Video: Premier Dunkley On Airport Bill & Protest

December 8, 2016

“Our goal in proposing a new airport wasn’t to divide us but bring us together in construction of a world class airport of which all Bermudians can be proud of,” Premier Michael Dunkley said today, adding that he recognizes that “tensions and emotions continue to be high,” and as a “responsible Government we must take steps to cool the tensions.”

Speaking at a press conference today, Premier Dunkley said, “As your Premier I want to address you directly about where we are in our Country.

“The events that transpired last Friday and the disturbing images that we have witnessed have been forever and sadly etched in our minds. As a Bermudian, these images were extremely hurtful for me to see. It was reminiscent of a time in our history when we were extremely divided.

“And that is not who we are and that is not who we want to be. We may have different aspirations and different backgrounds, but we share common bonds. We are neighbors, co-workers, colleagues and friends — we are Bermudians.

“And that’s why it has been difficult to find the right words to express my feelings about what took place, because like all of Bermuda, I love my Country. I realize that those of us who disagree politically have a fundamental right to express those views in a peaceful and legal way.

“Despite our differences and our political ideologies we must commit to the democratic process.

“Democracy must always win. Not party, not politics, but the process of democracy. That is the lesson we teach our children, we teach them about respect no matter what the differences of opinion.

“And even then with all the lessons that we try to teach our children, while they may listen to what we say they definitely watch what we do. Our children are watching. They are watching us make decisions… how we deal with our disagreements… and how we govern our Country.

27-minute live video replay of the press conference:

“That’s why the events of last Friday were so upsetting because whether you were a demonstrator, Police Officer, or Parliamentarian, we are all Bermudians. And for our children’s sake we cannot let civility be threatened in a way that diminishes respect for each other.

“Our goal in proposing a new airport wasn’t to divide us but bring us together in construction of a world class airport of which all Bermudians can be proud of.

“For most people travelling to any Country the airport is the first and last thing they will experience. For Bermudians it is also the vehicle that supports tourism and jobs.

“There’s been a lot of talk about ‘value for money’. But we’ve seen time and time again how the tender process has promised ‘value for money’ has instead brought anything but that.

“Instead it has brought cost overruns and delays.

  • “Port Royal saw a $4.4 million dollar cost overrun.
  • “The Transport Control Department, a $10 million cost overrun.
  • “The Dame Lois Browne Evans Building, a nearly $20 million cost overrun.
  • “Heritage Wharf $21 million in overruns plus an extra $4.1 million in repairs.
  • “Berkley Institute $55 million dollars over budget.

“Instead of value for money, Bermudians were hit with tens of millions of dollars in cost overruns for just these five projects alone. All paid for by the taxpayer.

“The Opposition has called for returning to the same risk of delays and cost overruns that have plagued RFP projects in the past. Perhaps borrow between $100 million to $150 million to paint, patch and repair parts of the existing facility well past its useful life.

“Perhaps delay the redevelopment of the airport for ten years then borrow an additional $250 million to $350 million or more to create a brand new terminal sometime down the road.

“Perhaps add between $350 million to $500 million to Bermuda’s already over burdened national debt and risk a downgrade of Bermuda’s credit rating that would increase the cost of borrowing even more.

“We had to find new way… a better way. And we believe we have.

“It is an approach that has been endorsed by the British Government, by the independent Airport Council International and the Bermuda Hotel Association. This is a creative approach that would deliver Bermuda’s visitors and air travellers an innovative, modern, first class airport – on time and on budget.

“We have formulated an Airport Redevelopment Plan that will create an environmentally friendly facility able to withstand damage from hurricanes and severe storm related damage.

“This proposed new facility will provide wheelchair accessibility and enclosed passenger boarding bridges; enhanced passenger comfort; and most importantly, create hundreds of jobs, boost tourism, and provide millions of dollars to help rebuild Bermuda’s economy.

“Ultimately, and what is critical for people to appreciate is that ownership and control of our airport will remain with the Bermudian people.

