to win them the election and like Trump and Brexit we’ll all wake up wondering what happens next.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    The Opposition Leader/ Shadow Finance Minister has clearly realized he is in over his head. He has to call on PLP supporters to disrupt Parliament rather than rely on his own “brilliance” and financial acumen to debate and persuade.

    Then we have to listen to the likes of Walter Roban wanting to know who gave the orders to the police to enforce the law. Laughable. If the PLP had done what they had wanted to do in their time, the police would have been under the control of the OBA. What then? The PLP introduced pepper spray and the riot squad (wanting a SWAT Team in fact) so funny how what goes around comes around. The PLP wanted to have the police have the use of pepper spray and a riot squad, then complain when they are used.

    Well at least there will be some entertainment in the next few months. The CoI will release their Report and the police will have had ample time to review CCTV film and send out letters inviting many to visit magistrates’ court.

  3. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    What seems to unimportant to the PLP is who was also inciting people to behave in an unlawful and undemocratic manner. Why was it that members of this protest felt the need to assault police officers before their was ever a riot squad presence. Who was using aggressive and virulent language to incite this crowd to engage in unlawful behaviour. Betting they are among the same, if not in the same circle, as those who have refused to say that they would even accept an AG ruling that this is a good deal, if it was reviewed that way.

  4. Kevin says:

    The last time I checked the PLP were the opposition did i miss something ….who do they think they are with all of these demands … Burt and others possibly also broke the law on Friday …after all he orchestrated it ….we must move forward the PLP and biu have done nothing and i repeat nothing to get Bermuda back …but both put us where we were 3 years ago …and thank God they are no longer calling the shots …What we need is a Government who is committed to Bermuda and not there pockets or family or friends pockets

    • Rights for All says:

      The PLP’s demand has about as much relevance as their “we won’t return to Parliamnet until the Governor has been recalled”. Idle and childish threats.

      Their aims have been made public and are to block Parliament and have Randy Horton resign as speaker and as an MP. No plans to move Bermuda forward or to help create employment. just how to create the situation to regain power for the Party elite.

  5. jt says:

    At this point the OBA hurts itself more by continuing to cave to these tactics. They need to remember those that elected them are expecting them to govern.
    Carry on and do what you can before the next election.

    • far from it says:

      you ppl make me laugh, come with some facts on why you support the airport always putting down the PLP for doing their job but this is as wrong a deal as I’ve seen

      i wish i could build with out paying for electricity payroll tax then be guaranteed 16% profit how can i loose then on top off that i get to share the profits when the 30 years are finished, only a fool can’t see this

      your right history will prove they are hurting themselves this is the worst deal in our history

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        The facts are clear, readily available in all the documentation that has been released. And when read in the entirety, it is the PLP’s narrative that comes up as devoid of facts.

      • de fence says:

        The PLP’s job would be to debate this in Parliament. David Burt creating this street theatre rather than doing his job inside Parliament would seem to be showing a great deal of disrespect to the Speaker and the House. Hopefully that will be part of the full public independent inquiry.

      • aceboy says:

        WHere were the protestors when all the PLP wrong deals were done? Dunkley listed out all of the overruns for 5 projects, missing out a whole bunch, including Grand Atlantic. The PLP did those, so no protests on Parliament. Now suddenly people like yourself are horrified by a project proposed by the OBA and the BIU goes on an illegal work stoppage so that they can populate a political protest? REALLY? You guys are willing to break the law and prevent a debate (as well as preventing information sessions to the public) over a construction project and liken it to events that took place in the 1970s….when the governor was shot and the person responsible hanged? They are the same???? Give me a break. This isn’t about the project itself, this is about money, politics and power. The ugliest game there is and we have religious organisations backing it. There is something very very wrong with this picture.

      • aceboy says:

        You don’t like the deal, ok. You have every right to protest and say what you like. But this country cannot be governed under a system whereby 200-300 people prevent debate and the ability of the politicians to run the country every time they don’t like something. Do you think OBA supporters should have locked arms when the PLP proposed the projects that resulted in such massive overruns? Is that what you are suggesting?

  6. DJO says:

    I call for the resignation of the plp leader, deputy leader,flip flop Furbert, derick burgess and the 2 union leaders. they KNOWINGLY incited un rest and lawlessness i repeat KNOWINGLY what the results may pan out to be and that included HUMAN SHIELDS or cannon fodder to the democratic system

  7. Yawn says:

    Burt GTHOH with your fake concilliatiory tone. It is EVIDENT you are NOT interested in resolution. Not ever. You have shown a history of your disingenuousness and that will always be who you are and why the party didn’t want you as leader.

