PLP Call On MP Wayne Scott To Resign

April 27, 2017

wayne scott generic 34r32Following the news that MP Wayne Scott has been hired by the Casino Gaming Commission, the PLP called on him to “resign his seat immediately,” saying the “acceptance of this post squarely places MP Scott in a dubious position of bias” and a “real conflict of interest has been created.”

A PLP spokesperson said, “The minority OBA government has once again demonstrated a blatant disregard for hard fought principles of constitutional democracy and good governance in Bermuda.

“Bermuda has witnessed over the past four years the OBA’s refusal to declare interests in government contracts, Jetgate, using the legislature to dissolve lawful contracts, disregard for the Ministerial Code of Conduct, the misleading of Parliament and has seen a 30-year contract with $2 billion projected revenue awarded without tender in contravention of the Good Governance Act. We have witnessed time and time again an OBA that has broken their promise to govern with integrity.

“And now, with sitting MP Wayne Scott’s new employment contract with the Casino Gaming Commission, the OBA has reached a new low in ethical impropriety. For the past 60+ years clear precedent has been set where any person paid directly or indirectly from the public purse cannot be a sitting MP or Senator.

“In fact, when government teachers, who were not civil servants, ran for office, legislation was enacted to ensure they could not simultaneously teach and hold public office. Many excellent educators left their callings to teach our children to respond to the call to serve our country.

“Never has a legislator been allowed to hold a full-time post that would directly place him in a position where he has direct influence regarding the legislation and policy governing matters falling under his remit.

“This longstanding practice has been abandoned with the appointment of sitting MP Wayne Scott as the Chief Technical Officer for the Gaming Commission, a role paid out of the public purse.

“The OBA has again committed to maintaining the two Bermudas, where the rules apply to everyone but the OBA by breaking a time-honoured principle and practice observed by all previous government and independent legislators over many decades.

“The acceptance of this post squarely places MP Scott in a dubious position of bias. A real conflict of interest has been created; the very situation that policy and law regarding public office was designed to prevent.

“This type of conflict is egregious, untenable and must not be allowed. It is an affront to the custom and practice that has operated for decades and is yet another backward step for good governance by the OBA.

“The OBA has conducted itself in a manner which has demonstrated little to no regard for Bermuda and her people. Bermudians have displayed their discontent through countless demonstrations, marches and protests in response. This has left the average Bermudian questioning whether it can get any worse. The answer, it appears, is yes.

“The PLP can only conclude that the breaking of this tradition by Premier Dunkley and the minority OBA Government is to avoid a bye-election in Constituency 27. Given the OBA’s record in bye-elections this is no surprise, but political expediency should not trump good governance.

“We call on MP Scott to resign his seat immediately. We must, as legislators uphold the principles of good governance and sound democracy. We must always be seen to be fair, just and free of influence. Premier Dunkley and the OBA Minority government must practice what they preach and demand that MP Scott resign his seat.”

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  1. Zevon says:

    But it was ok for a psrson to receve millions of dollars in fees over 15 years from a foreign corporation without declaring it.

    • Its me again says:

      No one says those allegations are ok. However, just because they did it doesnt mea you have to do it.

      • Zevon says:

        No one is doing that now.

        And you’ re wrong about “no one is saying those allegations are ok”. Roban called it a witchhunt. What a total hypocrite.

  2. Get em says:

    He will… just give it a little more patient PLP…AND WHEN YOU DO GET BACK IN, DON’T MESS IT UP, AGAIN…

  3. wahoo says:

    I call for the entire PLP to resign because they cost us a lot of money and they lied about everything. They do not have any good ideas only wicked words and the people are concerned that they only have their own interests at heart and I feel that this is disingenuous of them. We had a lot of years with them as our government and none of us voters got what we were told we would get the only people driving big cars and wearing fancy suits was them!

    I really think that the OBA are the best people for the job.

  4. rich says:

    Pot, meet kettle.

  5. King Jammys says:

    PLP are desperate, they really do not have anything relevant to bring to the table, it is sad really. Not a viable option to vote for.

  6. BLIND SHEEP says:

    Election year and still trying to force a snap election. Give it the f#@% up.

  7. FUI says:

    i suggest the PLP resign as a useless party

  8. DS says:

    As he should !

  9. Eyes wide open!! says:

    Its only unethical and immoral when its the PLP. The OBA have governed like this for the past four years and its OK for them to do it. Thats why the two Bermudas exist and OBA supporters support the double standards. Their eyes are shut and of course there is no racial bais and racism doesnt exist in Bermuda!! Only option is to vote them out…..bring it on!!