“The funds that will be freed up with the creative approach of building this new airport can go towards other areas such as:

  • “Renovating our schools;
  • “Introducing speed cameras and roadside testing of impaired drivers;
  • “Enabling Government to provide cost of living increases for seniors; and
  • “Implementing progressive payroll tax reform to ease pressure on lower income earners.

“All with no increase to our national debt or to the cost of debt service,” the Premier continued.

“As Premier, I recognize that tensions and emotions continue to be high. And as a responsible Government we must take steps to cool the tensions. The events of last week were difficult for everyone. In addition I have been further troubled regarding threats against my life. There is no place for hate and intolerance.

“I have, and will continue to engage with the Opposition and implore them to find consideration for the sake of our Country.

“That said, I had discussions with the Opposition Leader and the Speaker and it was agreed the House will not sit this Friday and instead resume February 3, 2017.

“We will use this time to calm, to heal and come together as a community during a time of year that traditionally signifies peace, hope, joy and love.

“My fellow Bermudians, we come from a history of strength with some significant obstacles and challenges. But I know, together we can rise out of the divisive rhetoric that seeks only to define us by difference and not by commonalities.

“This isn’t a time for finger pointing. It’s a time to join hands. It is an opportunity to heal those things that divide our Island.

“And there is no more powerful way to express our commitment to those ideals and of the highest standards of public service than leading by example.

“That goes beyond just working even more to respect for each other. It’s respecting the rule of law and democracy and the institutions that we entrust to uphold them.

“More importantly, it means respecting the rights of those who may disagree to express themselves in a peaceful and legal manner, while at the same time also respect the rights of other citizens, who may not share the same view.

“After all these are the people who elected us on both sides of the aisle to do the necessary work for all of Bermuda’s people,” the Premier concluded.

The airport legislation will not be debated this year, as the Speaker has confirmed that the House of Assembly will be adjourned until February 2017, with the Speaker requesting a “full independent inquiry into the sequential events surrounding the recent protest.”

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  1. jt says:

    ….”We look forward to debating the legislation on February 3rd.”, he said.

    • 27 minutes of Bull S!@# !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Work Permit Holder says:

        He would have curl up in a ball during the first debate with President Elect Trump.

      • jt says:

        Such a clever fellow.

      • Marge says:

        What a mess Bermuda is in … our premier has no b@lls … to think the house of Parliament can not conduct the peoples business because of a few (300 loosers )what about the rest of the majority of the population ? PLEASE gov Rankin, take charge of the crap that this Island is having to endure.

    • The WEAKPACK WOW!!! says:

      Mr. Dunkley you will be remember as the weakest Premier this Country has ever had! You’re the Government of the day and you have failed on many platforms to move forward.

      1, decriminalizing marijuana

      2, Status for long term residence

      3. Gay marriage

      4. The new Airport.

      You need to resigned and let someone else be the captain for the OBA. The people that object to you will not vote for you now or later. You really think that crowd was voting OBA in 2017?

      As a swing voter I will not vote for the OBA while the leadership of the party is weak and broken. To much politics on this island it’s no wonder big business doesn’t want to invest millions.

      We have all heard of Whitewash on CNN, well you have been Blackwash # bambozlled!

  2. wondering says:

    this country operates like a coalition govt. despite having a democratically elected govt by a majority but the ooposition operates as though they should have a say in the construct of a bill instead of a debate that results in change – bullying must stop!

    • JAWS says:

      That was bullying don’t try and smoke screen it, the Government of the day that was voted in by the majority is weak.

    • Point boy says:

      OBA-ma! I see the same similarities. A great President (loved by many) had great ideas for a better life for (all)! In his country. But, every attempt made was shut down. Not because it was a great idea! No! Simply for power (lust)

      I can’t help but see the same things happening here.

      Except! They weren’t breaking the law, they had the votes!

      What’s happening here is flat-out illegal

  3. San George says:

    “Clueless” – we are not all Bermudians. Out of touch rich people who think their existence is the same as the rest. There are too many people who have nothing to lose; it takes time to fix that problem.

