Update On Caroline Bay Marina Construction

January 5, 2017

An update has been provided regarding construction progress at the Caroline Bay Marina, with all marina services to be “installed and completed between the end of February and mid-March,” while the resort is scheduled to open in 2018.

A spokesperson said, “Caroline Bay Marina is located in the Little Sound on the Morgan’s Point Development, in close proximity to the America’s Cup racing in the Great Sound. The marina will offer roughly 2,340 linear feet of dock space available for 30 + super yachts docked Med style on the perimeter docks.

“Opening in March 2017, Caroline Bay Marina will be the heart of the largest resort and recreational lifestyle development in Bermuda history. The state of the art marina will berth some 23 Super-yachts in excess of 200 feet, a half dozen more 100 footers and another dozen smaller yachts.

“The resort, scheduled to open in 2018, will feature a Ritz-Carlton Reserve Resort, over 100 branded residences, several restaurants, a world class spa and luxury boutiques.”

Yachts are scaled to 200′ in this rendering:

Caroline Bay Marina

“Also, the full service marina will provide berths available for 80 smaller vessels from 20 feet in length to 80 feet. Please that note Caroline Bay Marina has berths for superyacht tenders, as well.

“The main southern wave attenuator [720 feet] is being installed while the eastern section [458 feet] is expected to be completed by the end of January 2017. This will mark the completion of the docks and finger piers. All marina services including electricity will be installed and completed between the end of February and mid-March.

“For those who have been inquiring, we are pleased to announce that we will be fully ready to take bookings/reservations within the next two weeks. We will send out another e-mail notification when this portion of our website has been completed.

“A main attraction for Caroline Bay Marina guests during late May and June for the 2017 America’s Cup Races will be the superyacht Arabella, a 157-foot sailing yacht. She will provide access for our marina clients to watch the races right on the race course during race days.

“Arabella will also be available to provide local cruises, cuisine and drinks hosted by local Caroline Bay executives and other special invited guests.”

The superyacht Arabella:

superyacht Arabella

“Caroline Bay Marina is a full service marina offering electricity, water, black water pump out, dock support and dock coordination, security, telecommunications, customs clearance and immigration assistance, trash disposal, provisioning, concierge services, fuel for vessels and tenders, and VIP access to the America’s Cup race course aboard the Arabella.

“Caroline Bay Marina will host a number of exciting events throughout May and June 2017. These events include, but are not limited to concerts, happy hours, dinner shows, golf tournaments and so much more. The official event schedule will be released in February 2017.

“The main attraction during the June 2017 America’s Cup Races will be Arabella, a 157-foot sailing yacht that we have secured to provide access for our marina clients to watch the race right on the race course during race days.

“Arabella will also be available to provide local cruises, cuisine and drinks hosted by local Caroline Bay executives and other special invited guests. All clients and guests will be able to participate in non-racing day activities and events unless otherwise indicated.

The 720-foot main wave attenuator / docks are now being installed:

wave attenuator

“Caroline Bay Marina is a full service marina and the largest marina project ever to be undertaken in Bermuda. In addition to the marina, the Caroline Bay complex will also include a major residential and hotel development with the first phase of the development to be completed towards the end of 2018.

“The Marina, will be completed in March 2017, and will provide the perfect location for superyachts visiting during the America’s Cup events.

“The marina will also play an integral role in providing marina space for residents at the new Caroline Bay development and will continue to provide space for superyachts and yachts of all sizes planning visits to Bermuda in the future.”

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  1. Paradise Reclaimed says:

    Nice! What an improvement, glad to see it coming along . . .

  2. Truth says:

    Great progress being made. Amazing what can be achieved when Government and private developers work together, without the Unions getting involved.

  3. Wahoo says:

    A lot of positive news Bermuda. Let’s not ruin it for the sake of a couple egos.

  4. Disaster says:

    What a disaster !

    You’re going to have a super yacht marina complete for March and open for business with a construction site right behind it??? Hello! Dust ! Dirt ! No super yacht is going to want to be anywhere near that place until it’s finished .

    Not to mention if the wind blows from the south east or east that place is ROUGH ! Trust me went down last week to check it out and it was honking !

    The idea is great but execution is rushed . my boats sides were higher than the dock itself .:. Cheaply made a! Piles in the middle of the dock? Rush!

  5. Attitude Of Gratitude says:

    Gonna miss those fishing grounds…but that’s progress! Hope it continually provides good jobs for Bermudians.


    I still feel that we should also build and install a dry dock for these super yachts. Currently, boats such as Bravo Zulu, the tug boats and other vessels of that size must travel to Florida in order to have major maintenance done. And that my friends costs 10′s of thousands of dollars. Now if we had our own dry dock system, that is money that we could keep on island instead of syphoning it off island.

    I was at a boat show in Florida last year and partook in the Bermuda meeting that informed all large yacht owners of what was going on here in the island. Sadly, a few of them said they would not come because there is no guarantee that if something should befall their precious ship, there was no means to fix it here on island. We really need a dry dock if we want the maximum our benefits from the AC and our futures after the AC.

    • Bullseye says:

      I hate to say it but we could build it and they would not come for they get everything duty free locally and will want to pay foreign labor rates so it would be an empty station.