Traffic Delays In Paget Due To Two Car Collision

January 30, 2017

[Updated] Due to a collision, traffic delays are in effect at the junctions of Harbour Road and Cobbs Hill Road as well as Harbour Road and Manse Road, and motorists are advised to take alternate routes.

A police spokesperson said, “A two car collision on Harbour Road in Paget near the junction with Salt Kettle Road around 6:40am this morning [Monday, January 30th] has apparently blocked both sides of the road at that location.

Collision Bermuda, January 30 2017

“Delays are expected and motorists are advised to take alternate routes until further notice.

“More information will be provided as it becomes available.”

Update 7.58am: The police added, “‎The traffic diversions in effect are at the junctions of Harbour Road and Cobbs Hill Road as well as Harbour Road and Manse Road. Motorists are still advised to take alternate routes at this time.”

Update 8.28am: A police spokesperson said, “The section of Harbour Road in Paget has now been re-opened to normal traffic flow.‎”

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  1. Bridge from Dockyard

    • wahoo says:

      You gonna pay for it?

      • Say Whaat? says:

        Rather pay for the bridge than 30 years for a non Bermudian airport.

        • Jus' Wonderin' says:

          Guess all those people working there aren’t Bermudian either…smh

        • Ace Girl says:

          Lol, Say Whaat? – You are PETTY!

        • Closed says:

          Thing is, we have no money – the last lot made sure of that. So, everything large capital project has to have external funding.

          So it’s simple.

          New airport = external funding

          No external funding = no new airport

          Your call.

        • James says:

          What makes it non-Bermudian?

        • trump supporter says:

          Just go recoup the money from all the construction over runs from the previous administration. That’ll be a fair contribution.

          • Swan Song says:

            Forget the cost over runs. according to the Auditors there were $800 mil that they couldn’t account for. Were they incompetent and don’t know where the money went or …..?

            Find that money and we can build lots of airports

        • Anbu says:

          Ya and itll cost u 3X more. Smh. Next week should be interesting.

        • Antlee says:

          People make me laugh with this rhetoric about paying the next 30 years for an airport. Because the same people are not ready to admit that we have to pay even more for even longer as a result of the handful (understatement) of capital project blunders heaped upon us in recent times. #massiveundertakingsgonewrong

    • Ouch says:

      Why not two bridges? One for each direction in order to prevent head ons and cars flying overboard. You will, of course, arrange the financing and local construction?

  2. Tunnel says:

    Tunnel from dockyard to point would be better. Less intrusive. Both options are redic expensive though…

    • Andrew L says:

      :) Nah, get de Mexicans to build it…come out in de parking lot, lol, SMH :)

    • Point boy says:

      Leave point alone. I’m still lmao though.

    • Ouch says:

      Rather like the tunnel idea, first it can be extremely narrow to prevent overtaking or third lane making, then it can be closed to be enlarged to four lanes to accommodate emergency vehicles, wide load hauling, etc. Thanks for the flights of fantasy!

  3. Shawn says:

    Would it not be safer and cheaper to have bad drivers permanently banned from the roads?

  4. Cris m says:

    How about just slowing the f@#k down?with wet roads just makes sense..

  5. Antlee says:

    Both the tunnel and bridge are good ideas. But the tunnel would be better so as not to clash with cruise boats and container ships. Not sure how expensive an undertaking it is, but in either case a toll should be required recoup some funds. I would gladly pay $1/$2 for a quicker route into and out of town. I’d be saving time and gas, and extending the useful life of my vehicle in the process. Also, traffic congestion will be far less; as too will road works (and the associated expenses). So we’re talking about $10-$20 a week. At 2,000 cars a day that’s $100k to $200k a week the government would be raking in. Needless to say, I’m liking the cost-benefit ratio here. Unfortunately, Bermuda is kinda broke right now…we’ll leave the distressing details out…but we I wish we were more responsible in capital expenditures in the recent past so that we could undertake profitable ventures like this with minimal fuss.

  6. Terry says:

    You people are dreamers and ill informed.

    It’s a short span to Spanish point
    It would have to be very high for cruise ships and car ships.Fot that height and length it would have to start way down the road with gradual rise and end up half way down point road. You will get it. As for a tunnel your talking $500 million +.

    More expats coming in unless the PLP gonna fund it out of the missing $800 and change.

    In fact build both. That way you can accidents in the tunnel and on the bridge