Disturbance On Front Street, Two Men Stabbed

March 6, 2017

Police have confirmed that two men — a 37-year-old and 31-year-old man — were stabbed during a disturbance on Front Street early Sunday morning.

A police spokesperson said, “In an apparently separate incident around 3am Sunday, March 5th police responded to a reported disturbance on Front Street in the City of Hamilton, in the vicinity of Bermuda Bistro at the Beach.

“Initial information suggests that two men, believed to be a 37-year-old Warwick man and a 31-year-old Devonshire man, were stabbed and attended hospital for treatment.

“The Warwick man was treated and later discharged, while the Devonshire man was in stable condition on a general ward at last check this morning [March 6th].

“Inquiries continue. However at this stage it does not appear that the Crow Lane disturbance and the Front Street disturbance are linked.

“Any witnesses to the Front Street disturbance should contact the Criminal Investigation Department on 247-1744.”

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  1. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Probably one of the worst bars/clubs in Bermuda….why anyone would want to go there is beyond me!

  2. TGAOTU says:

    Make “Eye for an Eye” as the law. That way deviants such as these would think twice before stabbing a fellow brethren. And all of you who say Eye for an Eye is harsh or tyrannical, consider how ignorant it is think that. Under E-4-E You will only get done to you what you did to others – and not things done by accident, only out of malice or intent. Right now, its “you never really get in trouble for what you do here, and prison aint that bad” mentality. In either case, Bermuda should allow death penalty, and people who commit grievous or gruesome murders or tortures should be given death sentence. Bermuda now is a place where psychopaths could go kill someone with direct intent and malice, and knowingly only get 5 years or so in prison for it. That is like a Disney Land season-pass for psychopaths. Why does our island enable this type of behaviour? Do you people know, that in the Islamic nations, you only get your hand chopped off if you have gotten arrested for repeated theft, and only on like your 10th conviction do your hands get lopped off? That is how it works. We should have similar here. Think all those crack addicts who roam the neighborhoods like cats looking for mice would steal or break in a house, if they knew their hands would go missing as a consequence? Cannot steal with no hands! Can’t work either as some less intelligent people complain, but these types of thieves do not bother or want to work anyways, they only want to steal what others work for. Time for reform of law! Start punishing these people!

    • Its me again says:

      There’s so much wrong with this I dont know where to begin.

    • sid says:

      There’s a certain thing called human dignity. The most important quality of a free country is that it respects human dignity. For that reason, a free country should never disfigure or torture anyone, no matter what crime they commit. We must treat everyone with dignity, not because they always deserve it but because doing so makes us better people.

  3. bdaboy says:

    “We must treat everyone with dignity, not because they always deserve it but because doing so makes us better people.”

    But bermudians fight against equal rights for all people, time and time again.

  4. Enough says:

    I knew even before I read the article fully that this probably happened outside The Beach…..