    • sandgrownan says:

      They’ll have nothing to gain either if the PLP are ever re-elected.

      Shameful behavior by the combined opposition, stifling the democratic process.

    • Finance Minister says:

      What is wrong with you? You’re a miserable fellow… Too much free time? Covetous not!

    • bandit says:

      ??? I do not understand you comment. Could you explain further.

    • Serengeti says:

      You’d think the people who want the ‘problem’ fixed would be encouraging activity that produces jobs.

      • Budmon says:

        Jobs at what costs?? Who’s paying them if the govt. hands over revenue!?

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          So you want the airport built for you then you want those who put up the money to build it to hand over the revenue from it.

          You skipped school the day they talked about business didn’t you.

  4. god1st says:

    Well done Dunkley !!! What is the lynch MOB gonna do after this? Take a look at those huge cost overruns compiled by the PLP and friends. Lol the PLP are an embarrassing bunch !

  5. YO says:


    • sandgrownan says:

      There. Is. No. Money.

      Which part of this don’t you understand?

      • Nonya says:

        Only money for what they want to spend on !!!

      • leftwingpolitics says:

        What part of profits/revenues = money don’t you understand? You don’t even make sense.

        I’m assuming with your dumb logic the Canadians are giving us a brand new airport for free right.. lol

        • sandgrownan says:

          Come on – what would you do?

          • leftwingpolitics says:

            I would use the KEMH ACW as a benchmark, and I’d probably do a PPP again and shift the risk to the investor/contractor so that Government is not burdened with cost overruns like in the in the past. However, I’d still want to analyse the risk and benefits of having government borrow the money as well just for clarification and transparency.

            I would make the agreement so that the Government or Airport Authority maintains operations but the contractor is responsible for maintenance for the length of the financing. I I’d probably go for a fixed rate that the Airport Authority is obligated to payback if possible and I’d follow through with an RFP process with multiple airport designs based on the Airport Authority specifications.

            • serengeti says:

              $250m borrowed at 6% over 30 years results in compound interest of about $1.7bn.

              • leftwingpolitics says:

                The RFP will yield different costs and designs. I wouldn’t base price off of one contractor/investor or design.

      • Budmon says:

        If there’s no money, like someone else said, these Canadians ain’t doin’ it for free! It’s coming from somwhere!

      • Budmon says:

        There’s no such thing as something for nothing.
        If there is no money then we can il afford to give away what’s coming in!!

    • Serengeti says:

      We’ve been through all that. They put in tenders for one amount and then it comes out to twice as much. That’s why every contact the PLP did was a disaster. Overruns on all of them. And that’s when they bothered to get contracts tendered in the first place.

    • bdaboy says:

      Your caps lock key is broken.
      You spelling and grammar are atrocious. You Should be embarrassed.
      Who is going to pay for a new airport?

      • Will says:

        People like you make me sick. Just because his spelling and grammar is weak doesn’t mean he can build a million dollar home or fix my BMW.
        Some people maybe good using their brains and some are good with their hands.

        White Collar and Blue Collar workers need each other to accomplish a task. This is something the OBA has forgotten for the last 3 years. Now with the election 12 months away the OBA is failing the voters who place them in charge…. and are begging the other people who will not place them in power come next election.

      • Nonya says:

        Is that your best? Looks like the post got your attention Jack !

      • Budmon says:

        Typical prejudice. ‘Caps Lock’ didn’t make any grammaticals errors. As soon as a hint of Bermudian patois is detected; an imperialist is quick to try and put down what they have to say for the manner with whcih it was said.

    • hmmm says:

      Erm….it is not financially viable to build a new airport and not make a loss….Canadian govt have access to much cheaper capital.

      • Budmon says:

        Erm… it’s not financially viable to build a new airport FULL STOP

    • Real Deal says:

      BERMUDIAN AIRPORT should have been in quotes like so “BERMUDIAN AIRPORT”. We have to put it in quotes in textbooks when we teach the history to our kids or show it to visitors. Canadian Airport

    • bluwater says:

      I love it how people always think the only architecture that Bermuda can have is 18th-century colonialist.