  10. Long bay trading says:

    PLP trying to stay relevant.

  11. Need Peace says:

    The OBA hasnt done one thing right! The truth shall be revealed.

    • aceboy says:

      Yea, let’s go back to the PLP. They were so great.

    • Politricks says:

      I know right.

      A growing economy, a revitalized tourism industry, a $400mn PLP deficit halved, a major sporting event attracted to our shores etc..

      All terrible things to happen to our island.

      We (or you and others at least) want to go back to the days of friends and family hook ups, a collapsing economy, massive budget deficits, dwindling tourism industry which saw thousands of hotel beds lost…

      What world do you PLPers live in?

  12. Mr. Scott’s personal decision to advance his future and business aspirations, should not even be a debate in my view, people make choices as Government leaders all the time and has happened under all administrations in this country, so he is doing as many of his predecessors have done.

    So we need to remember that it is more openly dealt with because of the political climate we have at the moment, but this has happen on another scale under the former administration also. That why if you look at what some politicians benefited from while in office, was a set up to set themselves up when leaving office.

    I am not going to act blind when it was evident for all to see, and now you want to choose to be a ostrich with your head in the sand.

  13. Unbelievable says:

    Wayne is the head IT guy at the Gaming Commission. Are you kidding me, PLP? What legislation is the head IT guy going to influence?

    The PLP: grasping at straws again.

    • Its me again says:

      The head IT guy?

      Pay attention youre looking stupid.

  14. Vote for Me says:

    A very hard hitting statement. For the naysayers, comment on the substance of the PLP statement and refrain from general, unsubstantiated comments.

    MP Scott has a clear bias in any matters related to Gaming in Bermuda. to put it mildly, his financial life depends on the success of any new legislation.

    We now have 3 MPs directly involved in gaming, MPs Crockwell, Pettingill and Scott.

    Whilst 2 are ‘Independent’ we can rest assured that all will definitely vote in favour of any gaming legislation.

    • Politricks says:

      Just like a certain Premier and his ‘ consultancy fees’ received from a certain Massachusetts hospital?

      That is not ‘unsubstantiated’ by the way. That is fact.

  15. Sandgrownan says:

    Well of course they do, it’s all they do. Call for this, express concern for that…. blah de blah.

    Utterly useless opposition.

  16. just wondering says:

    I totally agree that two wrongs don’t make a right but why did the PLP think it was ok to have a Cabinet Minister sit for a large number of years as a Trustee of Port Royal GC – wasn’t that also a pretty obvious conflict of interest?? One wonders how the PLP can be so full of “righteous” indignation now when clearly only a few years ago this was perfectly acceptable to them when they were in Government?? Perhaps they can explain this apparent contradiction first before they scream for someone’s resignation.

  17. BullyBreed says:

    How to solve the problem import all our politicians so no conflict of interest

  18. Real Onion says:

    Scott should do the right thing and give one of the 2 positions up.

  19. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Never has a legislator been allowed to hold a full-time post that would directly place him in a position where he has direct influence regarding the legislation and policy governing matters falling under his remit.”

    I beg to disagree. Until quite recently, Bermuda had part-time politicians. They all had jobs. The concept of full-time politicians is quite new.

    As for Mr. Scott directly influencing policy and government, now that he is no longer in cabinet I fail to see how he has any more influence that any other MP or un-elected member of Caucus.

  20. Glowstick Tracker says:

    I would like to deal with two things to do with this article and claim by the PLP.
    First “Never has a legislator been allowed to hold a full-time post that would directly place him in a position where he has direct influence regarding the legislation and policy governing matters falling under his remit.

    Really – seem to forget a Doctor who was Premier and made all sorts of decisions on health services , hospital , health consultants etc etc with all sorts of potential funding opportunities.
    Second – do any of you know what a CTO is ??? a chief technology officer for a REGULATOR – just like the BMA they would have persons with expertise to insure that the companies ( read casinos) follow all technical restrictions and regulations with all technology based systems.
    There is no share dividend or stock bonus for this position it is simply a very technical job with the only benefit of ensuring we maintain a squeaky clean reputation and a paycheck.

    the rest is all sour grapes and BS

  21. Cedar Stump says:

    More PLP alternative facts !

  22. Sage says:

    Both parties are as irrelevant as one another. This country would be better off run by a girl guide troop.