Phone, Data, Internet Capacity Increased For AC

March 21, 2017

“Local telecommunications companies are geared up for America’s Cup by increasing Bermuda’s mobile phone, data and internet capacity and all providers are confident that Bermuda’s telecommunications services will be robust and will exceed consumer demand,” the ACBDA said.

“It is anticipated that spectators, race participants, and all associated partner activity during the America’s Cup event in May and June will consume as much international data as Bermuda normally does in an entire year,” the ACBDA said.

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“This data is from forecast modelling conducted by the ACBDA Telecommunications Committee, tasked with ensuring sufficient telecoms infrastructure on island during the largest international sporting event that Bermuda has ever hosted.”

Telecommunications Committee Chair, Fiona Beck, said, “We will be ready for the America’s Cup, and we are ready for the new Bermuda. So much has been done, that this of course improves the infrastructure for Bermuda’s long term benefit.”

According to the ACBDA, here’s what’s being done:

  • 1. New internet and fiber connectivity,
  • 2. Increased cellular coverage and capacity,
  • 3. New Wi-Fi,
  • 4. New submarine cables to improve local resiliency and increased capacity on diverse international submarine cables, Bermuda relies on two main cables to the mainland USA for internet connectivity. To improve island wide connections, there is new international capacity coming on stream; this means more capacity is being added in anticipation of the huge data demands of the America’s Cup coverage. Once this capacity is switched on and available in Bermuda, it stays on after the America’s Cup event.
  • 5. Sophisticated managed spectrum for the significant boat telemetry, radio and broadcast signals, and all the hand-held VHF’s.
  • 6. A new Wi-Fi network will be set up at the America’s Cup Village, which is free to the public.
  • 7. Both local cellular companies; One Communications and Digicel; are rolling out new LTE [or 4G] networks. This new 4G network effectively means that anyone on 4G networks will get faster connections on a cell phone. Both companies are also installing several new temporary cell sites [Cellular on Wheels, COWs] during the race month. This improvement will mean that the on water experience this year will be significantly better than during the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series event in Hamilton in October 2015. At that time, LTE was not available as the spectrum had not been awarded, where now we do and Bermuda’s cellular networks will be ready.
  • 8. Cellular capacity on the water, with possibly 1000 boats all streaming data, will still be a challenge. These companies have spent the past 18 months building new LTE networks, planning additional cell sites and redesigning the network to be America’s Cup ready.
  • 9. The companies have designed networks that will be monitored locally, and resources will be deployed on the water to keep an eye on cellular traffic congestion and any signal interference, to ensure that Bermuda delivers quality telecommunications.
  • 10. Over the past two years Bermuda’s providers have made a significant effort. One Communications, Digicel, CCS, TBi, Challenger Cable, East End Telecom, Fireminds, WOW, and many other contractors have been involved and have played a critical role in making this happen. This is a collective industry response, which means we will have an infrastructure and service we can be proud of.

The ACBDA added, “The investment by local telecommunications companies is another example of how America’s Cup benefits Bermuda for the long term.

“When Bermuda hosts an event of this magnitude, local companies can identify commercial opportunities to see return for their investment. Without the event, these projects may not have been commercially viable and therefore may not otherwise be started.

“Tickets for the 35th America’s Cup can be booked online at Local priced $10 tickets are still available for the first day of racing and the Bermuda-themed Open Ceremony and fireworks on Friday May 26.”

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  1. Yea... says:

    This just goes to show that the local providers didn’t care about the paying customers until the Americas cup came and made it painfully obvious how pitiful their serviices are. They’ll listen to ACBDA but locals have been telling hem to do better for years.

  2. Um.... says:

    While I am totally in support of AC, Bermuda needed this infrastructure investment a few years ago. Hopefully in the future, we won’t need a global event to bring us up to global standards with our telecommunications needs.

  3. Bill Andrews says:

    If Bermuda Broadcasting could transmit over-air, then it could be received by tablets and smartphones using a receiver that costs less than $60, which would eliminate load on cellular streaming. Larger vessels with 120VAC, could use regular TV receiver or WOW.

  4. Sherbet man says:

    Please! Guys can’t even get cell coverage at cup match what makes you think Americas cup will be even better?! Better for tourists maybe smh…

  5. bdaboy says:

    “If Bermuda Broadcasting could transmit over-air, ”

    Don’t the broadcast now? When did they shut off their transmitters?

    ” it could be received by tablets and smartphones using a receiver that costs less than $60″

    Have you ever seen a tablet or smartphone that could accept an ATSC tv tuner?

    ” which would eliminate load on cellular streaming.”

    Are you suggesting that Bermuda Broadcasting stream internet traffic ‘over the air’? I think you should read up on modern data communications, it requires a full duplex connection, in other words, these tablets and phones would have to be able to transmit data back to Bermuda Broadcasting.

    • Bill Andrews says:

      Bermuda Broaspdcasring is not currently broadcasting over air, as their transmitter was destroyed by lightening about a year ago and has not been replaced.