      • Budmon says:

        I love how people assume Bermudians can’t architect and buildings, 18th Century or Modern. :p

    • Point boy says:

      Great idea! I’m all for it. Aha shucks, I forgot. We have no money, I mean… what does it take to understand???

      You’re living in an illusion. Education is key.

  6. enough says:

    Why is he “Clueless” and why are we all not Bermudians, are there just a select few that are Bermudian, and the rest of us that are born and raised with Bermudian Parents and Grandparent etc are not. Just because someone has money, which they work hard to have, does not make them out of touch with other people of lesser means. And just to clairify I certainly don’t have money, I work hard and save hard to have what I have. If you have a really good suggestion as to how we are going to get a new airport I would love to hear as would so many other people. No other suggestions have as yet been put forth.

  7. Victor says:

    On the one hand: I voted OBA last time but think this whole airport deal stinks. I’m not suggesting corruption but what I see clearly is arrogance and stupidity, like so many other of Bob Richards superficial solutions to pretend jobs are being created. A lot of the money this Government has allowed to invest in Bermuda absolutely stinks and it belies a short term thinking that will in fact (actually is in fact) severely harm existing enterprises. This is nothing less than a sell out by people who ought to know better.

    On the other hand: There is no excuse for last Friday’s deliberate provocation and intimidation on the PLP/BIU axis’s par. It is a real shame this Government lacks the courage to genuinely govern as it was mandated to and to ignore the posturing of provocateurs like Burt, Burgess and Furbert.

    • Budmon says:

      We should hail up all those who were so bold to stand up to what was wrong and see out democracy! Condemn who!?

  8. Family Man says:

    That all sounds very nice Mr. Dunkley but what does Bermuda’s true leader, President Furbert have to say? (And can somebody please add the English sub-titles when President Furbert speaks).

  9. Pray for Bermuda . We need it.

    • Dont hear you or Dennis chastising U.B.P. like you were chastising P.L.P. when both of you were trying to convince Black Bermudians to vote for change and jobs.
      Now both of you have egg on your faces.

    • somuchless says:

      I think Tweedie can do that Unless he’s already gone.

  10. reddamtibi says:

    You are out Dunk and you are never coming back from this…

  11. We need a Govt that will not back down says:

    We will not always agree on everything if we ever all agree on something. That is life, but we must not have a Govt. that backs down and bows every time their is a protest held. The last protest we had about status, Govt. back down and now because we are protesting again they have delayed discussions on this matter. This is not favorable at all. These actions were illegal and if you were any where else in the world you would have been arrested. Why is the law so relaxed here in Bda when it comes to these sorts of things. If you are prepared to do the crime then you should be prepared to pay the fine.

  12. Chris Famous says:

    On one hand tries to say he is sorry for what happened due to an airport deal then spends 75% of the time trying to justify the very same deal.

    • sandgrownan says:

      What’s the alternative Chris? Despite your obvious objection to the deal as constructed, what exactly would you do? I mean, you know that there is no money. And we know why.

      So Chris, how would you fund any major capital project? How would you fund any major capital project given there is no f****g money?

      Oh, and you approve of subverting the democratic process do you?

      • Budmon says:

        Stop talking like a proud fool and withdraw from the conclusion that despite not having the funds we MUST build a NEW airport, for 300 million dollars.

        • sandgrownan says:


          Fix what we have?

        • sandgrownan says:

          you don’t want more jobs?

          • Wake up Bie says:

            You’re OBA party needs to grow bigger @@ before they talk about jobs.I love this post above.

            The WEAKPACK WOW!!! says:
            December 8, 2016
            Mr. Dunkley you will be remember as the weakest Premier this Country has ever had! You’re the Government of the day and you have failed on many platforms to move forward.

