Counsellors Assist Students After Bus Fire

March 7, 2017

Students who were on the bus that caught fire this morning have had the chance to meet with guidance counsellors, with both schools moving to support the students after the fire.

School Bus Catches Fire

At around 7.40am today, the bus — which was transporting students from both Warwick Academy and Somersfield — caught fire on Middle Road in Warwick, with the blaze causing smoke to billow into the air and resulting in severe damage to the vehicle.

While several of the students are said to be quite shaken by the incident, fortunately there was no injuries, with the bus operator being commended for his quick action to evacuate the children to safety, as were members of the public who rendered assistance.

The Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service responded with two vehicles and nine personnel, using a “combination of water and foam due to the intensity and aggressiveness of the fire.”


Investigation Launched

An investigation has been launched, with Acting Minister of Tourism, Transport and Municipalities, Dr Grant Gibbons saying he “can assure the public that we will get to the bottom of the cause of this unfortunate incident.”

“We would like to add our assurances to that of the Minister that we will determine the cause of this incident as a high priority, in an effort to avoid its reoccurrence,” the Department of Public Transportation said, also adding that “in an abundance of caution, we have identified and pulled from the fleet another vehicle which may be of potential concern.”

Warwick Academy

Principal of Warwick Academy Dave Horan said, “Our primary concern as a result of this incident is the emotional well-being of our students and the effective communication with the parents of students involved.

“This has been our focus all morning with counsellors and senior managers making sure that our students are supported as they work through their experience. We are very relieved that all occupants of the bus are safe and that there were no reported injuries.”

Somersfield Academy

Head of School Carlos Symonds said, “Somersfield Academy notified all parents of the school early this morning regarding the bus experiencing mechanical problems resulting in an engine fire.

“Our students were safely evacuated and were collected by parents at the scene of the incident. We have no reported injuries and the students affected have had the chance to meet with the guidance counsellor.

“Minister Fahy has shared a statement with our parents reassuring them that the safety concern has been addressed.”

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