“Disturbance” At Football Game In Somerset

March 6, 2017

Police responded to a “disturbance” at Somerset Cricket Club, and said that it “appears that an incident took place between players of Somerset Trojans and Robin Hood near the end of their football match.”

A police spokesperson said, “Around 9:50pm on Saturday, March 4th police responded to a reported disturbance at Somerset Cricket Club.

“It appears that an incident took place between players of Somerset Trojans and Robin Hood near the end of their football match.

“However, apparently there were no reported injuries.

“Inquiries continue, although at this time it is not believed that this matter is linked to any other reported disturbance this weekend.

“Witnesses or persons with relevant information should contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

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  1. Vortex says:

    What is happening to football in Bermuda?

    BFA, you are the custodians, what exactly are you doing about it??

    Its broken.

  2. BFA need to address the situation says:

    The BFA need to ensure that both teams are disciplined accordingly. First, the players on the field who engaged in the unsportsmanlike like behaviour. Second, the players who were on the bench but went out onto the field escalating the situation. At the very least it meant that atleast one team had more than 11 men on the field. Finally, the coach and the captains for not controlling their players in the first place, especIally the team(s) that had a player(s) live the bench to engage in the incident. Good for the ref for calling the game, but neither team should win, they should both have to forfeit the game.

    Why does there seem to be so many issues at Somerset games? Maybe it is a coincidence but one is left to wonder. Is it because they are night games or are there other factors at play?

    • Bermudian girl says:

      Let me just say this…it was one somerset player and a Robin Hood player, now I don’t care where I am but if someone decides to spit on me there will be a problem right there…so when they say somerset players get the facts straight so if you don’t know what happened let me tell you. A Robin Hood player spit on a somerset player so the somerset player reacted like any normal person would. And this so called bottle that was thrown was a plastic bottle so please ppl stop assuming and commenting if you don’t know the details cause it only makes u look stupid!!

    • Hmm..? says:

      A lot of assumptions going on here. Quick question, was you there to see what was going on? You think a little scuffle doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world on the football pitch? Get a life! Maybe you should be apart of the bfa and make both teams forfeit the game!

      • Vortex says:

        So many excuses…. just a little scuffle, except when its a shooting or a stabbing.

        Bermuda football is played by ill disciplined thugs and wannabee gangsters.

        Ban the lot of them, rip it up and start again.

        Keep making excuses, there won’t be any teams.

  3. Oh,I see now says:

    Have not been to a football game in years because of incidents like these.I’m even more grateful that I got to see the likes of Gumbo,Mel,Dago ,Dilly Dick,Trix Richardson,Mop Astwood and the like play ball.We called them “skillas” back when.I guess watching that level of football at that time was meant to sustain me for future days like this……….sigh

    Damned lionfish

  4. Mercy me says:

    It’s the attitude of the people.

  5. Unus sed leo says:

    Playing football is suppose to be an enjoyable thing…A ace to hone your skills and become better at it…Your attitude is your altitude…Your still on the ground fool.

  6. wahoo says:

    Just once I would like to go to a disturbance and have a game break out.