            1, decriminalizing marijuana

            2, Status for long term residence

            3. Gay marriage

            4. The new Airport.

            • sandgrownan says:

              Interesting – the last three of those are stalling because of the PLP interfering in the democratic process.

              • rightt says:

                You mean the people of Bermuda who decided to protest?? Yet you blame the PLP like they forced the people to go out there and protest.

    • Justin says:

      You only see in black and white so you’ll never quite get it.

    • Noel Ashford says:

      Famous – Give it up mate. Your ethically void party didn’t honor democracy. Let’s call it for what it is. The new and non-seasoned leader and other members being there even was in-appropriate on so many levels. That sure was an interesting clip on ZBM the other night regarding a recent PLP consultation….. !? The PLP seems to lack an understanding of or not care about what a credit rating is. live in the US for a bit, it will become apparent you cant do squat without a good one. The PLP would have our credit score at zero in short time should they ever get their misfit rears back in there one day.

    • smh says:

      Maybe it’s not such a bad deal?

    • Riley says:

      Famous, what you are saying is beyond convoluted, warped and twisted need to be added.

  13. Paradise Reclaimed says:

    Drive it home oba. Don’t cave to the will of boisterous few!

  14. Terry says:

    We all are looking forward to debate.

    Now if we can just get equal time as others do.

  15. Former policeman says:

    This really shows tjat the Premier is out t of touch with the present and the historic Bermuda. At present there are two Bermudas , which, in spite of the differences have managed to co exist peacefully. This Government has shown a pattern of disrespect for one segment of the country who have remained relatively passive. On major issues like Immigration and the Airport reasonable request have been made by the Opposition and the People’s Campaign. These requests have been ignored. The pattern of disrespect by the Government has led to behaviors which are unfortunate violations of the law. If respect is shown to people respect will be shown to the rule of law. Let hope we see respect by all (that includes comments in this forum).

  16. Natural says:

    Please take several seats, We don’t want that deal.

  17. Allan says:

    Absolutely ridiculas! Next can we expect the Supreme Court to be blocked as “someone” does not want a court case to go forward? Very disappointed that Parliament has not had a special sitting to get this issue debated and out of the way, and now not meeting until Feb 3rd? What is going to change by then?

    In looking up anarchy I found this:

    a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems: and
    Use the noun anarchy to describe a complete lack of government — or the chaotic state of affairs created by such an absence.

    Kind of describes Bermuda,

  18. Free Thinker says:

    Boost tourism? Are you for real? Name one destination, where people go for their airport. You had me going there for a minute, until you insulted my intelligence with this idiotic claim. Strong cases, don’t need to be buttered up to get support. Personally, I have no issue with you giving it away for 30 or 40 years for that sake but don’t ask me to subsidize it. Your blind followers may not find anything wrong with this one-sided deal but right thinking folks, smell a rat a mile away. Why all the secrecy and deception? Why isn’t the Causeway a part of this deal? It should be a requirement, given all the concessions and giveaways. Governments are not supposed to pick winners and losers but here we do and been doing it for a while. And for those who call bull, on this? Only one company can import milk, ring a bell? Whomever is negotiating this deal, knows nothing about negotiations. All the profits for 30 years should be sufficient to get it done. In fact, they should be paying twice the duty rate and work permit fees but none? and no causeway? Examples like these are why, I hate Party Politics. The only way you can support this deal, is if you are either ignorant or a sheep. Politicians thrive on dividing nations for reasons like these, when they need blind followers, who will not even question anything they put forward. I’m not a follower of any of the two but one thing I can say about the PLP followers, they will question and demonstrate against their party, if they don’t agree with them. But the OBA bunch seems to agree with everything that’s feed to them. Oh I forgot, they can never be wrong, that is only reserved for other people. Look this deal stinks to high hell and should not go through, in its current form. Anyone, with a lick of thinking ability, should ask themselves, do we really need a new airport, is a new airport, the most pressing issue, facing Bermuda and if we need one, why do we need a 5 Star one? if answer is no, to those, then the next question is why? why this mad rush to do something that is not even a close second. Think about it, you’ll find the answer. Greasy greasy.