      There a a number of receivers listed on Amazon for smartphones and tablets, plus battery powered TVs.

      I am not suggesting duplex, just the old fashioned way of using an antenna to watch the racing coverage, without loading the cellular data network.

      • bdaboy says:

        “There a a number of receivers listed on Amazon for smartphones and tablets”

        Can you link to one? Where do you put the receiver? does it plug into the sim card slot?

        “I am not suggesting duplex, just the old fashioned way of using an antenna to watch the racing coverage, without loading the cellular data network.”

        You’re suggesting broadcast tv. after mentioning that there are no tv transmitters in operation.

      • telco says:

        “Bermuda Broaspdcasring is not currently broadcasting over air, as their transmitter was destroyed by lightening about a year ago and has not been replaced.”

        They replaced their analog transmitter with a digital one a year ago.
        They chose DVB-2….yet, Bermuda imports TV’s from North America, where DVB-2 doesn’t exist.

  6. School of Hard knocks. says:

    Anything for AC, check it out, roads being paved where its not needed, eg. Rural Hill, Trimingham Hill, East Broadway just to name a few. Now data and cellular get increased. Bermudians not mean squat in our own country but bring on a major event on the scale of AC and all kinds of things get done. Never seizes to amaze me.
    How about the Corporation of Hamilton, they should take care of our city roads and junctions. The junction of Church and Court is absolutely appalling.

    • wassup says:

      Least roads are being repaired there, you’d have to look very hard indeed to see anything happening in the east end. We’ve just got an old bridge that doesn’t work anymore.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      A pigeon takes it’s crumbs when it can!

    • Explorer says:

      Given that you say ” roads being paved where its not needed”, have you not considered the possibility that these were scheduled works with no relevance to the America’s Cup? Did you ever ride a bike onto Crow Lane Roundabout? Lethal. Or East Broadway – just one lane surfaced – the one which had been wrecked by utilities companies. Trimingham Hill – an awful surface which needed resurfacing. Was the happy smiley face on East Broadway outbound when you hit 50 changed to a sad face when you hit the speed limit changed because of the AC? No, not at all.

      I suspect you just like to moan for the sake of it.

      • DatWay says:

        you sounds like someone who is literally blind. so your telling me all of a sudden the roads are getting done, internet and data speeds are being increased all because they already had it planned, and not because of the AC, someone please get this man, i know we live on a rock but don’t live under it c’mon man.

        • Patrick says:

          Explorer is correct. Highways have a new engineer cracking the whip, some asphalting equipment has been fixed, so the highways crew are catching up on their work. Nothing at all to do with the AC

    • The Dark Knight Returns says:

      I agree that junction you spoke of is horrendous and should have been one of the first roads addressed.

    • Candice says:

      “The junction of Church and Court is absolutely appalling.” Agree with this to the fullest.

    • WilllSee says:

      They did the same for the PGA Grand Slam tournament under the PLP Government

  7. bdaboy says:

    ” bring on a major event on the scale of AC and all kinds of things get done. Never seizes to amaze me.”

    This happens everywhere. What’s your problem?

    • The Dark Knight Returns says:

      Bdaboy, you may very well be correct but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

      • bdaboy says:

        “Bdaboy, you may very well be correct but that doesn’t mean it’s right.”

        When a large city wins an Olympic bid, they build infrastructure to accommodate the games. Revenue from the visitors pays for it.
        It’s basic economics…something that most Bermudians apparently don’t understand.

  8. Terry says:


    Sorry for the short comment.

  9. Explorer says:

    ps – completely agree about Church and Court. CoH should be taken to court over that!

  10. All I am going to say is this island is screwed up wether it has America’s Cup or not..It’s still gonna be racially divided AND the rich are still gonna get richer after this. We are ALL being duped (drops mic)….

  11. Tom Cooke says:

    Talking of roads.. how about over the bridge in Somerset to the bottom of Scaur hill…
    Town… give me a break… from bermudaina road to HP… oh right… COH..thats govt…
    Damm glad they did rural hill … that was soo dangerous every time it rained..
    Phone service… ive been in st geo the last couple of days… my phone is 10 times faster than when i work in town… 3 shops down from digicel..

  12. Real Onion says:

    Internet and Cell service in Bermuda is one of the worst and most expensive in the world,Bermudians are so brain washed they believe anything they are told on the Island…oh we have one of the best services in the world blah blah..

  13. Moan moan moan says:

    What an unhappy sad lot of people.

    Just be happy things are getting better.


  14. serengeti says:

    Here is a story about a benefit that will arise for us out of the America’s Cup. It’s a good thing. It’s good for us.

    And all that most people here can to is whine and complain about it.

    What a bunch of spoiled little brats.

  15. School of Hard knocks. says:

    Hey Serengeti, I dam well know its beneficial, however, the motoring public have been complaining about the condition of our highways and bi ways for years only to fall on deaf ears. It was a point that was raised, not a moan or a whine. You got some crap calling people spoiled brats. Get over it.