  8. Funny Day says:

    Without pay, right?

  9. sandgrownan says:

    Burt is lying again.

  10. Up D hill says:

    PLP calls for? I’m sure you know what you can do with your calls for PLP! I call for the plp to look into what was said by Derrick Burgess at your BS blockade!

  11. Zevon says:

    Burt instigated the problem in the first place and now he’s pretending to be outraged because the police did their job.
    What a wanker.

  12. no love says:

    So Burt wants an invegtigation into why the actions of last Friday happened. Burt, meet mirror. You caused this. He sent the email out and spread the misinformation. In due time the PLP will be found out for what they are all about and have done in the past. Stay tuned.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I’d like to believe that the PLP’s misrepresentations will be made clear, but much like the Republican Party, the PLP base will happily follow and support a hollow PLP narrative than one that they are being invited to hate and reject by their leadership, even if it is actually more truthful and will benefit them better.

  13. Unbelievable says:




    • Jadon says:

      Well what happened in the end?? The police just went away…. they should of just done that instead of pepper spraying the elderly and children and then dissapearing… Unbelievable….

      • aceboy says:

        So the police should just go away when some people tell them?


        Lawlessness is what you want in this country?

        That is insane.

    • Realist says:

      Burt is a dangerous man. He lies so easily that I don’t think we have ever seen another like him. He knows the Government, Premier and Speaker knew nothing about the police tactics. They have ALL publicly admitted that. The Commissioner of Police has stated the decision to use pepper spray was done within the police ranks. Not even the Deputy Governor knew. Why does this Burt fellow continue with his lying narrative?

  14. You give in once, and the PLP will steal the prize. Please note the demands, that certain things must be done before parliament goes back in on February 3,2017 . The OBA is between a rock and a hard place. The PLP will not yield on their demands. They will keep the House from meeting because the OBA is afraid that people will get hurt. Isn’t that’s why we have the police , to protect our rights? Leadership is needed and it appears that Burt and Chris are leading the country. Court cases , and reports , and now a call for a COI . In order to get all this done, parliament it seems will be closed for a very long time. Who dares to stand up to the PLP and the Unions. Not me , said the PEOPLE IN AUTHORITY .

    • Earth watch police says:

      Mister Smith with all due respect we are all at fault here myself Included we do not stand with the government we let them be disrespected vilified and abused bell we even let their women get verbally abused by honorable opposition mp;s but nobody says a thing. I do agree on the leadership the premier should have rounded up his cabinet and went to work that day if the crowd wanted their pound of flesh let them have it .The protesters are not at fault just the leaders and organizers who use and manipulate the people for power.The airport is over acon will be best advised to leave then we just wait for the plp s airport when they win the election.

  15. Riley says:

    Furbert, Burgess, Burt, go ahead and call a General Strike. Let’s see how many show up. As for the bus service, privatize that too by selling off the routes.

  16. Spectator says:

    “An inquiry is required so that we may obtain answers to the many questions that have arisen because of these actions. These questions include the rumours that the Premier and members of his Cabinet were aware of such planned deployment and did nothing to stop it.” — Please note the similarity between such a comment and how Trump smeared Obama for eight years on the birther issue. First, even though the Premier, the Police Commissioner and the Governor have denied this, the PLP will continue to “demand the truth,” just as Trump continued to press Obama. Second, there is no way to prove it to the satisfaction of the PLP, just as Obama couldn’t satisfy the birthers even when he produced a long-form birth certificate; they just called it fake. Neither the PLP nor the birthers actually care about the truth. Unfortunately, these political tactics now seem to be the norm, and the PLP has adopted the same obstructive tactics of the alt-right, conspiracy theorists and Republicans that most Bermudians thought were despicable when used against Obama.

  17. Mark says:

    Stop this nonsense! you are ruining our country for your own power hungry political games. Go away PLP!

  18. Common Sense says:

    The police catch someone committing an offence (eg robbing a store) and try to arrest the person. If the person then assaults the police should the police walk away and leave the robber with his spoils? or should the do their job?

  19. CPM says:

    The Government has to stand up to the” rent a mob crew” and put Furbert [biu] and Burt in their place
    We have to make a stand against this disruption of democracy on our island or we are finished as a financial centre

  20. James H says:

    It’s not about the airport, it is about disruption. It’s only a practice for when they disrupt the Americas Cup next year in front of the world one one of their idiotic stunts.