  19. Lucky for us says:

    Nichole didn’t wash the existing delapidated airport complex into Castle Harbour.

    If that had happened I wonder if the spin would have been the same–I think not–

    Premier is right to invoke a cooling off period.

    Come February–I hope Mr. Burt and his colleagues are prepared to approach this in a mature, professional and deomcractic manner and have a sensible debate founded on facts and the financial realities of this country.

    Least the country be reminded of just how much of Bermuda is owned by foreign institutions–even the very government of the country is economically bound to foreign instiutions through our debt–and that debt my brethren, was not intiated by the OBA—

    Things that make you wonder!

    Have a blessed day!

  20. Truth says:

    Dunkley and Speaker should never have caved to this group. Sit in the House tomorrow, get this project moved forward.

    No other country in the world would allow such a loud minority the voice they have in local politics. There is a silent majority praying that Bermuda might move forward… delaying this debate and thus delaying this project is just another avoidance of the truth. Bermuda is too far indebted from this government and governments past to right the ship. We are sinking and until a leader rises who will make the tough decisions we’re stuck without a life preserver.

    • Tony says:

      The man is the weakest Premier ever in the history of BDA. Never have I seen such. He needs to step down and give it to one of the others.

    • Point boy says:

      @Truth. I’m with you. How on earth (Bermuda) can you see so much disrespect for the Police and the Democratic process.

      This government didn’t buy or lie it’s way in!! They were voted in by a MAJORITY sick and tired of the plp incompetence

      • They didnt buy or lie their way on???????
        $350,000 election gift, 2000 jobs.

        • aceboy says:

          Interesting you mention 2,000 jobs. That is what the PLP/BIU is trying to prevent. The 2,000 jobs that were promised by the OBA. It appears that they will do anything and everything, including breaking the law, to prevent those 2,000 jobs becoming a reality.

    • Budmon says:

      If Bermuda is “too far indebted from this government” then how does a new debt- VALUED at 30 Years AIRPORT REVENUE- “right the ship”?
      From where are you drawin’ conclusions that those who oppose this bill are so few in numbers that they can be regarded as a “loud minority”?

  21. bdaboy says:

    “No other country in the world would allow such a loud minority the voice they have in local politics”

    Remember, this is an island that relies on tourism, but turned away a cruise ship full of passengers because they’re gay.

    • We rely on IB Dreamer, tourism was over in de 80′s.

      • bdaboy says:

        But you don’t want IB here either…make up your mind, tool.

    • Budmon says:

      WHO is the minority??
      More money doesn’t equal more “vote”. That’s how YOUR ancestors had it. Things have changed since.

  22. Jus' Askin' says:

    Again admitting OBA can not over see a project and there be no delays or cost overruns :-(

    Why hide behind the errors of the previous administration and use their failed attempts as an excuse not to try. Step up to the plate and show us, OBA deserves to be the ruling party ;-)

    What major construction project(s) has the OBA spear headed since 2012?

    OBA should have never let Richards be in the front of this. I feel, Bob is to blame

  23. jose says:

    BS you have allowed the PLP/BIU to dictate to you what THEY want you to do. I voted for a change, looks like the only change will be not to vote for you again!!

  24. Ringmaster says:

    The Opposition Leader/ Shadow Finance Minister has clearly realized he is in over his head. He has to call on PLP supporters to disrupt Parliament rather than rely on his own “brilliance” and financial acumen to debate and persuade.

    Then we have to listen to the likes of Walter Roban wanting to know who gave the orders to the police to enforce the law. Laughable. If the PLP had done what they had wanted to do in their time, the police would have been under the control of the OBA. What then? The PLP introduced pepper spray and the riot squad (wanting a SWAT Team in fact) so funny how what goes around comes around. The PLP wanted to have the police have the use of pepper spray and a riot squad, then complain when they are used.

    Well at least there will be some entertainment in the next few months. The CoI will release their Report and the police will have had ample time to review CCTV film and send out letters inviting many to visit magistrates’ court.

