Corporate Blood Drive Competition Heats Up

March 17, 2017

Businesses participating in the 2017 Corporate Blood Drive are scheduling special blood donor drives to maximize their chance of winning the competition, which is helping maintain vital blood supplies for people in Bermuda.

Over the last few weeks, a Bacardi blood drive encouraged 17 staff donate, Argus had 11 and Ariel Re had 9.

The Corporate Blood Drive is an annual competition between businesses in Bermuda, organized by the Bermuda Blood Donor Centre in partnership with the Ministry of Health & Seniors.

Argus Corporate Blood Drive Competition Bermuda March 2017 (3)

Dr Eyitayo Fakunle, Consultant Haematologist, comments: “The Corporate Blood Drive is meant to be fun and morale boosting – it is all about people coming together to benefit the community.

“The blood donated through the competition is adding to the regular donor pool to save lives and treat many patients each day in Bermuda. We are very grateful to all our competing businesses and regular donors in Bermuda, but special mention has to be made at this point for Bacardi, Argus and Ariel Re who have been active in organizing special blood drives for their employees.

“The competition is definitely heating up this year: Bacardi and Ariel Re have shown great dedication with three special blood drives since June last year, and Argus had a Valentine’s blood promotion this month after a special presentation by the Blood Donor Centre staff near the end of last year.”

Argus Corporate Blood Drive Competition Bermuda March 2017

Blood donations are used to save lives in emergency situation, for example after an accident or in childbirth, but even more units are used each month in therapies for people with more chronic disease needs, such as sickle cell, dialysis and cancer patients.

Ariel Re Corporate Blood Drive Competition Bermuda March 2017 (3)

Dr Fakunle finishes: “The competition is not yet over and all 19 competing businesses can put in a special effort in the last four months and perhaps win the trophy. Bacardi is currently in the lead, but it’s not too late for other competitors to catch up.

“We’d remind all participating companies that they can also invite family and friends to donate too – it will all count to their final tally. We wish all 19 competitors the best of luck and would remind all local businesses that the next Corporate Blood Drive Competition will start in June this year.

“The numbers of competitors is going up each year and we sincerely hope we can encourage even more participation – it is making a huge difference for so many individuals lives in Bermuda.”

To find out more about the Corporate Blood Drive, or to set an appointment to donate blood as an individual, call 236-5067.

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