Chinese Ambassador To UK Visiting Bermuda

January 15, 2017

W020160805638429571178This weekend the Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom Liu Xiaoming arrived on the island where he will attend a host of events on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

The visit of the Ambassador is a direct result of the diplomatic and trade visit undertaken at the end of November by Minister Counsellor Jin Xu, First Secretary, Mr. Huang Hongyong and Third Secretary Mr. Peng Zhang of the Economic & Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom, when Premier Michael Dunkley  extended an invitation to the Ambassador to visit.

Today Ambassador Liu toured the West End of the island, including Commissioner’s House. Later this afternoon he will meet Governor Mr. John Rankin at Government House.

Tomorrow, he will meet with Premier Dunkley to continue discussions on investment opportunities and tourism from China to Bermuda.

This meeting will be followed by a roundtable breakfast hosted by the Premier with leaders of Bermuda’s International Business sector, the Chamber of Commerce and Government.

He will also attend a presentation tomorrow afternoon by the Bermuda Business Development Agency along with key members involved in Bermuda’s tourism sector, after which he will be escorted on an official tour of the East End of the Island and be formally welcomed by the Mayor of St. George’s Quinnell Francis.

To conclude his schedule, Ambassador Liu will meet with the Mayor of Hamilton Charles Gosling on Tuesday for an official welcome to the City of Hamilton.

Ambassador Liu is accompanied by his wife Mrs. Hu Pinqhua, Consular Official Mr. Guo Chentao, and Second Secretary, Political Section, Mr. Pan Feiya.

Premier Dunkley said, “I am looking forward to meeting with Ambassador Liu tomorrow and officially welcoming him to Bermuda. I welcome the prospect of strengthening Bermuda’s relationship with China further, in accordance with protocols established between us and United Kingdom.”

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  1. Terry says:

    Careful what you wish for.
    Everything still goes through 10 Downing Street et al.

    All the best

    • Sailboat says:

      Great potential here.

      More to your “quality” point, though, the Chinese have not been held to high account for structural developments on this side of the world. The politics aside, their quality of workmanship in other jurisdictions to our south has been woeful, at best.

      To this, Bermudians know building. As such, there should be requirement that all employees involved in design, build, management and operation of physical facilities and the operation of businesses–to the greatest extent possible–be Bermudian.

    • reddamtibi says:

      You bet your boots it does…

  2. CPM says:

    Will he meet our uighur friends and ewart brown ?

    • bee says:

      i still don’t understand why Ewart Brown and Col Burch were not charged with breaking Bermuda Immigration law.

  3. Silence Do Good says:

    Maybe the PLP should meet with the Chinese and ask them how much for a airport? Then the BIU should meet with them and talk about union activism in China. Then the PC should meet with them and ask if Rev. Tweed can come to their country and champion social inequities.

    No offense to the Chinese delegation, you have a wonderful country and we should visit each other.

    huān yíng 欢迎

  4. Broken Glass says:

    Bermuda will soon be flooded with cheap Chinese tat….
    oh hang on…it already is…look at the Bikes and Cars.

  5. Jus' Sayin' says:

    It’s a shame the Union Flag in the picture is upside-down……

  6. reddamtibi says:

    …and the Gorilla in the room our transition away from the US Dollar as the reserve currency…