  25. Fidel says:

    All I heard was, “sorry you got sprayed but we gotta build this fancy Dancy airport using our hand picked company so we can become more powerful to oppress you harder.”

  26. Truth says:

    This really is like Obama.. such a hard working person with a deep sense of doing the right thing and looking out for all of Bermuda – great ideas and solutions but nothing is going to get past because the PLPREPUBLICANS will say no to everything despite it hurting the people and ruining Bermuda. The PLP only cares about the select few MPs (and not all of them) and their egos and will trample any good idea cause it doesn’t benefit these PLP MPs. So so sad. Keep on working PMD.. you are doing a great job – i don’t know how you have the strength but you can never quit and let them win. People will eventually see that you are there for them and the PLP are there for themselves.

  27. Budmon says:

    “Perhaps [we should¥ borrow between $100 million to $150 million to paint, patch and repair parts of the existing facility well past its useful life.”
    Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.
    Perhaps we should get get real with the figures or get out of town.
    List the specific issues concerning the airport; highlighted as cosmetic or structural; and an estimate for the repairs.
    It’s great the OBA want to commercialize Bermuda where we need it, but not like this.
    We don’t need some $300 million Cosmopolitan Airport in a NON-TRANSIT(ion) AIRPORT in a tropical paradise.
    This benefits the Contractors more than anyone.

    • Steve D says:

      Who built the airport in the first place ding ding!? Who built the Hospital?

  28. Privatization = death of country..... says:

    This is corporate sabotage 101, what country has benifits from privatization? None!!! Most countries hit a 3rd world status because of this…. Bermuda is close to having that happen. Airport is first then bus system and so forth. I agree the airport here is antiquated. But does our current arrive traffic warrant this large of a renovation. Def not! Bermuda will get stuck with a expense it cannot handle one this contract is complete. We as bermudiana are going to have to foot the bill of a fews poorly though out idea. It annoys me as a tax payer to have a govt who has little to no concern about it’s people. We deserve better roads, better education, qualified goverment workers, less people half assing it in goverment positions. We would not be in such a state if bermuda revamped it’s thinking. Start new parties I’m sick of people voting on race not who can do the job. Mp’s learn about your field half these people in these positions are clueless on what they govern. We as a people need to wake up an stop these idiots from destroying out country


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In the latest Bernews podcast, one of Bermuda’s greatest athletes of all time, Flora Duffy, says being a world champion is something she has dreamed of since she was eight-years-old. Ms Duffy was back in Bermuda taking a short break after a grueling year which has seen her achieve outstanding success. “When I started racing, I […]

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Podcast: Dr Fleming On Issues Affecting Seniors

Podcast: Dr Fleming On Issues Affecting Seniors

In the latest Bernews Podcast, we talk to Dr Claudette Fleming, the Executive Director of Age Concern, about issues affecting senior citizens in Bermuda. Dr Fleming talks about research she has done in Bermuda as well as the effects of the recession on Age Concern’s members. She also addresses the issue of income disparity and […]

October 17, 2016 | 2 Comments
Podcast: Martha Dismont On Child Neglect/Abuse

Podcast: Martha Dismont On Child Neglect/Abuse

In the latest Bernews podcast, we sit down with Martha Dismont, the Executive Director of the Family Centre, which has recently launched a campaign called ‘Neglect Is Abuse, See It, Stop It’ to try and stem a significant rise in cases of child neglect. Ms Dismont links the rise in neglect cases directly “to the […]

September 23, 2016 | 2 Comments
Podcast: Baron On Crime, Road Safety & More

Podcast: Baron On Crime, Road Safety & More

In this latest Bernews podcast, we speak to the Minister of National Security Jeff Baron who revealed than gang membership has dropped by more than 150 people. Yet, he says, gangs are still changing and recruiting – sometimes even from schools. The Minister talks about his plans for restorative justice – which focuses on both the needs […]

August 30, 2016 | 8 Comments